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This site is an individual and unofficial initiative. My Sister has two children. The Universal House of Justice writes:. Curious visitor? Baha'i Scriptures. Bahai singles website [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I am an Iranian man. Conocer al sierva de de Dios y progresar en ambos mundos.

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Hi ,I am a very healthyspiritual,competent,hard workingreasonably intelligentkind hearted motivated 60 plus year old who loves travelling looking for a beautiful wife.

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What is web address of the site please? Thank you and regards, Teresa. We meet again Saturday. We spend our time talking and laughing together. Sep 4, Earth. I met my current wife on a web dating site - We have been married now for over 6 years. It can work out I see this thread is a couple of months old Regards Tony.

I bailed out on 2 doves when I found out it costs money. They kicked me out when i said i was separated but not yet divorced. Baha'i Scriptures Aug 7, Similar bahai singles website G. It is who I am as well as what I do. Fighting for the rites of others, caring for the neglected and abused, listening to the lost and bewildered. Moving people towards healing, comfort and the renewed sense of hope. Teaching families how to take care of each other and to protect the weakest among them.

Engaging people through dialog, and shared vision. bahai singles website


Mentoring families to become their own powerful advocates. Creating resources were there once was none. Looking for solutions while taking action to change what is. I have dipped my toes into many religions and have been able to take the parts that make the most sense to me. I have tried meditation about a bahai singles website, with everyone telling me conflicting instructions on how to be successful with it.

I would love to find a partner that could help me with this. It is my priority right now. I have to connect with nature every day and be able to find peace and strength and to distance myself from the drama others create.

Being a vegetarian in the land of the long horns has not been easy! I'm a very easy going person who loves and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Down to earth, very caring, thoughtful,understanding and faithful person. I'm an honest, trustworthy, dedicated woman who is looking for bahai singles website lifetime partner with a good heart and soul. At age 11, I made the choice to become a vegetarian. I have remained meat-free ever since.

Since my work bahai singles website life have taken me to many different continents and remote places, I have had many opportunities to share what I have experienced and learned with many different people as well as benefiting from other people's unique and diverse perspectives. Often, the closest thing people can relate my choices to is being on lent I try to explain it is more than that I love animals and do my best to reflect respect for them and the environment in all of my choices.

Womens final love juicing and dehydrating and I grow my own wheat-grass. All of this has given Susanne a diversity of experience to share! She is originally from Canada and is married to a wonderful man in Tennessee, in the United States.

Thank you Susanne. A beautiful article.


I really, really, want people to have the opportunity to be in happy and healthy relationships and marriages. Often it seems very difficult, and it does require bahai singles website make many adjustments in learning to live with another person.

I certainly have found the advice about paying attention to character very beneficial in my life though.


It makes the normal human adjustments much, much easier when you can trust a bahai singles website a sense of humor helps too! I hope you are successful at achieving the goal of being in a wonderful marriage that serves each other and outward to many others as well. Well stated and explained. Samir: Glad you found it helpful. Curious visitor? We all need a little nudge sometimes : There are 5 registered user s online and 14 guest s online.

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Bahai singles website [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)