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Today at PM Dan. Holt, a longtime NEC expert and educator, was an early entrant into the online forum space. Apr 5, AlmondSauce. Electrician chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Wednesday at PM westward The Electricians Arms For professional electricians electrician chat room. Checkout THIS thread to see how you gain access to this private area of the forum. You can discuss pricing, customers, wholesalers etc all without the risk of them seeing what you're saying, and what prices you're getting.

We have some banter in this area of the forum too. And sometimes some music at the weekends. Sub-forums Sub-forums Trade Price Checking.

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General Discussion on all business related aspects of the trade. Thinking about going self employed? A change of electrical work? This is the place to be. Threads electrician chat room. Subcontractors electrician chat room tax.

Washing machine repairs, tumble drier repairs, fridges and freezers that have seen better days and need a decent spark to sort them out. Threads Messages 2K. Today at PM Lucien Nunes. Lighting Forum All things lighting and lamps. LED Lighting forums. Threads Messages 5. Best Quinetic Dimmable Combo. We have a few dedicated professional electricians willing to provide electrical advice to DIYers in here.

Threads 1. Sweden-How do I get these wires out to attach to my ceiling light. Find out about auto electrical faults, and aim to fix them quickly. Questions related to catering vans and camper vans will also be found and answered in here. Threads Messages 4. Fitting tracker to vehicle. Yesterday at PM telectrix. Find answers to questions related to electrics outside of the UK.

Different laws will apply for different countries and we're primarily a UK electrical forum and our advice usually applies to only UK electrics. So chat in this one if your problem isn't about something electrical in the UK. Threads Messages 2. Yesterday at PM Midwest. Threads 40 Messages Off-Grid micro grid system using SMA hardware.


Nov 12, frenchbruce. General Green Energy Forum General green energy, batteries and energy storage forum. Threads 26 Messages Wind, storage and back-up system designer. Oct 23, Scottish Scientist. Hyrdoelectric Power Forum Hyrdoelectric Power Forum for discussing hyrdo-electrically sourced power from water-based turbines, electrician chat room. Electrician chat room fixed-flow and variable-flow systems discussed in this hyrdo forum. Threads 15 Messages Perpetual Energy and how you would make it usable?

Jul 14, Archy Styrigg. Solar panels forum. Solar forum. Solar talk. A photovoltaic system, also solar Chunky mature women 2 power system, or PV system, is a power system designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics. Friday at PM James the Spark Renewable Heat Renewable Heat forum for all discussion related to renewable heat.

Threads 41 Messages ASHP pump compatibility with power Supply. Oct 24, SparkyChick. Electrician chat room 3 Messages Friday at AM Dan. Avatar flags: great idea. Jul 16, Strima.

For Sale and Wanted Forum This forum is for used or unused tools, electrical installation products, from screwdrivers to power tools and from RCBO's to distribution baords for sale or for items wanted. Megger mft for sale. Jul 19, Matthew Cunnington. If you're looking for tiling courses and thinking to become a tiler, or plumbing courses as you're considering being a plumber, then those links might be handy.

Tuesday at PM Jay Forum Sponsors: Please speak to the forum sponsors if you require electrical courses, they usually give the members a discount where possible. Electrical Course Trainees Only For electrical course trainees only.

Discuss training, questions and answers, and all other training related chat with other fellow electrical trainees. Introductions: Looking to get back into the trade.

Friday at PM TheMighty 9. Electricians Chat - Off Topic Chat Talk about anything you like, get to know each others back grounds, music, film, news. Electricians Chat for Off-topic Chat. Sub-forums Sub-forums Member Birthdays. General rant about the standards of driving these days! From what types of junction boxes and conductors are needed for specific jobs to calculating service loads to figuring out why a question was improperly answered on an electrical electrician chat room, many posts relate to the basic tasks involved in field work, says Beck.

Frequently, photos showing clear Code violations or a particular aspect of a job that's called into question supplement the conversations.

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The simple act of debating technical procedures or properly interpreting the intent of the NEC and other codes can yield useful information for seasoned pros as well as novices.

Sometimes, properly reasoned debate can open the eyes of professionals to a better understanding of why something is done a particular way or what the Code wording really means. Tom Baker, another moderator on the Holt forum, says online communities offer a great forum for technical debates and explanations for people with a range of expertise.

That's one of the problems in the industry: Once you learn about it, you often don't bother to keep learning and stay involved electrician chat room the process of learning, electrician chat room. That's exactly the kind of environment Baker and others engaged in teaching the finer points of electricity love to electrician chat room, and increasingly use to their advantage. For example, Mike Whitt, a year industry veteran who now teaches continuing education classes for inspectors at Randolph Community College, Asheboro, N.

Technical threads that delve deeply into Code issues serve as ideal fodder for teaching would-be inspectors about the nuances of the NEC.

Using the discussions to advance proposals for changes in the NEC, Whitt says he's copied verbatim forum discussions on issues related to code interpretations, which he has forwarded in support of proposed revisions. Hammering out technical and code-related issues in the forums also has helped contractors become more savvy in their dealings with general contractors and inspectors.

Bill Addiss, a Centereach, N. Other forum users and administrators note that online forums have helped spark discussions about the need for ensuring and demanding more safety on jobs when it comes to working with electricity. Forums and chat rooms are proving equally beneficial single ladies industry professionals looking for guidance on matters of a more general business nature.

Sole electrician chat room electricians electrician chat room owners and executives of electrical contracting companies are tapping into discussions focused on both general operational issues and those that are unique to the electrical business. In that respect, the sites have opened up a communications avenue that those in the business have been either reluctant to tap or found challenging to access, says Patrick Kennedy, founder and president of Mister Sparky, an Atlanta-based residential electrical service provider who also is affiliated with ESI.

On both ESI forums, Kennedy says, the emphasis is on fundamental business management techniques. Everything from pricing, bidding, and estimating to accounting, human resources management, and reading a profit and loss statement are addressed. The member-only site's participants, as well as visitors to the nonmember site, trade ideas, experiences and tips on how to run a more profitable electrical contracting business.

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Scott Vickrey, the founder of another forum, www. Being able to put situations and problems into words in a conversational format gives participants a way to think their way through issues and learn as discussion threads play out and reach, hopefully, reasoned conclusions.


The format is especially useful given that many conversations begin with a top-of-the-mind frustration, gripe, or observation about the day-to-day challenges of the work. That can run the gamut, Vickrey says, and some of the resulting conversations can develop a humorous edge. Electrical Unexpected electrical emergency?

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Electrician chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)