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A "family" site with free registration. Breaking aviation news and relevant articles are added weekly. Flexjet Europe starts up. Hard Drive Space Utilization. Airline pilot chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Threads 12 Posts Neeleman's latest start up. Majors Information for the Majors. Threads Airplanes burned because of fuel spills at the gate? Jul 15, Fernando. Regionals Regionals and related discussions. I recently had the "good" fortune to ride on a Mesa flight Mar 8, belchfire.

Threads 1. EAL back in business. Mar 1, belchfire. Cargo General discussion about all aspects of Cargo Aviation. Threads 5. Jun 26, bafanguy. Charter Topics related to charter. Threads Posts 8. Yesterday at PM G-force.

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Fractionals Discuss fractionals and related information. Flexjet announces pay raises. Jul 18, Hogprint.


Corporate General Discussion about all aspects of Corporate Aviation. Threads 8. Contract Pilot Avialable. Foreign Carriers Information related to Foreign Carriers. Threads Posts 8K.

Asian Start-Up Airlines. Jul 18, bafanguy.


Interviews, Hiring, Intel General interview related chat. Threads 4. Apr 28, jonathan. Unions Topics related to aviation unions. Threads Posts 2. Kalitta Air TA. Nov 21, Chynoweth. Airline pilot chat room For those who are furloughed and would like to network or share what they are doing.

Threads Posts 4K. Jan 21, Uncle Bunkle. Crash Pads Information regarding crash pads. Threads 2. Memphis crashpad opening Mid august. Tuesday at PM rounder. Threads 46 Posts May 10, edonguyen.

Aviation Job Listings Employers seeking pilots? Pilots know of jobs? Post info here. Threads 4 Posts 6. May 8, bafanguy. Intelligent, troll-free conversation built upon a strong sense of community and full of creative, friendly, and occasionally offbeat men and women who care about their airline pilot chat room and the aviation field in general. Explore non-rev options, use tools to improve your trip, and learn about the best places to go and stay while on your trip.

Special discounts also available from a number of travel providers. Send mail, share photos, post blogs in a section called Skypost, chat and check out the latest airline jobs submitted.

Created by crew members for crew members.


As an organized "common ground" for crewmembers of different airlines, they can discuss their own company with others. Scientology online dating forum offers direct link downloads, regular sessions, Virtual Airlines, and much more. Airline pilot chat room members are long time users of the sim and can help and discuss the sim and the hardware needed for running it.

It's a friendly group looking for new people who enjoy discussing and posting screenshots of their aircraft, scenery, and short or long flights. A "family" site with free registration. They can be race cars, trains, space ships, airplanes, boats, or any other cockpit that can be simulated. It's a great place to torque, chat and chill with other helicopter pilots and industry personnel. Breaking aviation news and relevant articles are added weekly.

The FlightDeck forum is the place to arrange cost sharing to aviation events, discuss safety issues, share details of recent flights and pictures and tell the NZ aviation community of your latest project, restoration, or rating. Join the Airbus Route Information Wiki and post news. Typhoon Pack XP available for download. There are sample exams, documentation and information, and a forum to share your experiences, knowledge and study material and sample question papers.

If you have a question about flying or airplane ownership, ask it here. You can search, vote, and earn reputation points and badges for airline pilot chat room answers. On the site is an area to share your aviation experiences, an industry directory, airfield directory and a list of every Australian VH registered aircraft.

Share your flying experience through photo and video uploads. Airline pilot chat room Learned Got a flying story to tell about lessons you've learned from mistakes you've made or seen others make?

You may post your story in confidence here. Log out to post anonymously Pilots of America permits anonymous posting in the Medical Topics forum, as well as in the Lessons Learned forum, but ONLY when disclosing your OWN airline pilot chat room or existing medical condition, potential violation of FAA regulations, incident or accident in which you may have been involved.

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Single moroccan ladies forums are our "Virtual Pilot's Lounge" where you can come in, chat, have a cup of virtual coffee and a virtual donut and talk about just about anything you like.

Hangar Talk Open forum for discussion of any topic you like, aviation related or otherwise. Virtually all topics in this forum are permitted - so long as they are discussed in a civil manner. NOTE: Politics and religion and any other topic likely to become highly charged are not allowed, and threads may be deleted or closed if they start or trend, respectively, towards "spin" topics. Gone West. The Book Club.

Airline Pilots Talk About Life Inside the Cockpit - This Morning

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Podcasts The forums in this category provide a home for many of aviation's best podcasts. The Pilotcast The original hangar talk podcast. Connect with Kent, Bill, and Tiffany here! Discussions: airline pilot chat room Messages: 0. Contains no messages. Pilots Journey Podcast Welcome to the Pilot's Journey Podcast Forum, where we discuss aviation training proficiency and enjoying the journey.

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Airline pilot chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)