I don t find my wife attractive anymore

I can sense your bewilderment that such a thing could be happening to you, a man whose job has always surrounded him with women and who has never had any difficulty finding sexual partners. I want to be there for her and not miss watching my kids grow up. I have decided to moVe on and leave him, I am always the one who has to bring up the point as to why he feels like that and of course he tells me because I am always leaveing, good cover up for him.. I don t find my wife attractive anymore [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The simple answer is stop looking at porn dude. You got yourself a nice meaty hamburger, so quit browsing the steak isle all the time. Seriously, give up womens singles porn habit cause thats what confusing you about what you mature women hard fuck and stop masturbating while watching internet porn.

Do this for a month, 2 or 3 if you have to, and when you daydream about sex, daydream only about her, stop yourself from daydreaming about all those fake boobed size 2 porn women. Now go stop looking at that porno and do some exercising cause once your mind is cleansed of porn your gonna be a sex maniac with the woman you love!

Stop looking at porn and take a testosterone supplement and put out a little effort and you will soon find yourself being turned on by your wife. The problem is actually a common one.

I would add another option, 5 get divorced, stay connected with her as someone special in your life, and find some i don t find my wife attractive anymore connection s that provides what was missing. Perhaps your only incompatibility is not with her, but with the institution of marriage and its be-all-end-all premise. You know what — I feel the same way. I just dont know how to let her go, walk away from my home and the kids. The kids are my world. But I can do without sex.

I wish that we were just friends. Co-Parenting while living in the same house? I dont know what to do. Dear Missing, my heart goes out to you, I am in a very similar situation with my Wife. We met online and became close quite quickly talking on chat and on the phone. I have been honest with myself finally and I have to continue doing so to move forward.

You are in my opinion doing the right thing, resisting or hiding your true feelings will not help you, if you are in love with her then talk to her and try to find a way to be happy. You have to be able to i don t find my wife attractive anymore the whole thing to be committed and fully intimate and that is just the way it is. Trust me I know. I feel for you buddy. Truth will set you free. You need to let her be free and find a man that will love her in every way.

What Can I Do When I No Longer Find My Spouse Attractive?

I dont think you love her, you care for her but is not love. Sex is very important in a relationship. I thibk you are being selfish by not confronting the situation. Are you afraid to lose her? Be happy and let her be happy. The chances that she is not happy either are very high! If this continues, she will find someone that will want to make love to her, you will see. Communicate with her and see if this has a solution and both parties can compromise.

Life is too short! Are us men worth anything these days? A man would simply love for his woman to keep herself up. Is that too much to ask for? Our woman starts to look less than attractive and our only option is to leave and deal with it. We have need just like women. He should then leave and live alone because he is not fair to any female.

This being the case even though he is very fit and attends the gym 4 times a week. Oh and it will cost him over a month in support of he leaves. Winner all the way around! I face the same situation but from the opposite side. Suggested for a therapy and letz c…. Why do we have to label everyone with a personality disorder? This made me cry. I am 24 years old and I have the same type of struggle with my husband.

I have been with him since I was He was always a bigger man, and I have always been attracted to him and his body. I have always wanted him. He used to be very attracted to me. It was evident in the way he touched me and looked at me.

Over the course of our relationship we have had two children, and my body has changed. I just love him and I would always chose him. I feel so rejected and unwanted. I believe that touch is a very effective and important form of communication for couples. You can say so much with a hug, touch on the shoulder, stoke of the hair. Anything you want to express, you can through touch.

Even if it is not my intention, and I just i don t find my wife attractive anymore to hold him and feel close to him, it hurts me the way he tenses up and refrains from touching me back. I used to be very verbal about my dissatisfaction in our romantic life, but I honestly have given up. I feel low, and rejected, and it hurts really badly to be struggling with this.

I feel like I have no one to talk to about it, I feel ashamed and like we are strange. Every other factor in our relationship is fine. I guess over the years he seems to be angry. I cry myself to sleep a lot and I grieve over the years I have lost feeling this way. I am a young, beautiful, fun, lively woman. I wont be this age, I wont be this way, I wont look at myself i don t find my wife attractive anymore see this woman forever. And I feel like he let her go a long time ago. I know he loves me.

And he tries really hard to avoid going there. I feel my youth and vitality slipping away from me. I feel my sexuality diminishing and I have always really liked how powerful and sexual I could feel. It was an important part of me. Its taken away my desire to dance. I am not a dancer anymore. Its almost as if part of me is slipping away with our sex life. Or not even just sex, just intimacy. I miss when his touch i don t find my wife attractive anymore to tell me I was the most desireable woman in the world.

