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She has to know this, so I'm curious how it's going to play. That was just downright cruel. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. I see they've added Scott now. Scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

They could make up a speech that acknowledges other people exist, people such as the audience who paid to hear them. What was the audience supposed to scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating out of that speech that it couldn't get from a basic meet and greet or one of Scott and Tessa eighty billion prior interviews?

What in that presentation was relevant to the lives of those who'd paid to hear Scott and Tessa? Neither of them appear to have the interest or ability to see past their own noses, and they're willing to sell out friends and supporters if it helps them pander. I thought the talk was a turn off.

There was lots of catty innuendo about Michigan. It struck me as their typical pandering to what they perceive as their Canadian fanbase having ownership interest in Tessa and Scott.

When they were in Canton, Tessa and Scott had breathing room, and appreciated the breathing room, that they didn't have at home. To compensate, they typically throw a lot of chum at Canadian fans, even though the pretended encroachments of Canadian fans has been their primary rationale for lying.

There were many people in Michigan who extended themselves for Scott and Tessa, gave of themselves, but Scott and Tessa find it expedient to pretend they were pariahs in Michigan. Not only does it contradict everything they said while they were training in Michigan, it spits in the faces of a lot of decent people.

Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue Discuss Their Dating Situations - Interview - KiSS 92.5

I also don't understand why these two enjoy positioning themselves as victims. They both do. Us against the world. In terms of the support these two receive outside the ISUthese two are the most privileged, the most supported, the most enabled. Their entire career they've had people falling over themselves for them. The lonely victim routine is just ungrateful and nasty.

They have no interest in talking about the ways in which they actually WERE victims - how they were robbed of gold inhow their own Federation sold them out, how their families scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating utter a peep because their family business is embedded with Skate Canada. Nobody who trains for elite Olympic competition has a walk in the park.

The nature of the elite athletic training puts tremendous demands on the athlete's time, finances, brain and body, scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating. That said, Tessa and Scott are extremely fortunate and privileged in ways many other skaters can only dream about, but they tell TED that they felt is if "Nobody else suffered the way we did.

OC, what do you think happened to Tessa's second pregnancy? Last year you were convinced that Tessa is hiding a pregnancy but now you don't mention it anymore. You've asked this question so many times, why is this so important to you? Would OC constantly mentioning a second child somehow make it more believable?

OC is an anonymous person with a blog, she can point out patterns but certainly isn't an authority on this. Personally, there's no doubt in my mind that there was a second pregnancy and I'm half-wondering if she's pregnant again It's up to you to decide what you believe. After OC made dozens of posts analyzing Tessa's body and pictures and using it has proof that Tessa is a terrible person to her fans it seems rather odd that OC sufdenly pretends that the entire last year didn't happen.

Why do you think there's another pregnancy? I don't need anybody to tell me what to believe, I have my own opinions. But why bother to run a blog or comment on it if you're not willing to discuss anything or to back up your opinions? That's the entire point of commenting in the first place, no?

These kinds of irrational conclusions do not inspire any discussion with you. A quick review of the first blog entries shows that OC wanted to say what she knew to be true and document VM's sham. She never said she was going to give running updates on VM's lives. Tessa and Scott may have more children, they may not.

It's not OC's stated intention to inform about the evolving details of VM's lives. Since the blog began, there have been numerous discussions addressing demands for information and sources. All you need to do is go back and read those discussions. There's no need to keep repeating them. And no, not wanting to engage with you does not automatically mean the stated facts are not true. Last year she called people who doubted the second pregnancy delusional and ignorant, but now there's silence after she put in so much time and energy to prove Tessa's second pregnancy?

It's only reasonable to ask OC why she chooses to ignore a topic that she herself spent so much time and energy on. I'm notand I also have no doubt Tessa was pregnant a second time, but frankly, I would like to hear OC's take on it too. The fact that the TedX talk happened in September is significant - I remember looking at screencaps of it trying to figure out if she'd just had the baby or not.

I'm really surprised to see it dregged up here with an incorrect date analyzing the content of the talk which was so not why the event was only dating site, IMO. I would certainly be interested to know if OC, or anyone else, has any information about it they would be willing to share, or if it was all just speculation speculation I think was correct, but still.

I remember how crazy their schedule was, and how they just kept adding things so there how to meet people with similar interests no apparent break for a childbirth, and thinking "but how the hell did they get away with it AGAIN?

I would be interested in reading that, personally. OC has mostly abandoned this blog. She shows up once a month to give us a new comment section and that's about it so anyone hoping for an answer is going to be waiting awhile. Whoever runs this blog if you can even call it that has zero chill. What scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating this even?

