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Retrieved November 17, At the moment I am working only. I love Weir and Min so much. Min introduced her character, a quite colorful role, with the prominent Esan style name Min and weir dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Like this: Like Loading Tags: Bella RaneeWeir Sukollawat. He said as one grow older the ideal lists get thrown out the out window. Hmm… I think Mai Davika is a better choice.


More fans supporting them. I kinda mad for her on this interview…. With the exception of her drunk night at a hotel. Lol People still see them together though. Not memory problem, more like a lying problem. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

Email Address never made public. Blog at WordPress. By continuing to use this min and weir dating, you agree to their use. The interview clip where WeirMin and the team introduce the lakorn will be posted shortly. Please keep following our IG for more updates!!! The min and weir dating will start filming tomorrow Nov.

DaoRisa sarNie Adult. I love Weir and Min so much. I can enjoy seeing them pairing up every year. Thanks for the summary, erinhang. What a coincidence. Thank you.

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I'm happy to have someone who love them in this thread. Don't understand when people keep saying that they are too soon to be pairing up they just had 2 lakorns together, right? I was like a dog with two tails.

Exactly me too. Weir and Min min and weir dating the stickyricecouple. They are suppose to work with each other more than with others and they only had 2 lakorns together.

Weir has work with Aum 3 times and with Pancake 5 times! And they're not even a koo gine right? Weir has to make more than 5 lakorns with Min singles final else I will not be satisfy.


But if they do keep Weir and Min separated from each other longer the fans will be even more excited to see them back. Like with Weir and Kwan; everyone seems to be super excited that they're making a lakorn together now like after years. Bow and Mike seems to have more events together, or channel 7 seems to promote them more than they min and weir dating to Weir and Min.

Oh, Pancake and Weir weren't a koo jin. They were a koo kwan. That's even bigger. The channel over-promoted them. I wasn't able to tune into any of Weir's lakorns until he broke up with her. I like Weir with different actresses.

When fans say we want Weir and Min to take a break from each other we mean 2 or 3 years before working together again, not almost a decade like Weir and Kwan.

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That's tooooooooo long. No fanbase can endure that. The reason why Weir and Min don't have as many events as Yadech is because Ch.

I do not like that because I get tired of seeing the same pairings. IF my favorites were to pair up over and over again, I'd get sick and tired of them too. Wongwian Huachai. Pho Nu Pen Superstar.

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Phra Chan Lai Phayak. Duai Raeng Athitthan. Ngao Kammathep. Mon Rak Mae Nam Mun.


Nang Sao Chamlaeng Rak. Nang Fa Kap Mafia. Phaen Din Mahatsachan. Khun Det Pin Anong. Roi Le Sane Luang. Nak Su Maha Kan. Yommaban Chao Kha. La Rak Sut Khop Fah.

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Rak Tem Ban. Phuean Phaeng. Morasum Sawat. Phet Tud Phet.

Min and weir dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)