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I'm in shock and hurting so much. Here is my list: Boundaries Don't hurt anyone. I'm guessing that, on some level, they're hurt by their father's actions which might also feel like a rejection of them. Chat rooms for betrayed spouses [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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The excitement of the chatrooms wore off real quick for him and he lost interest after a couple of weeks. It made his brain bleed because he's not computer savvy at all and couldn't keep up with the others. But I was reminded of that chatroom craziness after reading your post. If your H's been at it sincethere's no doubt he's privately chatting with women and not just a bystander in the room.

You say your intimate life has been pretty non-existent and I'd have to imagine that a big part of that would have to be due to his "alone time" at the computer. Ugh, may I assume you have a webcam on that computer? While he may not have "physically" cheated on you, clearly his behavior has been inappropriate at best and damaging to your marriage, at worst. A lot of Chat rooms for betrayed spouses are reticent to cop to cheating if there's been no physical contact.

Pictures are kindof a no-brainer, though. The most important thing you can do right now is to take care of yourself and your sweet baby. Drink water, chat rooms for betrayed spouses, take walks when you can. In the upper left corner you'll notice a yellow box.

Go to the "Healing Library" and you'll find a host of tools for communicating with your WS. But of course he says it was all a "fantasy" and not cheating. Sorry, I'm not buying that. Older and wiser, having been through this, the chat room and e mail and phone contact were like the gateway drug to a full blown affair.

It is cheating and a betrayal. Speaking from experience i would say the reason for the lack of intimacy could have come from guilt. My F Said that was the reason for our lack of intimacy, chat rooms for betrayed spouses. He even couldnt see what he was doing as cheating as he was only talking to them nothing happened in person. But Pitures were sent between them all. It's not so much getting over something as consuming something, making it a part of you. So in getting over it you become larger.

Maybe that's why it takes so long: You have to build an addition to house this big new chunk of knowledge.

Meanwhile, since it takes so long no matter what you consciously do, the best thing I can see to do is struggle consciously to see it in a truthful way. This means struggling to see your husband in a new light. In long relationships we grow accustomed to a person whom to some degree we have created ourselves. Not that we are solipsists or narcissists, but we are creatures of emotional habit, creatures of limited knowledge and understanding, and so what we "know" about our partner is limited to what we are capable of understanding and imagining.

We become comfortable with a person who conforms to what we are capable of knowing and expecting.

Cheating and Infidelity Chat Room

That is how we endure; if our partner were constantly surprising us and forcing us to struggle to understand him in new ways, life would be unbearably chaotic. We would spend all our time dealing with surprises. It would be like being married to a child. To be an adult is to achieve the exquisite boredom of constrained possibility. This is not a thing to be trifled with. Figuring out how to live is for the young. Living is for adults. Anyway, I'm going on about this, but what I mean to get across is that what you have achieved in your marriage, at the cost of some novelty, is a stable thing, but there must be some elasticity in it, because our mates do from time to time surprise us.

The traits we cannot see, because we cannot imagine them, are still there, and they erupt. That is what happened. Something in him that you could not see erupted and threatened to violate the exquisite constraint of your marriage. I'm particularly glad to get your letter because I've been thinking lately about the ways that relationships chat rooms for betrayed spouses the Internet differ from face-to-face relationships, and the ways in which they are the same.

I've been interested in when a relationship on the Web becomes an chat rooms for betrayed spouses of infidelity. I got a letter the other day that said that a relationship on the Web becomes an act of infidelity when there's sexual satisfaction. We need to support each other, offer guidance when asked and lift each other up. My husband has lied about drinking, watching porn and now live adult websites. Is that considered cheating and how can i trust him again.

Unknown, I'm not whether it matters what it's called, it's certainly dishonesty. And it's perfectly normal for you to be upset by his dishonesty. Have you spoken to him about why he lies to you? Are there consequences for him violating your trust in you?

Is this new behaviour or does he have a history of lying to you or others?