I can't believe there are people out there that devote their time to this backwards crap. I guess it is true what they say about skating fans: they psycho!! For real though, I think you need help. Can u see the hypocrisy? Obviously you will not listen, but everyone here who actually believes this whole 'they are married and have children' story is in need of psychological help.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It is harmful at best and dangerous at worst. Tessa's documented, changing shape that parallel's pregnancy not "fat". You must be correct. Sooo divorced from reality. Quick, get some professional help. Hahahahaha Why are YOU here, again?


It's strange. Like should everyone just say "ok boss". And another skating season is upon us How many placements are you willing to bet they're going to leapfrog in the standings? They had a poor season but are still highly regarded because of their Picasso FD.

And they are a young team. The judges seem like they're trying to get rid off the old teams and promote the new generation. Their marks might rise but I doubt they'll really make it big in the eyes of the judges if the Spanish team skates well. I have yet to be wowed by anything the Montreal team has put out so far and I watched all the Quebec dances.

The SD result was promising. Last week, I took a look at why the two new Montreal teams might benefit from the move. Also if their FD is better than that horrendous Daft Punk monstrosity than their chances of moving up are even better. Not to mention its not very aesthetically pleasing. The movements look jerky to me, the flow is not modern and their lines are gangly. Tessa clearly only has eyes for one man. The Arkells are def at least 30, they all went to McMaster in which means they were most likely 18 in Good for her x2?

Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. The most eligible Canadian millionaires and billionaires. Twelve movers and shakers with big bank accounts and no wedding rings — that we know of. Does anybody know whether that was spontaneous or planned ahead of time? It was spontaneous, a small group started it and everyone joined it!

So why aren't they retiring? I could do mental backflips and think they're not retiring just so they can have an excuse to be cowards and not widen their own lens, but that's what I thought last time, and then they announced. How come they mix it up with every new program except their show programs but don't mix this up? Wait, the parenthetical just answered the question. In real life things are the opposite but then it flips back again and then again!

I know why - I think it's because most people had only known he had a previous partner when he and she were both eight and then it was radio silence she wasn't even dragged in to weigh in in all the years Virtue and Moir competed and their "bio" was served up relentlessly.

Nothing that got around, anyway. Her showing up this late in the game in this capacity is kind of cooties-inducing no matter what retroactive narrative gets stitched together. But then again: The W Network, Want some "Ew"? Check it out. Still available on video-sharing and streaming service websites. Scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating reviewed on this blog.

Yes, with Tessa's 30th birthday just around the corner I was anticipating that the icky days were behind us, but that was just a dream. And then again, a sort of knee-jerk bad taste has often been their metier. Their first sham flaunted plenty of partner-swapping and a kind of smarmy unsavoriness and also voyeurismthe second started off benignly enough but got ambitious and then offensive review women seeking men in pa reality show if the ways it did so are lost in the mists of timethe third was pretty benign with Tessa showing up routinely as the bookend on our left, and this one is scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating Huh?

Thank you for that. But, it's also scary, because if people are allowed to question the judging instead of talking about PC's ephemeral magic, the door might be creaking open again and I just don't want VM to skate through it. I was positive they had the green light last time, and look what nearly happened.

She's wicked clever, right? Would not surprise as that's where the W Network's "Tessa and Scott" stole its entire script. I'm sure there's a Dr. Zhivago-esque scenario somewhere, only in London and it's a diner, and Old Scott sees Golden Ager Tessa across the street going into a shop, does a double take, rushes out, and gets hit by a car.

Life is poignant. The diner schtick, for me, evokes Tessa's tweet of some time past sharing a wisdom-fueled flight she experienced with her seatmate, a man named John who was just the right amount of old If his name had been Larry we'd have never heard about it.

Labels: ice dancefirst partnerJackie MascarinMr. DPapadakis Cizeronsham season againtumblrVirtue and Moir. Older Posts Home. Or are they supposedly off doing their own thing while T listens by herself?

Scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating tweets are amusing me. I almost felt sorry for the fans when she tweeted that about Into the Mystic - they just about lost their minds over that routine and the story of its creation and she uses it to bait them?

That was just downright cruel. A few seem to have taken the bait but I think most are kind of stepping away from that one. It's stuff like this that makes me want to yell, "Use your brains! But even with that, they're all standing around when it comes on Any way, I don't see scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating as an, "Awww, let me tweet this", moment, lol.

I'm confused. Is this supposed to be her personal Twitter, or a promotional account for single moroccan ladies and Scott? I initially thought it was personal given her profile picture and description, but almost every single post thus far has been a picture of him, them, or something related to them. I think it's both. Once they've finished their "business activities", Scott will disappear and it'll be all about drinking wine with friends, shopping and the like.

