Is zylbrad still dating shenpai

From there, they head to a private island resorted for them to stay in. BirdHaven Character Concept :: Aero. His Sea Of Thieves video had also gathered K views when he achieved more than 1 million gold on his uploaded video of 22 April He earned over k likes and 13 million views for his expertise in the game and the second video did not fare badly as well. Is zylbrad still dating shenpai [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Shenpai Asking Zylbrad out, and Brads Freak out before hand. #RIPZylPai (Ask out 6.50)

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Zylbrad Biography, What Happened To Him, Muselk, Shenpai and Others

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You must be logged in to donate. His ex-girlfriend used to feature on some of his videos. However, Zylbrad broke up with his former lady-love after dating for some time in After brief flings with his former girlfriends, the YouTube star is reportedly single as on June Muselk, in a video, openly stated that Zylbrad tried to steal his followers and even spied on him while spreading false information about him; the same allegation Shenpai equally made against Zylbrad.

Today, Muselk has extended an olive branch to Zylbrad but Shenpai is yet to let go what transpired in the past so basically, they are just buddies from afar. They seem like a close-knit bunch. Muselk is also a social animal to which his social media handles testifies about. His Facebook 37kTwitter k and Instagram k accounts have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and its not slowing down as his fame is growing on Twitch and YouTube.

Muselk, sincehas had a flourishing career and has garnered a reasonable amount of wealth. His fame has also endeared him to companies who have endorsed him and made him their brand ambassador.

Muselk may be very vociferous with his passion for video games and everything associated with gaming but he is a super private person when it comes to his personal and family life.

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One sunny afternoon on the shore's of South California where the water was 'perfect' for summer days unlike North California where it'll be freezing cold the moment you step out of your vehicle.

A certain brown haired man with a trimmed, yet a bit fuzzy beard was seen setting up a camera, probably for some vlog he'll be doing shortly. He adjusted the camera a few times, trying to get the perfect view before wiping the lens of any dust particle's or smudges he caught in his eye.

Just then, he spotted a vehicle driving in heading his direction.


He smiled seeing that the party's just began before hitting the record button on his camera. He approached a vehicle of a rented out Jeep Wrangler as it stopped a short distance away from him.

The drivers and passenger side of the vehicle opened and out came a tall man with brown and reddish hair and an even bigger beard than him. The other one wasn't as tall as him, but he carried a sense of friendliness just by the small smile on his face.

A Tyrodin spoke in his Reinhardt accent followed by a wave from Muselk. Elliot jogged back to is zylbrad still dating shenpai side of the Jeep, completely forgetting about their third friend who they picked up an hour or two back. Oasis stepped out of the vehicle looking a bit annoyed. She grabbed the air filled Hammer Sean had in the back and smacked Muselk softly on the head. Sean looked in the camera Stylosa still carried before whispering.

He clasped his hands together before looking at his British friend. When are the other's arriving! But not together, Brad and Bazza are coming together since they've both decided to meet with each other first before coming here. Shenpai and Neptune, well I don't know what they're doing but they'll be here soon as well. Everyone began laughing at the failure of a roll presented before him, Stylosa almost dropped his camera in the sand but managed to have a steady grip on it.

The man stood up, hat falling off his head as he spit out the particles that managed to get in his mouth. After he was sure he was fine, he is zylbrad still dating shenpai himself off and put his hat back on. The driver side of the vehicle opened and out came another man who was also laughing at his friends failed attempt of an impression. What an unexpected arrival. He chuckled a bit as he wiped a tear from his eye.


Brad smirked. I was planning to do Hanzo, but I couldn't climb anything tall fast enough around here. So McCree was my next option. Enough picking on Brad. Brad nodded with a small smile of his own. He looked around looking for a certain lady before noticing her absence. And so, the six of them spent the time catching up with each other on both their gaming and real lives.

A few minutes into the conversation, Brad began telling them how to counter a deflecting Genji when you're using McCree's High Noon.

Is zylbrad still dating shenpai [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)