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While regular posting is now disabled, you can continue to view all threads until the end of June The Vendor Forums are for registered vendors of Smart Car of America who have their own dedicated forums for product releases and discussions. Wed Jul 24, am alanb. Chevrolet and GMC vehicles wanted. Classic car chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Fri Dec 19, pm Rick. Oily-nailed car veterans, and anyone new to classic cars, are all welcome here.

Sun Jul 28, am roverdriver. Incorporates E83W and Dodge truck threads. Wed Jul 24, pm Rene.

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Sat Jul 20, am WonderlandClassicsLimited. Electrical Restoration Advice and request for help regarding car electrical systems. Sun Jul 28, am Phil - Nottingham. Trust us. An ample supply of reasonably priced old cars and young hipster drivers means that car spotters can see everything from Ford Falcons to Datsun s and AMC Gremlins plying areas like the Pearl District, Hawthorne and NW 23rd as daily transportation.

There are several blogs dedicated classic car chat rooms old cars photographed at random on the streets of Portland. Can you identify this circa car? Thinking of buying a '70 Mach 1 Mustang. Question on resale value Post your classic car here!

What's the oldest car you've actually driven Mustang Hardtop project in progress Need help to i. Need help to i.

Used car auction Online Hey everyone, new to this site,need your help! Looking to purchase a classic car My first 70 Charger Movie Old Classic Can you id? Buy parts, cleaning, minor tune ups, getting ready for winter, getting ready for spring etc.


Knowing what the "other" guy is doing will motivate you to do something. Find other VCCA members who offer services for those difficult restoration tasks.

Semi-Fluid Grease for Steering Gearbox. Technical discussions that are not model or year specific. See year specific questions below. Engine, Transmission, Drive Train, Brakes, etc. Classic car chat rooms metal, paint, wood frames, bumpers, chassis, etc. Starters, Generators, Distributors, Ignition, Wiring. Neutral safety switch.

Devoted to Radios, tools and other goodies for Chevys. Seats, headliners, dash, floor mats, glass, etc.

Farm Yard Treasure Hunting, classic cars and tractors

Please support good suppliers of vintage parts! My 2 cents. Discussions that don't fit in any of the other "technical" forums. Please keep them focused on supporting the care hobby. Some Help Please Sedan Delivery. Discuss changes you make to your vehicle which are not "Stock". WW Tires. Technical Discussions about Chevrolet Engineering.

Sealed Water Pump Shaft. Technical discussions for vehicles manufactured before or during WWII.

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