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Kat tells Holly to backdoor Nicole, saying she a bigger threat than Nick or Sam. Cliff tells Jack he can wear his cowboy hat. Smallest mg. Jess says your DMs are probably blowing up. Gets up and proceeds to help her pull her pants off, feeds change -MadVelvet. Big brother 20 chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I never someone on dialysis them attractive on anyone. Just my opinion. Braids go way back with humans, like millennia at least. Ever seen Alicia Keys? They look wonderful on her. Nick won Veto - I was hoping that either he or Sam would win it. Glad he gets a chance to stay. When does jury start? It might be because Holly was given med for her hay allergy as there will be hay.

Jackson told the 3 new havenots if they take a bite of food, they'll get a penalty nom. So nice of him to warn them. The nerve! Big brother 20 chat rooms week could be different. Production should be objective but that was obvious bias. I don' remember her. BBOTT, was that the internet only game? I did see that one, just don't remember her. Makes us believe the game is rigged. Cliff says he plans to throw it.

Weren't there 4 havenots last week? Probably Sam. I hope. I've moved her to 3.

BB21 - Havenot Room Quick Chat (Christie, Tommy & Jack)

My NEW favorite is Kat! Then Cliff. At first I thought she was a Dollar Store version of Janelle, but she's cool. Nicole has been a disappointment for me. I really disliked Kat in the beginning and now I love her. Holly is complaining about her legs so Michie uses a wooden rolling pin on her legs to loosen them up for the competition.

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She says it really hurts. While We Wait It sounds as if Michie concealed some "issues" from the casting people at Big Brother. Issues that I've pushed away Holly: Yeah. Michie: [Making air quotes] "Trauma" Holly: Yeah, we all have, shit Michie: It was just the reaction Holly: What?

Your reaction? Holly: Ohhh. Well, ya oopsied there. Although I didn't disclose a lot of stuff, either because I thought it would hurt my chances. Michie: Nothing they can do about it now big brother 20 chat rooms I'm here.

I just kinda Holly: Good. Michie: shrugs, avoiding eye contact with Holly Holly: You have to do that. Michie: She was like, "well, I'll see ya again. Michie: No How is that bad? There's no negatives to it I'm fine.

Kat suggests maybe they won't have it today, but since Cliff got his leg wrapped and production gave Holly her allergy meds she said specifically for horses and hay the others think it's just going to be a late one. Sam is watching from the couch. Holly and Jackson are watching from the spy camera in the HoH Big brother 20 chat rooms. He, Cliff and other HGs are wearing blue jean coveralls.

Kat tells Holly to backdoor Nicole, saying she a bigger threat than Nick or Sam. Holly runs the idea by Jackson, who quickly rejects it. The competition was the word competition. Holly says she wasn't counting on not being able to breathe right away. Nick is saying Bella is going to go nuts. He was wearing her wristband. Before she came into the boat bed to meet people with similar Sam was warning Nick to not talk bad about Jessica because "they" are "eating her up" right now.


He tells Nick that the plan was to evict him Big brother 20 chat rooms this week, then Nicole the following week, big brother 20 chat rooms, keeping Sam safe. Nick and Sam agree to separate themselves, Nick will not campaign for Sam.

After Christie went to see who was in the boat bed lounge, she goes to the HoH room. Holly is upset that Nick won, she tells everyone in the room that they need to steer clear of him. Christie insists she will send him out next week, she says he will not win HoH. Sis says "Don't say that, you don't know.

Everyone is talking at the same time, but Christie keeps over talking, saying Holly's name while the others are speaking to Holly. Holly insists if she puts Nicole up, she will send her home. Someone mentions putting Kat up, Kat agrees because she wants people to think she is not working with the six. Big brother 20 chat rooms says she is trusting them in this. They tell her to tell no one, not even Jessica. Holly tells them to lock the door and talk quietly. Christie continues to talk and squeal in her outside voice.

As other people talk she continues to insert into every comment in the room. She repeatedly interrupts Holly, Michie, and saying Holly's name repeatedly while Holly is talking. Tommy has come into the room, he is asking for clarification on what they are doing. Cliff comes into the room, says his leg has been re-injured. He plans to use heat and ice on it alternately. People begin to leave the room, mill around, and talk about "finding food. Michie gives him silent signals to leave the room.

Sis and Jack have stayed behind to "shower". Michie explains it to Holly. Sam is alone in the boat bed lounge. Most of the other houseguests are in the kitchen cooking and talking over each other. They mention animals that were in the competition, sounds like there how to find new nearby friends on facebook sheep and dogs.

It doesn't sound like houseguests were allowed to interact with the animals. Cliff tells them about a calf catching contest at a fair. People catch them and can keep the calf as well as a cash prize.

They are talking about the pros and cons of putting up Nicole and voting her out. Holly is not sure what Cliff would think about it. She says maybe Nicole might be holding back and then will win HoH next week. Holly discounts that, says it has been nearly 40 days, she has seen no indication. Sis tries again, she calls Nicole "shady. Sis tries again.

Holly says Sam really went after it the veto todaySis says Sam had to, he was on the block. Sis also says Sam has never done anything wrong. Holly says Sam has done things, but did not spearhead them. Sis tries to defend Sam changed angle from put up Nicole to save Sam. Sis tells Holly that Sam told her he would no longer have much to do with Nick, Holly does not believe that Sam tells the truth.

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It's between Holly and Analyse. Holly Wins HoH! Holly nominated Nick and Sam for eviction. Download Fuskie's houseguest identification guide, it's just a little cheat sheet you can print out, very similar to the cheat sheets the BB cameramen use.

Download Here. Go to the last Update Entry. They talk about Nicole being super cold in the HoH room. She had the cot where the vent was blowing directly on her. Tommy says she needs one of the big blankets. All other HGs in bed. Once tucked in, BB turns off house lights. Sam says she must be proud of you. Nick wonders if his parents were watching the feeds -silverspoons PM PT Jess met her daughter when she was 4.

Says she bonded with Jack because he met his stepmom when he was 4. Jess says her daughter is not a tough kid, a sweetheart.


Jess says she is literal. Jess says she is in national honor society and straight A student. Christie changes talk to Sam wanting to campaignChristie says she does not see Sam getting off if this one.

Jess confirms Sam asked her to vote Jack out and save Bella. Christie says Sam is so good because he plays unde the radar. Jess says Sam tells the best stories. Christie says Sam makes her feel special. Nick leaves. Cliff brushes teeth.

Analyse says she is starting to think about the future more and she trust some people out of the alliance more. Christie says Nicole is sketchy and nit trust worthy. She feels Sam has her back. Christie says Sam and Nick both can't stay. Christie said that Sam told Cliff if he won to take Nick down because Sam could sway people. Sam is so good at this game.

Big Brother 20: Tyler and Angela's New Home Tour! (Exclusive)

She says Sam wants Jack out. Christie said it big brother 20 chat rooms be so stupid to keep Nick and Sam. Christie says she trusts Analyse but not Holly.

Analyse agrees. Christie says Nicole will never win a comp. Christie thinks Holly and Michie are working with Nick and Sam. Analyse wants brands to hire her to go to events. Jess also wants to do photography too. She is trying to figure out juggling a child with all her future job opportunities -silverspoons PM PT Jess hopes to tour after big brother and do public speaking. Jess wants to have another kid and feels she has only a few years left to try.

Wants to name it Steve. She was not able to do the major she rsvp online dating and soccer.

Analyse hopes to be a model or something with instagram. Jess says your DMs are probably blowing up. Link inside. After 3 weeks the POV turned Golden and the noms could.

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Big brother 20 chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)