Patti millionaire matchmaker dating rules

But if he took the garbage cans to the end of the street, cleaned the garage or walked the dogs without you having to ask, you're going to get turned on because it makes your life easier. Because he's assessing you, and if you say, 'No, I never want to get married,' and you really do, and he's looking for a marriage-minded wife, you just lost your window. Hey, are you a drinker? Sign In. Right is like shopping for a winter coat on Amazon. Patti millionaire matchmaker dating rules [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I'm ruled by sex. But then he became the couch potato who was like my year-old son, and he resented me because I made all this money. You really want someone who has ambition.

He can pay the bills, and has good credit. He's might not be a multi-millionaire with a private jet, but you can become the power couple together. Also: Turn your alpha off at home. If you want to be with a strong alpha, you have to become the sweet, sensitive caring beta.

Don’t Check Your Phone! and Other Dating Rules to Live By

Johnson: But what about women for whom that feminine, domestic side doesn't come naturally? Stanger: You have to practice! For those who can't turn it off at home, and are screaming and yelling at their husband about paying the bills and fixing things, and be domineering and micromanaging at home like you are at work, you will lose your man. This doesn't always come naturally, especially when women are doing it all.

We essentially have two jobs now. He comes home from work and wants a beer and to watch the game. Stanger: A friend of mine who is a sociologist has in her home two lists: a pink list and a blue list.

Patti Stanger: Seven New Rules for the First Date

Taking out the garbage is on the blue list, making dinner is on the blue list. Make a schedule and we all stay on our side of the street. Maybe you require a significant other to be close to their family or a regular at the gym. Or dinner, too? Should I wear heels or are we going to be standing all night?

Patti is very clear: The real version of yourself is not necessarily the best version of yourself. Go buy some new clothes. We brand everything.


Regardless of how well you hold your liquor, Patti has a strict two-drink maximum on date 1. Beyond ensuring that your judgment remains intact, it sends a message about your reputation, and prevents your date from making any, well…assumptions. Maybe in the movies. While Patti says chemistry, common interests, and shared relationship values are three components of any successful match, common interests are what bring you together and keep you together.

Patti Stanger Is Going to Make Darn Well Sure We Have Better Luck in Love This Year

Does that mean all your Netflix recommendations will be totally aligned? Probably not. But activities you can reliably enjoy together will keep things fun.

Patti blogged about how her friend went on a whirlwind week of romantic dates with a guy, only to be met with underwhelming text messages after. I know being direct in the initial stages of dating is considered a faux pas, but guess what? This means being a good listener and an active participant. Are you asking questions and making eye contact? Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?

That's where we come in. Here are the top seven "don'ts" on a first date:. Don't Patti millionaire matchmaker dating rules the Ex Or how many other people you're dating. Or which Victoria's Secret Angel you like best. Or which Patriots quarterback you're lusting after.


The last two humans in the entire race. So stop staring at that cute waiter who looks like Jason Lewis. Don't Discuss God or Gingrich If the rule holds for family holidays, it holds for the first date.

Patti Stanger's Love Advice

Don't Use Them for Therapy Bravo's other reality-show stars would do well to heed Stanger's third rule. Negative Nelly. She doesn't want to know how your short-selling ways helped bring Lehman to its knees. Job woes, childhood complexes, mental-health issues, recent deaths in the family, divorces, child-custody battles, lawsuits, jail time, war crimes: all best left in the closet.

Patti millionaire matchmaker dating rules [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)