I hate it a lot. It hurts so bad. Please know that help is available. We encourage you to reach out and wish you the best of luck in your search. Sex used to be so much i don t find my wife attractive anymore and adventurous and wild. Or the i don t find my wife attractive anymore has lessened. But the sizzle seems to have fizzled. It really scares me for the future.

Dear Nancy I have the same story. I feel very sorry for you. I hope you find a way to make it better. I kind of give up too, but I still have some hope. Looks like she does not really want to express her feelings about hat.

I try to reed article to her, ti tell her how intimacy is important in a couple life, to feel desirable. I am 40, not sure if i really should give up or not. She said she will make an effort. We tried to have sex, but i can feel, i kind i don t find my wife attractive anymore bug her. She is not very into it. I talked to her about that, she get a little upsetby telling me she cannot win then.

She said if we dont have sex, iam not happy, if we have sex i feel not happy because i feel she is not into it, i don t find my wife attractive anymore. She told me just enjoy what i do to you.

I do it to make you happy. So relationship are very complexe. Because I really want her to feel some passion and pleasure about it. I guess i will have to continue my effort. But I suspect maybe she has depression about that subject. Because we can talk about anything else pretty good. Did you check if your husband does not have a depression state?

This worked on the first time using it. My wife uses it about once a day and every time we have sex now its incredible. Someone helps me plz. I used to love my husband so much, but sex is always a problem for us. From the third year, we hardly had sex. He starte to reject me and we fought a lot about it; he was always saying he was too tired.

In the last 12 months, we had sex less then 5 times. I am in the same situation Tess. I wish I could help you but I am sorry that I cant, but leaset I could do is to listen to u. CC, Your story sounds a lot like mine however I dealt with that issue. I felt very small and useless like I was just giving away my body for nothing. That in fact made it all even worse that it put me off intimacy even more.

Sometimes love goes away and it turns into friendship but doing naughty stuff as friends can be traumatic. I moved out and we broke up since that time intimacy still scares me.

Sometimes people change with certain age, interests change and people might have to loose someone to find someone who in on the same page with them at their lifestage. For example I had a best friend and I thought she would be my best friend forever, then one day everything changed just how I looked at life and everything about her started annoying me. We stopped being best friends but I found other close friends and a best friends with similar to my interests etc.

I had a similar situation, twice in fact: both times I was irresistibly drawn to beautiful, wonderful women whose heart and soul and mind just made me grin like an idiot and feel fizzy like champagne — and both times, sex became an obligation and then to be avoided because it made me miserable. Case no. We loved each other but knew she had to follow her star.

We kept in touch for a long time, and I know if she called tomorrow we could start laughing over pretty much anything. Several years later, I met another wonderful woman who I later found out had suffered mental and physical greensboro nc chat rooms from her father until she left home.

During sex she wanted to be dominated, overpowered and insulted. She would tell me to hurt her. Trying to role play that kind of scenario with someone you love deeply is traumatic — one time after orgasm she started crying uncontrollably and I nearly went into shock, I felt faint and horrified that I must have hurt her.

I am now seeing a woman for whom sex is a fun, joyful experience free of psychodrama. I still have strong feelings for my previous partner, and we still communicate, but I know that even the chance of sex with her would fill me with dread.

Forcing yourself to try and like their specialty is a terrible idea and will make you unhappy and resentful of your partner. Good luck, MissingSomething. I hope you find your happy place. I am in the same situation, right now I am not sure that I even love her. The thing is she was virgin before our marrige, we had sex couple of times before deciding to get married.

She wasnt good at it. I thought on that time I could teach her to become better and sex is not important to loose someone like her, I thought she is the one. We been together for 3 years and we had sex less than 10 times. Simply I cant do it. I started watching porn and masterbating even 3 times a day, then i joined those dating website and cheated pages to find love on instagram my wife twice.

Now I stopped watching porn and masterbating, it is really hard i was really active before i get married and i have high level of testestone. I asked my wife recently to ask some girl to join us maybe it change our sex life which she disagreed. I am lost, i dont know what to do and I hate myself so much.

Today morning I cried after maybe 10 years, it is even sounds funny to muself that lack of having sex made a 35 years old guy to cry lol. Anyway finding this community is such a relief to me, I dont know why but I feel better now. All the stories here are so touching, But some of the comments are so cruel and annoying.

I dont understand why some people try to hurt people who already are in pain. It is so cruel. Please stop doing it if you cant help.


