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Picture for the most part is sharp and clear, with a healthy balance in color and contrast. This page uses content from the English Wikipedia. He ends up grounding all three kids in order to get them to spend one last family campout in the treehouse. Career Choices Originally aired January 7, Bridget drops her college prep classes to take vocational courses as a beautician, to Paul's dismay. 8 rules for dating my teenage daughter [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Two Boys for Every Girl Originally aired November 12, Kerry is ecstatic at being asked on her first date, but is upset when date Jason Brian Sites doesn't call her back. She later finds out it's because he was embarrassed at having his mother on their date. Embarrassed that Kyle is working at a movie theater, Bridget goes out with another guy.

Disc 2 Give It Up Originally aired November 19, Paul wants to go to the cabin by the lake for the family's vacation, but nobody else does, suggesting other places. They decide to have a competition, in which each family member gives up a bad habit Cate: coffee, Rory: tattling, Kerry: sarcasm, Bridget: phone, and Paul: remote control. The one who gives up the habit the longest wins and gets to choose where they'll vacation.

Upon noticing how rude Nick is to his daughters' boyfriends, Paul vows to be different and invites Kyle and Jason over for Thanksgiving dinner. All I Want for Christmas Originally aired December 10, Paul intends to have the best Christmas ever, by outdoing the Doyles with Christmas 8 rules for dating my teenage daughter and getting the best presents for his family.

Kerry finds a stray dog and wants to keep it, leading the family to volunteer at a Pet Adoption Fair. Cate is offered the solo at the Christmas Eve service, but nervous that she'll mess up, she asks that her family doesn't come.


Rory's Got a Girlfriend Originally aired December 17, Rory begins dating at a younger age than Bridget and Kerry were allowed to, making the two girls angry at their father's double standards. Paul encourages to be the "good guy" that girls date. When Bridget facebook friends algorithm Kerry get back some standardized test results, Kerry is shocked to find that Bridget scored higher than her.

Career Choices Originally aired January 7, Bridget drops her college prep classes to take vocational courses as a beautician, to Paul's dismay. Kerry's cartoons impress Paul, who gets them published in the school newspaper, not realizing that they are nasty caricatures of the principal.

Rory keeps visiting the high school to see a 8 rules for dating my teenage daughter student Rachel Bilson, "The O. Kerry's Big Adventure Originally aired January 21, Upset that she and Jason aren't together anymore, Kerry begins hanging out with cynical friend Christina. Not wanting his daughter to become like Christina, Paul pays Bridget to take Kerry to a party.

Meanwhile, Cate and Paul are curious as to what's inside Rory's "secret box". In what is easily the best episode of the season solely for Kerry's line, "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go water my plants and have black hair!

Drummer Boy Part One Originally aired February 4, While working together on a science project, Kerry gets furious at Jason when he compliments her mother. Bridget falls in love with her drum instructor Ben guest 8 rules for dating my teenage daughter Nick Carter of Backstreet Boysbut she considers quitting the drums when she finds out he's ending their lessons to return to college.

She plans on visiting Ben at Ohio State University and Kerry goes with her, hoping to talk her out of it. Rory rents To Kill a Mockingbirdwhich is Paul's favorite movie, to avoid reading the book.

Best of 8 Simple Rules (All Seasons)

Cate makes him read it, leading him to try and find the part where someone kills a mockingbird. Cool Parent Originally aired February 18, The police bust up a party at Kyle's house, and Paul and a group of parents berate Tommy for being so irresponsible. Paul continues his tirade and inadvertently ends up volunteering to hold a party at his house after the basketball finals. The show returned two months after Ritter's death, with a one-hour episode, "Goodbye", which was turned into a tribute to Ritter's character.

Subsequent episodes dealt with the family's reaction to his death and them moving on from it. The 8 rules for dating my teenage daughter four post-Ritter episodes were shot without a live audience with James Garner and Suzanne Pleshette guest-starred as Cate's strict parents and David Spade guest-starred as Cate's wayward nephew, C. Garner and Spade later received starring roles as Ritter's replacement for the rest of the show's broadcast.

Before Ritter's death, the show ranked 42nd in the Nielsen ratings. After Ritter's death, it had slipped to 50th, but was renewed for a third season, in which ABC moved the show to Friday night at pm as part of its TGIF comedy line-up.

The series' creator and showrunner, Tracy Gamble, left the series for a time over creative differences prior to the third season, but he later returned as a consulting producer midway through the third season.


Even before the third-season finale's airing, rumors began circulating that 8 Simple Rules was facing cancellation due to Ritter's death and poor ratings. The Friday night "death slot" ratings took their toll on 8 Simple Rules.

The third-season finale was not aired for May sweeps.

The finale received a 3. While 8 Simple Rules ratings were well above those of the surrounding TGIF shows during its third season, ABC cancelled it due to the perceived inability to sell reruns of the show into syndication a fourth season would have given the show the episodes necessary to enter daily syndication.

On July 11, less than two months after ABC officially cancelled itThe WB network announced it would air back-to-back repeats of all 76 episodes of 8 Simple Rules from 4—5 p. The series was removed from the network's lineup in Inthe show began airing in the UK on the Disney Channelwhich was edited for children's viewing. The series was shown on both these channels full uncut, despite the fact it was shown pre-watershed 9.

Season 1 was released in Britain on September 1, Places lacking parents, policemen, or nuns.

Places where there is darkness. Places where there is dancing, holding hands, or happiness. Places where the ambient temperature is warm enough to induce my daughter to wear shorts, tank tops, midriff T-shirts, or anything other than overalls, a sweater, and a goose down parka zipped up to her chin. Movies with a strong romantic or sexual theme are to be avoided; movies which feature chainsaws are okay.

Hockey games are okay. Categories :.

8 Simple Rules

Katey Sagal took over the show's starring position for the rest of the series's run. Veteran actor James Garner and David Spade also joined the show. He is soon overwhelmed by the responsibility of being the father of teenage daughters and misses being a sports writer. Paul begins writing a column from home about his struggles with his children and offers advice to people who are in his same position. The show, created by veteran comedy writer Tracy Gamble, derives its name and some of its elements from W.

8 rules for dating my teenage daughter [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)