I am 4 weeks into learning of my husbands infidelity. We have 4 children and have been married for 21 years. He cheated with a woman from his high school past. It started with finding each other on facebook, hate facebook now.

I found texts and emails that spelled out the affair and the fact that they spent 2 nights together out of town.

Infidelity Help Chat Room

I confronted him and than kicked him out of the house for 10 days. We finally talked, he apologized and said, :it had nothing to do with me" it was his problem and he wanted to work on our marriage. So here we are, going to counseling and trying to work through this web of deceit and lies. I am going through the same betrayal and the situation is close to yours too. I also decided to stay truly thai review I am so glad to finally find a site in which others are trying to work it out rather then run.

I am going through a similar situation. About 5 months in. Married for 16 years, two school aged children. I am still feeling completely devastated - our marriage had problems, but this takes it to a new level. Attending marriage counseling, doing the best I can to move forward and reconcile - incredibly difficult.

I feel your pain. I wish you well. I have been going through the same. I recently found out that my husband of 23 years was cheating on me with an old high school crush that he found when he created a Facebook account and never told me because he already had one that chat rooms for betrayed spouses was friends with me and our families and had been talking and sexting with her for 8 years.

I trusted him with everything I had. We have 6 children 5 in elementary and one in college. I never saw this coming. He was always so attentive to me and we had such a flirtatious marriage and very active sex life so I am left empty hearted, confused, and devastated.

I'm in shock and hurting so much. He is going to counceling now but keeps rescheduling his appointments. I don't understand any if what he did and why.

Hey as to how your feeling I can relate. About the emotional distress. It's way different bc he did it and for me it was her. But like you I never saw it coming still can't believe that it did. My husband and I have been together since 14, and have been married for 11 years now. In not long after marriage 2 years and our first son turned one.

Is when I was betrayed by my husband, best friend. He cheated and lied brought the women to my house after I left. I wanted so much to beat the crap out of her, but chat rooms for betrayed spouses husband was drinking at the time and had guns and I was thinking of my son and wanted to be there for him so I left again.

He kept in contact with her for a while but it finally ened after he got off of steroids that he was injecting himself and doubling it.

We think this had something to do with his actions. Im not going to lie I retaliating and had a one night stand but immediately knew it was a mistake and never chat rooms for betrayed spouses to him or done anything again. I was so devastated that I let my husband go break it off with this woman and leave me at home.

Once he left I tried calling him and his phone was shut off, so I knew he wasnt comimg back like he said. I eneded up going to the ER in which they were about to send me off to a mental institution because I wanted to hurt someone, needless to say I went AWall bc I had a son that needed me. We got back together which was rough for a couple years and had 2 more kids but the communication with her stopped but I have never forgot the heartache but was getting a lot better amd comfortable with myself and us as a couple and marriage.

In my best friend since 7 th grade was my husband ex in like 6 and 7 th grade which he broke up with her to go with me but before i would go with him I asked my friend if it would bother her in anyway and she said no for me to go ahead and date him. I would have not dated him of she didnt want me to.

In my friend came and stayed with me for a week with her 2 kids and I was so glad to have her it made me feel like a teenager again. I trusted her and my husband bc he always said he couldnt stand her and her ways. So I trusted him and for her she never gave me a reason not to trust her. I told her about our problems and she already knew of the first issue me and my husband were having, we talked a lot about it that week.

During that year after she came to visit, my husband started drinking more and started being physically and emotionally abusive but I did fight back. I knew something was wrong bc he never done anything like that before. I noticed he didnt want to hang around my feiend or disnt want me to be around her and my gut was telling me something was off but the trust i had for them I didnt see it coming. My husband and I were fighting about his drinking on our fishing trip and during the night after he passed out I found a KIK app and messages between him and my friend saying that he loved her and which her name had his last name.

So I woke him up by slapping him and come to find out that week she stayed with us while I was picking up my kids from school she had kissed him and he didnt stop her or tell her to leave. They decided to keep in touch and hide it from me, her husband knew but I was in the dark. My husband said he wanted to tell chat rooms for betrayed spouses but he didnt want to come in between me and her again.