I think we should help each other i dont mean sexually. Because it is really hard to talk about our situation to our friend or family. Maybe by listening to each other and not judging each other could help us. But please remember we are all hurt, nervious and sensetive. Please be patient with each other. Most of us find this page as a relief, so please becareful in your comments. Insensteive comments could lead us to become worse. Thanks for the words of wisdom sir.

I feel the same way. I told her all the time, and she was really happy to know that she was physically just my kind. Sometimes she asks me about her looks and I never know what to say. Any thoughts? I feel for you, man.

I also dislike her hair. When she asked me to marry her I felt I had to say Yes. She was supportive and sweet. All of my exes had either great boobs or sweet asses but they were hard to get along with whenever they were dressed.

I put up with their shit because they were so hot. Now, five years later, I wish I had worked things out with my ex. I stock my mind with porn to get momentum.

I even work out with her but seeing her in spandex grosses me out. Those types seem to think its offensive to tell a woman i don t find my wife attractive anymore breath stinks, let alone admit you want to be with someone else. You clearly i don t find my wife attractive anymore not a very nice man!! Your brain is brainwashed by media ideals sadly. You treated girls who treated you bad with respect? Something wrong with you?! You need to get away from her.

She is too good for you! I for sure understand where you are coming from. I take a lot of pride in my body and making sure it looks good. I know that probably drake you better find self absorbed, but its true. I want to look good and I want to make sure I look good while having sex with my husband.

He used to be a lot bigger and it was kind of turning me off.


I wanted how amazing mind blowing sex, but sometimes its just hard for me to get there with him. I think you should just divorce her. You sound like you are out of her league. Gracious — Respect and physical attraction are not the same thing. You can respect someone and not be physically attracted to them. Your comment made me realized I should lose weight. Physical factors are i don t find my wife attractive anymore in 75 per cent of cases of sexual dysfunction and a check-up would make sure, before you start dig further into your psyche, that you aren't suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes or high cholesterol or any other disorder that might affect your performance.

Your GP can treat this as a mechanical problem, prescribe you pills or injections and all may be well. I suspect, however, that your problem is not purely mechanical and it doesn't help that it is surrounded by anxiety, guilt and shame. It is probably of very little comfort to know that impotence, however temporary, is very common. According to statistics, at least one man in 10 suffers from it - and I wonder how many fail to seek help.

The letters I get about it tend to come from men who are older than you.

Help! I Love My Wife, but I Don’t Like Having Sex with Her

They, too, mourn for the loss of closeness to their partners which, if the problem continues, can deepen into a permanent distance. Like you, they have chosen to write to me, a stranger, rather than seek professional help, so I wonder how much their fear and shame is holding them back. Men don't like going to the doctor at the best of times so I can imagine how resistant some men might be to admitting such a basic failure.

Nevertheless, I think you must go. I can sense your bewilderment that such a thing could be happening to you, a man whose job has always surrounded him with women and who has never had any difficulty finding sexual partners. Your wife is perfect.

In fact, she sounds too perfect. I don't know whether you feel inferior to her or not, but there is a whiff of disbelief and unworthiness in the way you talk about her.

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My girlfriend is 30 and has had more than 20 lovers. My girlfriend says I'm too controlling. My guy had an awful childhood.

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My man is still involved i don t find my wife attractive anymore his ex. My man says he needs more freedom and more space. My pals reckon that my boyfriend is jealous because I do my own thing. My partner has been raped twice and I can't stop thinking about it. My partner is 'cold' towards i don t find my wife attractive anymore. My partner is depressed. My partner is too argumentative. My postnatal depression has affected my sex life. My wife and I don't make each other happy any more.

My wife and I have argued more in the last three years than the previous Better yet, he was a one-woman man who fell deeply in love with Maggie. Two years after college they married and quickly had three little boys. Eddie carved his way into a prestigious law firm while Maggie stayed home to raise their boys. As Maggie explains it she often worried that Eddie flirt perfume by prescriptives lose interest in her.

She'd put on a substantial amount of weight with the birth of each baby. She sometimes felt she was a little boring "just being a mom. But Eddie's love never wavered. Finally, when their boys hit high school, Maggie had a lot more time for herself. She decided to drop those extra pounds and started taking tennis lessons at the local rec center. Ironically Eddie had entirely given tennis up while Maggie began to love it, getting so good she competed in local competitions, frequently winning trophies.

She lost 30 pounds the first year playing tennis and 20 more the year after that, getting in the best shape of her life.

I don t find my wife attractive anymore [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)