I suspect the Into the Mystic thing was to set it as totally skating-driven with no personal connection. Some people believe that Tessa joining twitter is a sign of Virtue and Moir's transition into the post-eligible universe, and that VM no longer have any serious idea of staying in, if they ever did. That may be, that Tessa is amping up her profile with an eye towards post-eligible career opportunities, but it's not how I view it myself. I think that what VM do to set up non-career opportunities happens behind the scenes, and I still suspect they want to and intend to stay in eligible skating.

If they are seriously considering staying in, or have decided to, I think there is absolutely no way there wasn't a sit down that reviewed absolutely everything that went down this past quad. Everything on the table.

To wit, their sport is corrupt, and that has to be part of any conversation about staying in. I know we all think it would be great if they stayed in and skated for themselves, scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating, not caring about results, that it would lend freedom to their programs, but I think they've already skated with tremendous freedom and range.

I don't think the fact that the scores mattered inhibited creativity, I think it challenged creativity. I also think they are competitive animals and that that exercise staying in, who cares about placement isn't them at all and never will be.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir and cassandra hilborn

Given that the sport is corrupt, what is the point of staying in. Nothing's changed. After all, just about everything VM did over the past quad actively enabled the DW narrative. It seems to me that until this point, VM have played games with marketing and media, but didn't connect that to any competitive strategy unlike DW.

For them, their competitive strategy was strictly about the skating. They worked with the feedback, the grapevine, the advice, etc. They did everything possible on the ice, succeeding yet again in demonstrating that they're the best in the world, and got ripped off.

More than that.


Hoisted by their own petard. That last part happened off ice, but it helped drive the competitive results. Given the fact that they got it done on the ice and were denied, they could decide there's no point in going forward, or they could wonder if there's not a way to play the off ice political game differently, in hopes of regaining some control. Maybe the ISU won't change, but maybe there's something they can do, or begin to do, off ice, something they can change, off ice, that would make it difficult for the ISU and all scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating those who cooperated towards DW's fake Olympic gold to pull it off.

I think most of us can look at the past quad and see that VM did absolutely nothing to thwart the narrative of DW to the top, and their reality show actively enabled it. There's also what I guess I'll call the subtextual game, which DW also won.

In that game, DW are accessible, friendly, interactive, relatable. Scott and Tessa are inaccessible, moody, elitist, and you can't trust them. In that game, Tessa positioned herself as a woman who practically sprint from the rink back into the world she really valued, the world of fashion, friends, school, me-time and time with mommy. In terms of marketing, she disparaged her huge talent in dance, skating and athleticism.

Meantime, before and after Sochi, Meryl Davis gets asked stuff like "Isn't it true you have no limits? If VM pretend not to care, why should we care? Of course, scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating shouldn't have anything to do with an athletic outcome, but this is ice dance. It's been taken over by narrative. It's pure theatre now. It's driven by the applause-meter, and the applause-meter is rigged. Last quad, DW ran away with the narrative. Everything they did on social media was about how much they deserved gold medal.

Every platform, period, social media, legit media, all the websites, promoted that message. VM weren't directly on social media.

When their images popped up on social media, it was Scott's fake personal life. The reality scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating not only enabled DW's narrative, it was a nasty production that treated fans, once again, like dupes and suckers. Fans who tuned in on the promise of the promos that the show would feature these delightfully charming Olympic skaters who were so pretty and shared so much chemistry, and fans who believed Virtue Moir that it would show the defending Olympic champions preparing for Sochi.

The reality show was sour, featuring an unpleasant relationship between Virtue and Moir, who couldn't wait to tell us how badly they were skating and how strained their relationship. It was all about telling fans how wrong they were. What else was the point? Look at the pinched-faced way it was promoted, and look at the gall from Tessa and Scott after it was done. Oh, we didn't even bother seeing it, scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating, it was just a bunch of fan garbage anyway.

And pretending the storyline of the show as driven by the W network's editors. It's that untrustworthy, elitist thing from them again. Two skaters older women wearing sexy lingerie smile in your face one month to get you to buy something, and once you go for it, they're too good for it, and too good for the people they persuaded to watch it. They don't have the time or care to bother, although apparently it was meant to be worth OUR time.

This was bad p. The above is what I think was going on subtextually, and it happened over and over. Along with this has been fans noting that Moirville are a bunch of assholes, as per last season's stunt with the ISC photos. I could chronicle this in better detail, and more specifics, but the essentials are, DW had the appearance of being out there, accessible, while grabbing every inch of turf they could. VM were inaccessible, their p. There isn't a single thing that Scott and Tessa can look back upon in terms of skating and find room for improvement, IMO.