Chat rooms for betrayed spouses he continued to talk about our problems with her and persoanl stuff between them two which he says she mainly talked but Im sure he had some to say to. She has told me that she let it go way to far and he has said he was sorry for not telling me when it happened.

But for the likes of me I can not get over it, it haunts me daily and I am on depression meds just for this. I was betrayed not by one but two. The first issue I was getting my trust back but it seems like once Dating sites not for hooking up start feeling better something happens so im afraid to feel better and do not trust bc im afraid of getting hurt.

Im so tired of thinking about it bc I dnt understand how someone that says they love you so much and cnt stand the other person could do this. Is there something hes hiding is what keeps going through my mind. I have a gut feeling but not sure if its real or me just living kansas city singles groups over 50 the past.

Or am I just looking for something to happen. I cringe every time someone mentions Facebook -- though I know that it doesn't make someone cheat, chat rooms for betrayed spouses, but simply makes it easier.

Brace yourself. I don't know what he's told you, chat rooms for betrayed spouses often the spouse who cheats minimizes what happened to keep you from leaving.

Are you sure he's broken off all contact? I don't want to upset you Hang in there. We're here to offer up advice, support and compassion. You CAN get through this. And you WILL come out the other side. Our best advice? Take care of yourself A month ago I found out my husband hooked up with a woman from his childhood through Facebook I just found out 2 days ago that he hooked up with another lady through a dating site.

Then I found his profile on some other sites, including sex dating sites! I'm really hating the internet right now I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. Like you, my situation just seemed to get worse the more I learned. More sites, more chat rooms, more hookups Quick word of advice?

Get yourself checked out for STDs even if he says there was no sex. Is he admitting everything? Meet singles in florida he denying? You can install a keylogger on his computer to monitor his activity. And please keep on posting. I, and certainly others who visit this site, can be a wealth of support. I hate the ease the Internet has introduced into affairs. If you're gonna cheat, I figure you should have to work harder to get away with it!!

But I appreciate that the Internet worked for me in that it opened up a world of other betrayed wives that understood my feelings and could commiserate without judgement though not always without judgement! How cliche. He loses even more points for lack of originality. I took my unfaithful husband back, and heard as much unhelpful and unwanted advice as you got.

More recently I have been looking at marriageadvocates. There are so many excellent resources on the WWW for betrayed spouses, I am 'almost' glad it hapened when we had access to them, rather than in the pre WWW days. Not sure what MB and DB are. I assume SI is Surviving Infidelity?? Can you provide URLs for the other two? And thanks for posting. A good beginning is half way to success. Unfortunately my reaction to finding out my husband of then ten years had a six week old child was not good.

I didn't kick him out, I folded. I believed it was all me. I should have put less into my career, more into the marriage. Some of you know what I'm talking about. It's been almost 2 years since my D day October 30, I'm still here, physically, however mentally is another story. My step son, I guess that's the proper term for your husband's illegitimate son, spends every other weekend at our home. I have become chat rooms for betrayed spouses to this very adorable energetic little boy.

After all it is not his fault that his parents have no moral compass. I've tried very hard not to become the martyr. After all we are all human and although I believe I would never have an affair, there are other forms of betrayal. To continue We don't talk about our marriage. We don't talk about his affair, which I believe is still continuing. My misguided philosophy is that if I don't want to be lied to, don't ask a question when I know the answer will be a lie.

Infidelity Chat Room: Find Friends and Support you Need

I think I've made the decision to leave my marriage. I just haven't found the courage to take the first step. Where do you find the strength to venture out on your own? It's like u know he can't b trusted and something isn't right, but u don't look cuz u don't really want to be hurt by the answer, but soon enough you find out, without even having to look! In my case my husband and I were married and divorced, for 3 years, he tried everything to get our relationship back, n after 3 years, I caved, unfortunately!

Once we got back together, I Became pregnant with my beautiful daughter, who has made me such a better person, truly a gift from God! Anyway, we are now engaged again, planning the fairytale wedding we never had, and I find out today- accidentally- he's been cheating AGAIN! SO based on experience, I can tell u, having done it before, the first step truly is the most difficult! It gets easier, and even even feel relief, once u get over that hump!

