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Click the link above to purchase and download from the BoomCoding store. For example, you install flashcha v9. How to resolve latency problem in video chat? Tips The following commands are available on MSN to control the chat room externally. Flash chat room software [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

What plugin my users need? Can I add banner ads into my chatroom to earn money from chat?

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Why the chat displays incorrectly to some of my users? Can flash chat support thousands of connections? How to use "add-room" server API? How to configure it to cross proxy? How to configure FMS for Whiteboard What if flash chat server and flash chat client are placed on different server machines?

How to configure Red5 for FlashChat? Video effects don't work after upgrade?

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How to detect iPad, iPhone, iPod users? How to resolve latency problem in video chat? How to configure Wowza for Flash Chat? Chat Room Disconnection Wrong Flash Client Version Error? Error: A script in this movie is causing Flash Player to run slowly Chat Error: over max session How to remove the chat plugins on html chat? You can find the answer by reading the error description in this way: In Windows, run "console.

In Linux, check error note in the terminal. While this chat is no longer officially sold it can still be found online so we have included it on our list. Boom chat was surprisingly cheap, loos great and flash chat room software many features that come standard. The chat comes with 11 themes, avatars, friends list, private chat, and the ability to create unlimited rooms.

The only thing missing flash chat room software webcam support E-Chat allows you to easily and quickly add a chat room that you have administrative control over to your website for free. Type in a Username and enter, then click the "Create Room" button to setup your room options such as size, language, color and user list position. In exchange for this free service, the chat will have a small E-Chat logo and meet people online near me displayed at the top of your chat Chatzy offers website owners an extremely customizable chat room to add to their website.

The long list of options can be viewed by clicking on the "Hosted Rooms" tabs on the Chatzy website. Chatzy rooms are free with ads to add to your website but if you want to administer the room or have access to some other cool features you will have to upgrade to a "Premium Room" Com is one of the longest functioning chat software providers around. Founded init has been serving webmasters flash chat room software a very long time. That being said Clicking Get listed in the complete chat room and Save button, you can get avatar chat listed in the chat room list.

Room owner can create a chat robot in a particular chat room and then grant the access of the robot to the reliable person s to remote monitor his rooms via MSN. Navigate to the configuration panel of the room you want to monitor with MSN robot, input moderator's MSN accounts, click the Add button, you will see the moderator and the robot accounts appear in the filed below.

After binding Robot account with some chat room, moderator can add the Robot account into its contact list on MSN, and then monitor the chat room via the robot account. User Manual. Moderator The moderators of this room necessary.


Sequence The Sequence of this room necessary. Max Users Determines the maximum number of users allowed for this room optional. Description Room description. Password Password if this is a password-protected room optional Speaker The speakers of this room, if there is more than one speaker, you can separate their names with comma. Greeting Message Greetings to the new-comer.

Member-only Member-only allowed or anyone can be allowed. Edit Media Click Edit Media tab, the following window would open : Check Enable music and video player in this room first and then press Add buttonyou can add the music and video with the media name entered in the flash chat room software blank field and media URL in the right.

The support audio formats are mp3 and flv. A flash player playing mp3 file. It runs very smoothl y and integrated into my site without any problems.

Also have to say, I asked a question in their help forum and was answered within hours. This is an all-around excellent addition for Joomla that will really add to your site.


Thank you! The new version of flash chat 6. It is brand new version with the optional module remote controller and enhanced avatar chat. It becomes more handy and full of interest. What do you think about Flash Chat Server? Do you recommend it?

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The answer is- a neat, feature rich and easy chat room! Exactly the kind of chat that Flash Chat can create.

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