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This booklet is intended to give few facts on many aspects of the Somali Republic: its problems and potentialities, the way of life of the Somali people, the history and the development made by the Somali Republic since independence. The Somaliland Page This page is the beginning of an archive of articles on Somaliland. Business and information directory of African Countries. Although some may overlap, distinctive features mark each as a category in its own right. Somaliland chat room net [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Did you know you can edit the content of this page by clicking EasyEdit? Post a new thread. Maxamuud Axmed Cabdalla confirms the somaliland chat room net of the poetry as the poem below demonstrates, In abwaanku digi karo Ergo daadahayn karo Nabaddana dabbaqi karo Damin karo colaadaha Nabarkana daweyn karo Maxamuud Axmed Cabdalla Shiine Cumar 21 Dulqaad Ing.

This is intended to ensure the originality of the poem as fraud is much easier on the Internet. It should enlighten the society and warn them of the horrors of civil war. It should not insult anyone and should not demonstrate an inclination to regionalism or clanism 3. It should follow the alliteration of the alphabet 'd' 4. It should not be composed before 10th Novemberthe date which the poetry combat began 5.

The author should send his poem to the Editorial Committee of Doodwanaag the independent committee formed to examine whether the poem conforms to the rule of the poetry combat. Cali Khayr Cabdulqadir Kowtame warns how the warmongers benefit from the social apathy in somaliland chat room net poem entitled Dan-guud the Shared interest. The brokers groups And the killers of would-be-mothers Made us so miserable [They] put shroud on the peace [They] want destruction [They] want our people to be annihilated Or to be displaced [They] want the centenary person and The newly born baby To flee the country On lorries [As] Stowaways on boats [Or] on airplanes Dan-guud, Cabdikhayr Cabdulqaadir KawtameDullaalada is mature goth women Iyo umulo-dooxyadu Diif bay na badayaan Waxay duugayaan nabad Waxay doonayaan hurin In dadkeennu dabar go' Amuu kala dareeroo Duqa boqolka jira iyo Kan daqiiqad joogaba Baabuur dushood iyo Ay doonyo raacaan Ku dhuuntaan diyaarado With a poem entitled Daawad named after a she-camelIbraahin Yusuf Ahmed criticises how the international community failed its moral responsibility in helping the Somalis in their The Internet Medium and Poetry Transmission: The Poetry Combat of Doodwanaag 10 by Abdisalam M.

He argues that unless Somalis change their attitudes zoya lip gloss flirt approaches to their problems, there will never be a solution. The wounds you suffer Cannot be healed by looking at it Or with words to fill the void Let the boil be lanced Ibraahin Yusuf Ahmed, Daawad, Nabarkaad u dagan tahay Eegmo kuma dawooboo Boog hadal ma deeqee Ha ka daato mililkuye Down in the poem, somaliland chat room net, Ibraahin echoes his inner feeling and uneasiness twisted by the social strife and the senseless conflict where the villain is considered as a hero.

There is a case to mention That has not been treated It makes me fainting [And made] my mind flustered The one who killed millions Instead of being prosecuted Or being hanged Why has he been promoted? Why has he been decorated with promotions? Doodwanaag demonstrates the importance of poetry and how it is used as culture for peace as well as war.

Characteristically, it was conveyed in writing, thus making it the first Somali poetry combat to be communicated in this mode. The approach is reminiscent of the well known novelist and literary critic M. Ahmed Isse Awad argues in the forward that nothing will change in Somalia for the better, unless people change their present attitudes and approaches — unless politically Somalis change their mindset blinded by clan obsession about the power-mongering.

In accordance with the way which has been conveyed, Doodwanaag can be considered as one of the first Somali poetry combat which have been transmitted via the Internet. The other poetry combat is Samsam. In Doodwanaag, some young Somali are joined in a national framework in the search for a solution to their battered nation.

In Samsam poetry combat participants are divided across political lines, thus making the poetry combat a much heated one. The Internet media has opened to Somali poetry a new transmission mode which can be viewed as a 3rd generation. The other transmission modes are by-mouth 1st generation and by tape recorders, furthered by the radio 2 nd generation see Table 6. Where each poem of Guba poetry combat 1st generation required weeks or months to reach parties, Doodwanaag and Samsam 3rd generation are done in a flush of seconds reaching global participants and audiences.

It is the first known Somali poetry combat conveyed by writing. Given this new medium the Internetit is hard to foretell whether Doodwanaag somaliland chat room net a shift from oral to written alone.


According to Orwin, Somali poetry is still primarily experienced through listening rather than reading. As the Internet is revolutionizing our way of life, it is obvious to also affect poetry transmission. In spite of the Internet medium making the poetry combat available to a global audience, it, however, limits their accessibility in another way.

One such person is Gaariye who considers a poetry combat should be easily accessible to anyone.

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As said above, in transmission wise Doodwanaag is unique as it is transmitted by the writing medium. In Doodwanaag the participants are all from the young generation of poets. Another important character which differentiates the Doodwanaag and Samsam is the objectives of the participants. These poetry combat symbolises the dawn of the Somali poetry where it can be transmitted to a global stage.

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The Internet technology has given the Somali poet a new perspective. The Internet has expanded the ambitions of the poet by enabling him to fulfill his dreams to reach a global audience. Nevertheless, for the time being computer-mediated communication technology may limit the accessibility to those who cannot afford accessing because of the lack of the required network telecommunications infrastructure.

By Abdisalam M.


Andrzejewski, B. New edition, London: Haan. Find everything you need about Somalis - supplies, breed information, directories of breeders in your area and more! This Page contains a lot of Links about Somalia. Newsletter on events and politics. Current and archive issues available. Somaliland Links www. The Guiding Somaliland chat room net By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and culturaldevelopment.

News and information in Somali with some pages in English. My name is Musse Gabobe Hassan.


I was born at Adale district but raised up in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. Warkii Somaliland waxaad ka heleysaa wararkii u danbeeyey ee Somaliland. Here you will find all you want to know about Somaliland. Written in Somali. The page is about my life and Somalians living in Denmark.

It belongs to the Cushitic family of the Afro-Asiatic family of TAD is being reconst. Other links Wixii aqbaar ah noogu soo dira halkan idin koo mahadsan. Buhoodle News Somali News Somalia. Dhambaal www. It is the online version of Dhambaal Somali Newspaper.

It is a monthly Somali Newspaper published in Toronto, Canada. Somali News members. The Somaliland Page This page is the beginning of an archive of articles somaliland chat room net Somaliland. It will strive to offer material on all sides of the issue as well as objective reports from Somaliland and documents from recent history.

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