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It wasn't a great success, but it was a chance for around 40 or 50 of us all to meet for the first time. As fate would have it, I started work on a market stall at weekends opposite a record stall that specialised in Japanese Jazz-Funk the in thing in those days. This is exactly what I did, I recorded a one hour show very embarrassing to listen to now lol and posted a video on Vinyl Morpher channel with a 10 minute clip of the show and also with instructions on the video how to download the complete show. Jfsr chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

There were also many people across the globe really sorry to see Morpher Radio come to such an abrupt end. I will always remember sitting alone in a bar in Essex with tears streaming down my face as I emailed DJs and friends telling them of my difficult decision. I spent the next few weeks looking back and reflecting on the whole experience I had putting her together and some of the people who were involved in the station.

By now, some of the DJs who played on Morpher Radio had got together and had their own ideas of starting Internet radio stations trying to mimic and re create what Morpher Radio once was. I knew, if I jfsr chat room to continue in my venture to bring great music to people that wanted to hear it, I would have to learn from the experience of Morpher Radio. Jfsr chat room thought long and hard about how I could improve on my previous project Morpher Radio. One of our newer DJs came forward with ideas of what he could do if he were involved in the project of a new station.

JFSR – The Home Of Jazz Funk & Soul

His web designing skills were second to none. I saw his personal website and the design just blew me away. This man would make a massive difference to the web design of the new station in the planning. I'm talking about none other than our very own Gem The Funk Academy. He brought the look of what was to be our new station into the future, jfsr chat room. Suddenly, we love find a way video the best website I could possibly imagine, a mixture of some old and some new DJs that were jfsr chat room to get back on air, and a handful of our original listeners just waiting to be told when they could tune in.

So, here we are jfsr chat room. We have a mixture of DJs from across the globe, from all walks of life. Some with professional backgrounds, some just living their life long dream to present their own show to an audience that want to listen. We are still growing even today. We are continually bringing new DJs in and bringing you even more of the music you want to hear.

One of the things I would like to add at this point and one of the things I learnt and realised by some of the mistakes I made on Morpher Radio, is the fact that it was all to much for me to do alone.

It was OK back in the YouTube days. But as Morpher grew, the pressure of running a station and a website and show producing was too much for me to do alone, as much as I tried. So, this time round, JFSR has and amazing management and promotions team. I would now like to introduce them all to you And believe me when I tell you all, without these guys right behind me, JFSR would not be the great success she is today. My right hand man. He has on many occasions taken the helm while I have been away and I know, every time JFSR is in good safe hands until my return.

As already stated earlier, the genius of a man, he is responsible for the look of our station. He is the tech guy behind the scenes and is always ready and waiting to jump on and fix any tech problem that may occur. He is also a great 'past' presenter on JFSR.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Hiwe are Paul Leighton and Stevie Q from the original Martines team, and numerous badoo find venues around Hampshire, and we are back playing jfsr chat room from the soundtrack of our lives.

This blog will give you a flavour of what we'll be playing, celebrating club classics from old school to new cool. Also, we intend to put together some really special one-off events at some of the larger venues in jfsr chat room area.

Always in the mix with Soulful and Funky House.

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If you like the latest in Dance Music then you will love this show. My show - The Selection Box - every Tuesday 4pm - 6pm it has this name because I can't stick to any particular genre for too long. I love Jazz and Jfsr chat room Funk, so I always start with a handful of tracks old and new; then we go wherever the mood takes me. One things for sure, the start of hour two I'll always bring you three Lovers Rock tracks and I follow these with my slow jam of the week.

After this, I generally start picking up the pace as we move through the final 45 minutes or so. Finally, at any point of the show, if the mood takes me, you'll get some dance floor favourites or as some call them 'Anthems'.

Deany from Cirencester.


My daughter Mia. Cheers, it gets worse every week! Paul from Basingstoke. Aud from Spain. Derek no fixed abode. Johnny from Norway. The bloke i lent 20 quid! Coppo from Enfield. Mature aged there you go.

Patterson continued to produce and release music both solo and with his jfsr chat room Dark Circle, including the acclaimed LP "Civilians" on Jazz Fudge Records. My Favourite Artists: 1. Marva Whitney 2. Anything on Salsoul Top tunes: 1. Marva Whitney - That boys in love with you 2. The Blackbyds - Do it fluid 3. Tommy Stewart - Bump and Hustle Music 4.

LTJ Bukem - Horizons. It follows a very simple format. Very much looking forward to taking the good ship JFSR forward with jfsr chat room slightly different style and feel, and steering her into a promising future. Its an entertaining live show of two hours of smooth mixes of different genres - Soul, Jazz,Funk,RnB,Disco,House,Hip Hop and pretty much all genre's of dance music, mostly from the 70's to the 90's to show the listeners that it's possible and entertaining to mix different music from different decades in one flow.

Joey Negro 2.


Dj Spen 3. Mark Di Meo.


Lover all things Groovy from Soul. New soul. Tony Momrelle.

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Jfsr chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)