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Please log in to reply. Posted 14 June - AM I don't know if anyone remembers the old ticks and tricks room, but I found s chat room I find to be pretty appropriate mad active in case anyone is looking for one.

Check it out of you like, I'd just thought I'd share since I'm not a big fan of super pro Ana chat rooms and this one seems to be mature, pro bulimia chat room and appropriate. Posted 14 June - AM Actually, yes, that is the only active pro ana and pro support chat room around that I know of, and it has moderators to deal with the occasional chatterer who tries to spam unlike other chat rooms that focus on EDs. This this this. Posted 14 June - PM Bump. Pro bulimia chat room 14 June - PM it's the only one i've ever seen but honestly everyone is just mean to everyone else and it's kind of just frustrating.

Posted 14 June - PM I took a peek for fun earlier but it seems like a clique to me might be wrong tho. Posted 14 June - PM I'm kinda new to that chat but I haven't found them to be clique-y or mean Granted it's a forum site, not a chatroom, but same principle, pro bulimia chat room, yes?

Posted 14 June - PM I've just gone on and they all seem super nice, not cliquey or anything. Posted 23 June - PM The people there are actually really nice. I like there. Thanks for introducing me!

Posted 13 May - PM Glad I found this, Free online dating sites just got back on this site after being away for a long while, there used to be a chatroom on here that I used religiously.

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Chatzy New User. Error: Your browser must allow scripting for Chatzy to function Pro ana support and talk Welcome lovelies! PAO private, mature, tonnes of features. EDC familiar faces, large community, memes!

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