Dating and sleeping over

What could be better? It turns out that factors like how far apart you and your partner live also affect this decision. But "it's too much if you feel discombobulated and like you can't get your bearings, [and] it's too little if you and your partner both feel disconnected," she says. I have most of my clothes there, and I really only go home to do laundry. Just try not to go too territorial Dating and sleeping over [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Plus, if their place is closer to your work, all the better.

Don’t Make This Mistake When You Spend the Night

But how often should you sleep over your SO's apartment? Is every night of the week OK? How about every other night, or just on weekends?

When Should You Sleep Over With The Person You're Dating?

If it was up to me, I'd spend every night cuddling with my boyfriendbut that can easily begin to resemble living together, which may not be something we're ready for just yet. So, where's that happy medium between sleeping over your SO's place on the reg, and actually living together? I spoke to three experts, and they all said there isn't really a written-in-stone answer to how often you should or shouldn't be sleeping over your SO's place.


Staying the night at your partner's house isn't just about comfort levels, though. It turns out that factors like how far apart you and your partner live also affect this decision. Even when things between you and your partner get more serious, it's still a good idea to adhere to some mutually agreed upon rules when it comes to sleepovers.

These Redditors explain how it works for them.

How Often Should You Sleep Over When You’re Dating Someone New? It Depends

It Depends. What will your hair look like when you wake up? How are you going to deal with your morning breath? How are you going to deal with their morning breath? Luckily, these tricks will help make your slumber party experience easy and enjoyable, both the night of and the next morning. Oh, and a little secret to remember that won't hurt either: Your partner is probably a little nervous, too.

You're Not Alone - The Six Stages of Staying Over With a Partner

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