Missy Myro, I'm sorry you've discovered, again, that your husband can't be trusted. I hope chat rooms for betrayed spouses wedding is off and that you are moving forward in your life without him. He's clearly not husband material. I think accepting a child shows incredible compassion on your part.

While it's not the child's fault, the constant reminder can still be tough. And to be able to look at the child and see his value is a testament to your strength, I think, and your humanity. I hope you can get past this, especially now that you're attached to the child. Sounds like he could best dating site someone with integrity in his life. If your husband has learned and grown from this, I would think things will continue to get better.

I hope so, for your sake. I'm so sorry for what you're going through And give yourself a break: Of course you don't know what you want. You've just been handled a huge shock and it will take time for your rational brain to catch up with your emotions. Give yourself time to process the information, which is life-changing. In the meantime, tell him that he can begin the process of healing by giving you whatever it is you need: space if that feels right, closeness if that feels right, each at various times if that feels right Your moods will alter from minute to minute and, if he truly wants to save his marriage and you're willing to let him try, he needs to ride this roller coaster with you.

Regarding first date online dating etiquette arrangements, try and give yourself time to figure out what works for both of you.

I didn't want my husband out of my sight until I figured out whether I wanted him gone for good, or here for good.

But each woman has to walk the path that suits them. In other words, there is no right or wrong. There is only what you need right now.

And only you can figure that out. It really, truly does get better Today is day 86 since I discovered his affair. Today is also the first that that I have tried to think through the pain rather then being lost in it. It still takes my breath away to think about it and the questions and mental images still haunt me, but I think I am finally ready to start sorting through the mess.

I decided that time away from him was the only way I would be able to do this so I drove miles to come stay with my mother for a week. Mental Health Vacation. I am finally seeing how horrile I have "dealt" with his betrayl. I managed to stay calm when I confronted him, but all the anger and words that I didnt say have been killing me slowly.

At times I don't think I could have even explained how I felt or what I was thinking; let alone how to say it. Apparently I thought I was "dealing"; when in reality I have been on a vicious downward spiral. I now see that I never gave myself permission to be mad, sad, angry and even to mourn; so I have bottled it up.

Time to get a shovel and dig in! I know this is just the start and that there will be many more days when it sneaks up on me, but next time I will be is audrina patridge dating. These last few months have been a living hell and by far the hardest thing I have ever been faced with, but if it wasnt for finding this site and some eye opening articles on Oprahs website it may have very well taken me another 86 days to even get out of bed.

Thank you for sharing your stories and your pain. Although we can't possibly believe else anyone knows or could survive our pain; it is helpful to know that I am not alone and that there is somewhere I can turn for support.

God knows all my "friends" disappeared about two weeks into my spiral. Thank You again. Dear "Me" in Colorado, I'm really glad you found this site and that you're finding other areas on the Web that are helpful. Sadly, this is one those things that friends often can't help us through Some friends can be wonderful through this Which is sort of what likely happened to you in the days following D-Day. It's common to numb ourselves to such extreme emotional pain because we simply can't handle it all at once.

Letting it trickle out in more manageable amounts is a survival tactic that can spare us in the early days. Of course, it's crucial that we do deal with the feelings at some point. We chat rooms for betrayed spouses keep them buried forever or they'll come out in really unhealthy ways.

But we can deal with them bit by bit. Like chat rooms for betrayed spouses, I thought I was handling the whole situation quite well. It wasn't until a few months later that I really fell apart. I even considered suicide, though I can now see that I just wanted some way out of the pain and couldn't imagine a day that I would feel chat rooms for betrayed spouses.

It's the one thing I wish I could really give to anyone reading this site -- the absolute belief that they will be okay. That the devastation will clear and life will make sense again. It will You're going to have to dig through all the feelings that this has created: sadness, anger, confusion, hurt, resentment, fear Feel them and then, as best you can, let them go. They exist to prompt you to take action to keep yourself safe. And to remind you that, within yourself, is a haven. Might not feel like it right now, but it's the biggest lesson for me in all of this: I alone am responsible to taking care of myself and ensuring that my needs and wants are considered.

