Best dog for single working female

They are very independent and will keep themselves occupied, mostly by falling asleep on the sofa. You might the only one who is severely lacking hand-eye coordination in a family of athletes, or you might be a brainiac born into a family of Hufflepuffs. Of course, they will be ready for a walk as soon as you get home though. Very laid back and they make wonderful family dogs. Shiba Inu. Best dog for single working female [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The best dog breeds for women are better roommates than the majority of humans. With hundreds of breeds, thousands of mixes, and millions of dogs looking for homes, picking the right dog is a daunting task.

16 Best Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds For People Who Work Full Time

Women are as diverse as dog breeds when it comes to personality, style, living situation, and activity level. Personally, I am totally obsessed with my Border Collie and plan to have more Border Collies over the course of my life.


Use this list as a starting point. Even within a litter of purebred puppies, there will be some variation in energy level, confidence, friendliness, coat type, color, and so on.

You cannot adopt or purchase a dog and expect it to be the perfect clone of your past dog in every way best dog for single working female even if the dogs are siblings. Most Golden Retrievers are friendly and outgoing with lots of playful energy. However, some Goldens fall on the extreme end and are either shy or overly exuberant.

Getting a Golden Retriever does not guarantee that your new dog will love people. The same applies to humans too. You might the only one who is severely lacking hand-eye coordination in a family of athletes, or you might be a brainiac born into a family of Hufflepuffs.

There will always be outliers within a breed, and there will always be variation.

The Top 10 Best Dogs for A Single Working Male or Female

Dogs grow up with different life experiences that give them different personalities. At the same time, breed alone is not a guarantee of temperament, energy level, or personality. That day-to-day average of your life will help dictate what sort of dog is best suited to being your sidekick.

16 Dog Breeds That Are Great For People Living The Single Life

We created a dog selection scorecard to help you organize your thoughts around what you want in your canine companion. Your priorities might be the opposite. Check out our full pre-adoption series to learn more about where to look for a dog, how to tell if your dog is right for you, and how to navigate the first few weeks.

If you are looking for a purebred dog, Google breed-specific rescues or learn how to find an amazing dog breeder. This is just a starter list. Dobermans are big, beautiful, and imposing. They can be incredibly dorky and goofy, but are intimidating when it counts. Be sure to select a Doberman who is friendly and stable with people. Selecting a dog that is suspicious of all strangers is a recipe for scared mailmen and angry neighbors.

Cavaliers come with fewer major genetic health problems than many other small, cute breeds. Australian Shepherds best dog for single working female a lot of mental and physical exercise and might turn you into a dog trainer or marathon runner. Some Australian Shepherds are bred for herding and dog sportswhile others are bred for show and family homes.


Be sure to do your research before diving in headfirst with your new Australian Shepherd. In fact, Great Danes are great apartment dogs. Many Great Danes are very playful and goofy. If you want to purchase your Great Dane from a breeder, do research on their health testing practices and the lifespan of their dogs.

Adopting a Great Dane from a rescue is a great way to let that dog live out the rest of its life in your loving home. If you decided to get a Shiba Inu, make sure the house is secure as they are known for chasing anything that catches their eye. Not only are Shar Peis great for new dog owners, but they also make great companions for people who are away for long hours. You will need to train them well womens singles final they know who the alpha is, as they will then manage the household while best dog for single working female are gone.

A Labradoodle is a mixture of a poodle and a Labrador, taking the best of both breeds. They are extremely intelligent and loyal but also understanding when it comes to being left alone. This intelligent, high-energy breed is great for the single person looking for best dog for single working female dog to take to classes like agility, flyball, or herding.

It can be a great way to meet other dog lovers while doing something active. The Golden is a great dog for anyone, being smart, cuddly, and super happy-go-lucky.

The Schnauzer all sizes is a great dog for singles. If well-socialized, they can be very friendly, giving you a great way to meet new people. Lastly, they are easy to train and smart, so if you are looking for an active dog to do sports with, they are great for that too. Of course she made the list! Shop Now. If you're a woman and you live alone, security may be a concern.

When it comes to getting a guard dog, a single woman can do worse than looking for a larger dog with a good bark and a nice temperament. A tough-looking dog can help deter break-ins and help you feel more comfortable when you're home alone.

A Pitbull, for example, looks quite tough but is often quite friendly and fun to spend time with. They are best if you have no other dogs. Dobermans have traditionally been used as guard dogs and they are often considered quite strong, which can help deter break-ins.


They also are easy to train and are intelligent, making them great for hanging around with. A German Shepherd is also a great choice. German shepherds are large and, as working dogs, they can be trained with a little work. Because of their reputation as guard dogs and police dogs, they also have a great reputation.

Few intruders want to break into a house with a German Shepherd inside. Just keep in mind that German shepherds have suffered from health issues over the past few years, so always check backgrounds and lineages to avoid problems down the line.

If you want a dog as well as a cat, consider a Boxer.

Best dog for single working female [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)