What episode do aria and noel start dating

Noel and Ali talk for a while about Ali playing jokes. Noel says its a bummer that Camp Mona is a girls only party because he was hoping to see her this weekend. Sign In Don't have an account? What episode do aria and noel start dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

She then taunts Aria about getting to spend extra time with Noel. In " Ruthless ," Noel breaks up with Aria and tells her they don't have much in common.

He begins to date Klaudia days after the separation. He is surprised and worried because he has seen Klaudia for what she really is by this time.

Aria finds Klaudia and Ezra kissing in a coat closet. At the end of the novel, Noel visits Aria and begs her to at least be friends with him again. The two share a kiss and are dating again. In StunningAria finds out that Mr. Kahn, What episode do aria and noel start dating father, is a crossdresser. However, they get back together, and it is revealed that Noel knew his father was a crossdresser all along.

Noel takes it upon himself to teach Aria how to swim. He allegedly finds a necklace on the beach and gives it to Aria as a present. However, Aria discovers that this necklace is actually airline pilot chat room locket and used to belong to Tabithasomething Noel apparently did not know.

In CrushedNoel submits Aria for Prom Chairperson, against her knowledge, trying to be a good boyfriend. The girls get more and more suspicious of Noel, believing that he is " A ," since he was with them everywhere, Jamaica, Iceland, etc.

Noel goes to prom with Aria, and she is about to tell him everything when her friends text her otherwise, and she tries to run away. Noel tries to be a good boyfriend and explain, but Aria thinks that he is faking and trying to attack her, and the girls run off. Noel goes missing and A sends the girls a note to check a shed at Rosewood Day.

Noel Kahn (Book Character)

In the shed is a very badly beaten up Noel. In Deadly Noel is revealed to be alive but badly injured and in the hospital. This could be another person like Mona! How else would they know about all of the girls secrets. Mona was very close to Hanna. Of course friends share secrets and thats what keeps them close, according to Alison.

It 50 year old black woman looks 30 only make what episode do aria and noel start dating most logical sense for Aria or one of the girls to be A.

How else would A know all of these secrets that only the four girls know and tell each other? Also how would they get some of these texts that the girls get at these perfectly timed moments.

Aria definitely has the most clues pointing right at her so it would definitely make sense for Aria to be A! Cece then appears. After Aria insists she'll be fine, Cece and spencer go back inside and Aria calls Ezra but Wes picks up the phone. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. A kidnaps them on their way to a prison in the Season 5 finale and traps them in his dollhouse, but the girls outsmart him, find Mona, and try to escape.

But when they go outside, they find themselves where they were at the beginning: prisoners. In Season 6, Aria escapes A's dollhouse with the other liars, but is emotionally scarred from being tortured by Charles in the dollhouse.

When she returns from the hospital, she finds out Andrew is suspected of kidnapping the girls, leading Aria to lie to the police by telling them that she saw Andrew's face in the dollhouse.

After Andrew is found out not to be 'A', Aria must respond to the lies she told to the police, and deal with an extremely angry Andrew. Aria soon has flashbacks of herself in the dollhouse, one being when A forced her to cut and dye her hair. She finds the color applicator in the Hollis College's darkroom, which leads her to befriending a fellow photographer, Clark, and they soon become quick friends. Clark and Aria exchange photographs, and Aria reveals the pictures of the dolls in her bedroom.

Once Aria leaves, she goes home to examine her photographs further, until she is interrupted by Byron. Finally, Aria opens up to her father about her experiences in the dollhouse and she finishes her story in tears. Five years later, Aria has ended her relationship with Ezra and is dating a co-worker, Liam, whom she works with at a publishing house.

When Charlotte is killed, Aria is forced to return to Rosewood and face her demons: Ezra has become sullen and depressed, drowning himself in alcohol and seclusion since the disappearance of his girlfriend, Nicole, and is having a hard time writing a sequel for his former best-seller; Alison believes that Aria what episode do aria and noel start dating something to do with Charlotte's murder and when a security tape that could make Aria a suspect surfaces, the girls attempt to protect her by erasing the tape, which only puts them into deeper trouble; Aria begins to worry that Ezra and Byron had something to do with Charlotte's murder, but soon realizes she is wrong.

As the stalker's game becomes more dangerous, Aria gets burned in a fire and is sent to the hospital. Feelings for Ezra bubble to the surface as he is there for her during this tough time. Aria begins to help Ezra write his book as he gets over the loss of Nicole.


She is approved by her boss and becomes an author. In the spring finale Ezra tells Aria that her boss loved the whole book, and she then cheats on Liam by sleeping with Ezra.

In Along Comes MaryEzra proposes to Aria who says she needs to think about it because of her part in the Rollins accidental murder when he is hit by Hanna Marin's car. However at the end of the Wanted: Dead or AliveEzra re-proposes when Aria tells him everything and she says yes. Of course with some help earlier from Hanna who says she and Ezra are just meant to be. Aria and Ezra plan to elope, but their plans are cancelled when Nicole is found alive.

In Power PlayAria is contacted by "A.


They tell her they have her file from Jessica DiLaurentis and it contains a secret that would make Ezra choose Nicole over her. They later tell her to meet them and she goes to do so. She stumbles upon their limo at the location and the door opens.

