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Audience members at the scene began tweeting that Hyerin randomly started denying the rumors on stage. He expects her girl to have opposite characteristics so that life will be interesting to live. Want to join in on the discussion? However, some MONSTA X fans were taken aback at her actions and have been criticizing her for making a bigger deal of the false rumors. Monsta x minhyuk dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Hyelin denies that she is dating Monsta X's Minhyuk

The only reports of fans swearing at her come from twitter and can't be verified. No one in either fandom seems to have even heard these rumours. Also the timing of it is suspect because she said it during filming and it of course was immediately reported by everyone and since part of scores for music shows are social media based it just seems entirely too fishy.


I'm not saying EXID didn't deserve their win, let them have it, whatever, but tell me there isn't something weird about the timing and the fact that everyone in both fandoms is baffled because we've never heard a whisper about rumours of them being together I'm more pissed off that my boys were single moroccan ladies because of it, especially since Minhyuk was special MC.

And the way the whole show went down after was just so very cruel. Hyerin and Minhyuk are both from the same neighborhood in Monsta x minhyuk dating, and have known each other since they began training with the same dream to become idol stars. They were friends since they were trainees. Fans have been worrying at how much distress this rumor must have caused her to make her confront MONSTA X fans and monsta x minhyuk dating the rumors herself.

To that HyeLin asked why he was not sleeping yet. Additionally, since the fans found out that both of them are close with each other, they have been keeping a close watch on the actions between the two of them. Even when official statements were released from their respective companies saying that they were no more than friends, HyeLin had been cursed by many especially when MONSTA X first debuted.

She would have to be an intelligent and kindhearted girl at the same time. For Shownu, his girl does not have to be humorous since his sense of humor is not that good.

Monsta X Predebut - Wonho

He is a rather quiet person. Shownu once mentioned that actress Gong Hyojin is his ideal type. Shownu would not mind dating an older woman as long as she is not older than his own mother.

His girl would have long hair with a fit body. Based on this information we can assume that an older woman with kg weight might suit him well. Wonho : he would like to monsta x minhyuk dating a girl that has the same profession as him, which is an idol, so she can understand his busy schedule and would not mind it.

Who has a girlfriend in Monsta X?

His ideal girl would have to be both cute, sexy, have a long hair and she should be good at making ramyun! And an ideal weight for his future girlfriend would be around kg.

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