Jennie and kai still dating

Rich economies like Singapore should not be labelled 'developing countries', says Trump. To be honest, we will never know. They were then seen getting into the same car later on. While many were still talking about their relationship, most people were rather confused when their relationship ended so quickly, barely 25 days after they were confirmed to be dating. Jennie and kai still dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Right, like that's not suspicious or anything. Kai didn't caption his photos at all.


Instead, he posted a series of images of himself dancing in front of the structure. The paparazzi eventually ended up catching up with the duo traveling together. On Jan. In the pictures, you can see the two idols seem to be enjoying a late date night out in a park.

Just In: EXO's Kai And BLACKPINK's Jennie Have Broken Up

Rich economies like Singapore should not be labelled 'developing countries', says Trump. Divorce lawyer in Singapore: 'My client wanted to set fire on me'. Woman lost nearly 3 litres jennie and kai still dating blood after waterslide tore her uterus. Malaysian woman finds a second wife for her husband during pregnancy. Where to get the best D24 and Black Thorn durians in Malaysia. Singapore homeowners share the best things they bought for their BTO flat. As we rang init was officially confirmed by Kai's reps that he and Jennie were a couple, despite the fact that, according to a report by Dispatch, the pair may have been seeing each other as far back as Meet scottish men when the two were both attending fashion week in Paris NBD.

Some internet sleuths even did a bit of investigating on social media, and found that both Kai and Jennie traveled to the Eiffel Tower around Oct.


And here's Kai at the Eiffel Tower posted only one day after Jennie's picturefor good measure:. Press Enter to Search. View this post on Instagram. They were then seen getting into the same car later on. Show Comments. Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows!

why i think jennie and kai are still together - jenkai still dating?

Entertainment Television, LLC. Fans everywhere were surprised by the sudden revelation. I am a big fan of both Jennie and Kai and do not wish to disrespect them jennie and kai still dating any way. Starting with the biggest theory revolving Jenkai, it would be that this was all just media play. This is a big possibility as it has happened before numerous times in the media industry.

Some people might think that Jenkai is just for publicity since it makes sense for two popular members of two famous groups to be dating one another to gain attention. By right, this could just spark more attention to be placed on each idol, gaining them and their groups more recognition.

[OP-ED] What is up with Jennie-Kai? Analysis/theories of what happened

While I do think that it is possible that their relationship could be just media play, there is some evidence that I feel prove otherwise.

However, since this could be staged, I will be bringing up other points as well. While media play is not something uncommon, it is not as common in the K-pop industry as in the Hollywood industry.

Jennie and kai still dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)