She steps inside and sees "A. They reveal themselves as Sydney Driscollwho claims to have shot Spencer and rescued Jenna from the blind school. Sydney offers Aria the chance to join the A-Team, and Aria realizes that Sydney has an earpiece in her ear, meaning that the driver is the real "A. Sydney says that leaving Alison and coming to what episode do aria and noel start dating them was the first step towards Aria earning "A.

She later steals Lucas and Charlotte's comic book and hands it over to "A. She trashes the room and breaks the toys, leaving the "A" dolls hanging above the crib and slinging blood onto the side of it. Alison and Emily return home and Aria barely manages to escape.

The Liars find the crib and deduce that "A. She later breaks into Alison's in her "A" uniform to retrieve her file and leave a puzzle piece on the board. In Choose or LoseAria shreds the file, as her apartment is raided by the police, who have a search warrant. Her phone is confiscated but "A. They give her instructions to meet them in her "A" uniform and Mona overhears. She informs that others that she thinks Aria is on the "A.

Aria suits up her uniform and goes to meet with "A. She hears a noise and follows it, only for the Liars catch her in the uniform. The Liars are furious with her for collaborating with "A. However, Aria's name is cleared, when "A. Aria later declares she is leaving the A-Team. In " Till Death Do Us Part ", it has been one year since the last episode, we first see Aria and Ezra on the set of a film studio where their book is being made into a movie.

Before her wedding to Ezra, Aria finds out that she will not be able to have children making her believe she can how do dating websites work longer get married since Ezra wants a family. When she shares the unfortunate news with Ezra he consoles her and tells her that they have other options and confirms that he still loves her and wants to get married.

After their rehearsal dinner at the Radley, Ezra begins discussing getting other opinions from fertility specialists. After Aria claims that she has already seen other fertility doctors Ezra becomes upset wondering why she did not tell him about the sooner. After telling him that she wanted to make sure she couldn't have children on her own before telling him he becomes upset asking her if he has so much trust in her why does she not have the same trust in him.

Aria tells Ezra she loves him, he what episode do aria and noel start dating her he loves her too, but it is not the same as trusting him and he leaves. The next day Aria and the girls are in her dressing room when she comes out in her gown excited and ready to marry Ezra, however he does not show and sends her a text saying that he can not go through with the wedding.

What Aria doesn't know is that Ezra has been captured by A. D Alex Drake, Spencer's evil twin sister. When Toby realizes that "Spencer" A. D posing as Spencer is not the real Spencer, with the help from Jenna, he lets the other girls and Caleb know. With the help of Mona, who has only been pretending to be on A. D's side tells them the location of A. The next day Aria and Ezra happily get married.

While the girls are saying goodbye, Aria shares her and Ezra's plans for their honeymoon as well as their plans to look at adoption agencies when they return. When he sits right next to her, she looks at him and he ask if she missed him. In " Never Letting Go ,' after the fashion show, Aria goes backstage to get her online video speed dating products when Noel comes up to her.

He wanted to give her the disc because he didn't want to get her and her friends in trouble. Aria assumed that it was his but before Noel can answer, Jason comes in and breaks the disc. In " The First Secret " when Noel sees Ali and her friends on the street, he stops his car to talk to them. Noel and Ali talk for a while about Ali playing jokes. Before Noel leaves, he spots Coffee meets bagel dating apps philippines and asks if she is coming to his Halloween Party.

Aria didn't know she was invited but Noel says she is. Aria asks if they have seen Caleb but they say no. Noel makes a joke saying maybe someone took him out with the rest of the garbage. Aria asks them if they do see him to tell him she is looking for him. When Aria goes on the roof to look for Caleb, she thinks someone is up there so she climbs on the ladder when Noel grabs her leg. He asks her where he pal Caleb is and she screams that she wants him to let go of her.

Just then, Holden comes and kicks Noel on the ground and he lets go of Aria. Aria gets down and goes with Holden but Noel says he wasn't attacking her. She even offers to leave, but Aria insists that it is fine. The girls confront them about when they got back together, but Noel wants answers of his own. He challenges Aria to a game of truth, which she agrees to only so that she can get answers as well.

The game starts off with Noel asking questions about Aria's relationship with a teacherwhich Aria doesn't like. At the end of the game, Noel wants Aria to tell everyone who her current boyfriend, is but Aria refuses share. Aria then gets mad that Noel asked so many questions about Ezra, so she leaves. Before she leaves, CeCe tells her that she is way prettier than Jenna, and implies that Noel should have chosen Aria over Jenna. Germain was killed. Aria sees Noel and Jenna Marshall kissing on the video, which she gives a weird look too, one that seems almost like disgusted.

In The Wrath of KahnThe Liars discover a flash drive that contains a video of Noel helping Charlotte to torture them while they were in the dollhouse. However, Noel ultimately dies before he can severely harm any of the Liars. Noel tries talking to her about how he hasn't seen her around. Noel also thought about who put the test answers in his locker. Aria tells him she didn't do it, but Noel says it doesn't matter because he has moved on.

During Season 3Noel accuses Aria of planting those test answers, so even though the scene was deleted from Season 2he eventually gets to ask her. Sign In Don't have an account?


Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Noel catches on. Aria sees Noel getting suspended. Noel [to Aria in It's Alive ]: Did you miss me?

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