If you want, share your experience and read others' comments about how they're healing from this, chat rooms for betrayed spouses. We've walked in your shoes. Lost my marital innocence about 4 months ago when, I asked my rarely seen anymore husband if we still had a marriage and he said I don't know. Sitting there looking down at the ground I just knew this was not just a I don't know if I love you anymore look I demanded is there someone else!

Of course silence that screams yes while he musters the courage to say no to your face with every ounce of deceit he has left in him. It fills the space between my chest cavity where my heart has stopped beating and my lungs have refused to do chat rooms for betrayed spouses job anymore.

I turned and grabbed my keys and drove down the street to scream at the top of my lungs in a secluded park parking lot. I drove back home after about 20 min. So sorry for what you're going through. I hope you'll find strength and comfort in the words and women here.

We've been there. We're moving through it. I had asked him outright before if he was seeing someone as far back as marchbut he never admitted it.

We have 3year old boy and 1 and a half year old girl who mean the world to us, but he has decided to leave us for her. I just chat rooms for betrayed spouses believe that he would give us up to follow this infatuation.

He still wants to be part of the children's life and support us, but I just feel heart-broken and humiliated, especially that after the months of lying and stringing me along he has made this decision. I'm just so sad that we're not a family anymore. I'm so sorry for what you're going through.

This must be excruciating for you, especially with two young kids. On the up side, your kids are so young that you'll likely be spared the agony of watching their little hearts break chat rooms for betrayed spouses they won't really get what's happening beyond daddy not being around quite so much.


As awful chat rooms for betrayed spouses it is, the best thing for your kids is to have a relationship with your husband. And of course, he should support all of you.

Forget the humiliation. That's how HE should be feeling. And the woman who would get involved with a married man and father. THEY are the ones who should feel like total douchebags.

A friend of mine cried every time her son would go to his father's house because he ended up with the OW but, to her credit, she never said or did anything to change her son's image of his "great" dad. The result is a really well-adjusted kid who's been allowed to love both his parents. And my chat rooms for betrayed spouses, after licking her wounds for a couple of years, found a really great guy who she married and who is an incredible step-dad to her son.

So life can still deliver happily-ever-afters. For now, just put one foot in front of the other and focus on getting through the next five minutes, half-hour, day, etc. It gets easier. Get yourself a lawyer and make sure you get every single thing you're entitled to. And then count yourself lucky that SHE got stuck with the guy who lies and cheats and leaves his family. Of course, as a liar and cheater herself, maybe she hasn't noticed his lack of moral fibre.

I have been with my husband since I was It was 3 years ago since I discovered my husband was cheating. After almost a year of counseling by a highly recommended therapist, I found my husband was still carrying on the affair even though he professed to love me and "he was only helping chat rooms for betrayed spouses girl as a father figure!

I believed my husband was ill and had a sexual addiction, as was diagnosed and continued to try to save a year marriage.

Unfortunately due to my trauma and fear, I did not listen to my new counselor who told me to stop seeing him for 6 months and work on myself. Then I needed to see true humbleness, transparency and sincerity. Not just in words, but in change of behavior and actions, with no time limit for my healing. I am now filing for divorce after finding an article on the Internet which proved that, once again my husband was still in contact with his mistress. I am baffled as he professes to want to be married to our kids.

Why does a man do this. It is like half of my heart was ripped off when I found out and there is a permanent scar. I'll never be the same and my kids dont understand after a couple of years, why I still hurt.

Can you explain this to me and to them? Will my husband ever be honest or the man I married again? I'm so sorry for the continued pain you're going through. Why does a man do this? Because he's broken. Hurt kansas city singles groups over 50 hurt people, as the saying goes.

He probably does love you the best he's able to love anyone at this point in time.

Chat rooms for betrayed spouses [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)