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I tried various sites to make sure. Former Tokyopop editor Daniella Orihuela-Gruber even asked. He also deletes the chat room records so that Masaomi can not find out that he had been impersonated. Or is this a feature? Dollars chat room durarara [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The Dollars forum was also shown when Mikado read about people wanting to quit the gang when their group started getting attacked by the. Unlike the Chat Room, the Dollars site hosts forums where all members of the Dollars can post. They will be able to use the following commands: -! Former Tokyopop editor Daniella Orihuela-Gruber even asked. Kanra suggests that the Dollars may have eaten the missing foreigners.

Prohibited Acts If differences are found when comparing the English rules to your own language, feel free to suggest an edit with the proper translation by sending an e-mail to with the details. If you wish to report a certain behavior to a moderator, be prepared to provide proof to avoid any misunderstandings.

Consider what you would or wouldn't like your boss, teacher, or even your dollars chat room durarara to see, as well as being considerate of everyone else looking at the lounge. For users who violate these rules, access to the site may be blocked. If you see a message stating that your ID has been blocked, To appeal your ban, please e-mail and provide your public IP address, dollars chat room durarara.

One of us will come assist you if we are available. Your question is actually equivalent to this one: How to exactly and continuously track a user on Web when there is no user account? Much appreciated if you got an answer and would like to share it with me. Back to your question, if I were you, I would simply ban them again and again and ignore them.

Just wanted to say how much i love the website, i know you aren't a creator Levi but it still means a lot to me that you were able to respond to me so quickly. So i hope this is good enough! As the Chat Room and Dollars website exist separately, people without an account on one site may still be a member of the other. Kyouhei's gang are examples of Dollars members who do not participate in Chat Room conversations.

Those who have membership on both sites, however, may use different handles. Izaya Orihara sends a message to all the Dollars as 'Nakura' at one black men sites free, but he goes by 'Kanra' and dollars chat room durarara as a girl in the Chat Room throughout the series.

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The Chat Room seems to require a special invite, as Izaya shows surprise when his sisters appear on it. It is later revealed that Namiewho also knows of the Chat Room and watches it but doesn't post on it, was the one who gave them the site address. Izaya is the Chat Room admin who operates under the alias 'Kanra. Kanra states that Saika reappears using various IP addresses, so blocking them is pointless. Kanra's role as the room admin is also mentioned in the prologue of volume eight of the light novels.

It seems Kanra's permission is not required for others to join in the chat as long as they have the site address. Chat logs similarly seem to be view-able by anyone at any time without Kanra's permission. Private mode may also be initiated between any particular users, though it has been shown at least twice that new users have a hard time figuring out how to respond in private mode instead of public mode while viewing the former.

It appears that users can take on others' handle names in the chat room and that Kanra being the admin has prayer for christian ability to delete previous chat room records. However, both of these abilities may be specific to Kanra only as the administrator for the chat.

At one point, Izaya dollars chat room durarara on Masaomi's handle, 'Bacura,' to talk to Mikado with the implication that he is Masaomi. I can't remember. Looks like Kida Totally Erika. Again, no idea No clue. I was also wondering about the chat names. I know some of them, but I want to compile a complete list. Help please. I can't play the music either. Also, how do I fix it? I cannot access the site anymore. It keeps dollars chat room durarara "Error" I think that needs help handling!

I try but the pop-up says that the URL is incorrect or something like that.


Os it already dollars chat room durarara deleted or something? I've got a billion tabs open and I'm doing some research about the site shutdown. As well as that I'm relocating the drrr.

If anyone has any questions or wants a list of the sites, let me know. In order to have a static room, a moderator must create a room or modify your room.

Also, game rooms exist. This explains "game over" and "werewolves".


You would need a moderator for this, though. I don't have much information about the game rooms yet, though. Now then, game rooms are rooms that are able to have players set as dead, or non-player. It only makes their avatar dark, or crossed out. I believe that there will be more features in the future, though.

Dollars Chatroom Icons and Usernames?

I wanted to find out what that game feature was, so I dollars chat room durarara up having to translate a few discussions, which I ended up finding this but the translation is stuffing up so I can't understand it. Then I also found an event of the gameplay here You're right, it is some kind of werewolf game. It involves players which can 'die', and each player has a role of some sort. If anyone understands the translation, please let me know! How to create rooms to play?

How to give the player rank? Anybody know the reason? Why is drrr. How do you send picture in your chatroom? My sister got on and spammed.

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