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Search forums. While other patients usually have the best of intentions, you should not rely on their feedback as medical advice. At times I would find myself running frantically for the toilet before my body forcefully ejected what I had just eaten. Support groups are a great place for you to share your questions, concerns and experiences. In addition to browsing the topics down the left hand side and at the bottom of each of our pages and using our search boxes at the top left and bottom of every page to find answers when you need them, consider signing up for the following:. Bariatric surgery chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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At times I would find myself running frantically for the toilet before my body forcefully ejected what I had just eaten. Managing the effects of surgery becomes a daily preoccupation.

Seven months after my surgery I had lost nearly five stones; my life has really taken a turn in the right direction. I wanted to take back control of my health, and be free of diabetes — which, since bariatric surgery chat room operation, has been in remission.

Having more energy has motivated me to do something positive with my life. Supporting others in their journeys has helped me in my recovery. Surgery in August.


Yesterday at PM missdarmitage. Threads Messages 6. What's your number? Recipes Share some of your favorite Bariatric Recipes with the group! Threads 63 Messages Butterfinger Protein Shake. Yesterday at PM taterchip Do you have an 'After-Surgery' exercise plan?

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Threads 37 Messages I want my butt back! Wednesday at PM Brenda What are your long-term struggles and what are you doing to cope with life after weight loss surgery?


Threads Messages Monday at AM dianeseattle. If you are considering starting a new support group, you can look for members in your area here. For information, please visit scottsdalebariatricsupport. Search form Search. After bariatric surgery Find a Bariatric Surgeon.


In addition to the various behavior modifications that are important in your recovery, you must also: Commit to monthly follow up visits for the first year. Limit your alcohol intake. Eliminate all use of nicotine products. Find ongoing support after your surgery through our: On-site support groups. Online support groups. Each time you ask a brand new question, you will do so by creating a new thread. In other words, every time a member submits information to a forum topic, a new post is created.

Bariatric Surgery Smartphone Apps Barimate is a weight management iPhone App bariatric surgery chat room specifically for current and prospective bariatric surgery patients. Apply for Loan Ad. Tax Write-Offs. Best Procedure Quiz. Find a Bariatric Surgeon. Find a Bariatric Surgeon Back to Page.

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Back to Page. Patients who qualify for bariatric surgery usually: Are at least 80 lbs 36 kg overweight Are between 18 and 75 years old Have a history of failed weight loss attempts e.

Bariatric surgery chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)