Are wisteriamoon and julian2 dating

What Power Do You Have? About wisteria and julian being bf and gf I thinking its just a joke and they go along with it? Now everyone knows that Julian2 likes Wisteriamoon. Are wisteriamoon and julian2 dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) HOW TO MEET PEOPLE WITH SIMILAR INTERESTS

He has amassed more thantotal subscribers to his YouTube channel since its creation. He uploads much content such as Top 10s, vlogs, Animal Jam Conspiracies, and weekly glitch videos.

He rarely does live-streams. Julian2 seems to be happy but can also sometimes be serious in his videos. He was suspended for two weeks in April for using inappropriate content, making it look like two topiaries were mating. He was also kicked out of group chat, taken off the channel banner, and is no longer a Jambassador because of this reason. He admitted that Appari, Julian2, and Wisteriamoon were all dating each other, and Julian called it Jistparri.

Omg, I died :'D. There could only be one People even invented finding love and happiness shippings, and those who didn't care shipped Julian2 and his spinny computer chair, SpinnyJulian and many other ships. What do you ship? Be sure to include this in the comments!

Show all. Log in to add to the discussion. Log in or sign up. What would you look like if you were a cartoon character? Which kind of boys do you attract? Answer these questions and I'll give you a song. Recreate a cartoon version of yourself! What Are wisteriamoon and julian2 dating Do You Have? Are you Yin or Yang? He created a new channel and gained more subscribers than ever before. He met WisteriaMoon in real life several times, and eventually a strong bond grew between them, and they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

However, Wisteria doesn't talk much about Julian anymore. She often refers to him as a "friend". They still meet in real life, but we aren't sure whether or not jisteria is still alive. Life for Julian was going well l for a few months. It seemed like everything was perfect, until one day Julian posted a video concerning the Animal Jam community, and are wisteriamoon and julian2 dating there is so much drama and way too much obsession over fame and rares.

Some of his fans were supportive; others were livid. They raged at Julian with horrific fury.


It reached a point where Julian deleted the video, but the worst is yet to come. Julian had made the decision to quit once again. Julian hasn't posted an Animal Jam related video since then. Holy Zios! This post is HUGE! XD I must have got carried away while typing. Maybe I do know more about Julian that I think. Well, that concludes this post. Leave your thoughts and suggestions for future spotlights in the comments! Cooky Cupcake April 19, at PM. Anonymous August 8, at AM.

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Are wisteriamoon and julian2 dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)