There's nothing in the skating, the choreo, the programs, that should have been done differently, presented differently, skated differently. Furthermore, they were the best running away.

DW weren't even second. If you want to stay in, do you look at that and say "No point. We got it done on the ice and it was no use. We're can't fight this system. People were noting that everything we got from Scott and Tessa was through the back door. They shared nothing of themselves unless we paid watching the W network's commercials, paying for the book. Moirville just rubbed that in with the stunt about the golf photos last season. If Scott and Tessa, and Moirville, have taken inventory, they might have concluded that if they want to stay in, a change is in order.

In contrast to last year, here's Tessa on twitter. We get photos straight from her. We don't have to pay for them. She's sharing. It's the appearance of accessibility. I think that video showed her at a youth athletic event, which helps re-connect Tessa to the athletic world instead of the previous approach, which was Tessa didn't really identify as an athlete or a skater. The past two sham relationships had a sleazy, smarmy, unsettling vibe, like Good Scott played footsie with and flirted with Tessa, and Scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating Scott ran off and sleazed it up with Jessica and Cassandra and rubbed our faces in it on the web.

That's how it sort of played, and the reality show actually encouraged the triangle idea. It's not a comfortable storyline, however titillating some fans may find it.

It gets attention, but IMO, totally the wrong type of attention. Here, Tessa is making herself visible where Kaitlyn is concerned, which helps take the triangle sleaze tone away. I just wonder if this new, fresh-scrubbed, sharing and accessible, athletics-oriented twitter thing going on is a consequence of some Come To Jesus held late spring summer, some sort of confab that went, if we stay in or want to stay in, something needs to change, but what.

I think the answers would be - the ISU needs to change but won't. Our skating needs to change? No, it doesn't. What's the last leg of the stool? The p. THAT's something that can change. OC, I feel like you are completely, perfectly bang on. You've put exact words around the kind of half-formed impression I've been getting of this nascent version of the sham, and the VM "persona" stuff that ties into it.

It's all felt so step-by-step and calculated, with some notable differences in tone that definitely read as if there's a new message and they have a precise plan for staying on it. I don't understand why they couldn't have had these realizations about their PR two years ago, or at least after Worlds. The reality show should never have happened. This season's GPF and Olympics shouldn't have been the wake up calls. Are they that naive? Did they really believe that Tessa's twizzle at the SD cost the the gold?

Then why didn't they at least win the FD? And what of GPF, where they had no visible mistakes and the Russian audience supported them? Didn't they see the ridiculous inflation of DW's scores for the past four years? They aren't stupid when it comes to skating.

They knew they weren't losing on the ice. There's no way that the skating, choreo, programs couldn't be improved. Perfection is an unattainable goal, you can always be better. Still, I get what you're saying and I agree. These actions are not the ones of a pair planning on retirement and a lowered profile. We will see. I also get what OC is saying, but I absolutely believe that if VM come back, they can top what they've already done on the ice with their skating, choreography, and programs.

As mind-blowing of a thought as it is, I don't think we've seen peak VM yet. While Tessa being on twitter as the accessible athlete is something completely new for VM, I'm not sure they get it, as far as what was so wrong before this. VM often give the impression they've been advised regarding some PR strategy but instead of implementing with the guidance of professionals, they take what to them sounds like a great idea and proceed on their own, with the help of their dear family members, and things end up half-assed and embarrassing in their execution.

You really think they understand how disgusting the previous shams were, or why they were disgusting in the first place? Or why they were assholes in the way they put out photos of last year's Golf Tournament? I think they "sort of" get something was off, but not really.

They're still up to their old tricks, involved in fake relationships they want to sell as real free lesbian and bisexual dating apps already putting out what is clearly bullshit scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating their lives or I'm really supposed to believe Tessa spent a month drinking wine and eating pastries, scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating by a fake boyfriend, away from Scott for a whole month.

Give me freaking break. They're not actually doing things with more class or professionalism. So Tessa's on twitter. It's still a major hoax, they're still proactively scheming sham crap to dump on the public. The underlying subtexts here continue to be that fans are gullible morons, VM are too elite and special to be real with the public and that the public deserves the sham garbage VM put out. I'm half expecting that to show they're more "accessible" and "professional", this year they will share many and nice photos from their tournament.

But they will all be about the fake relationships, still nothing real. They want things armenian girl for dating ways and things don't work that way.

Scott moir and cassandra hilborn still dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)