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I think your column is great. I'm going to change my life. And speaking of assignments, if getting involved in the local culture and meeting host-country guys is important to you, remember that in some countries with serious political and security issues, you may find yourself having to report on your dates to the Regional Security Officer. Foreign service officer dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Should I just plan on staying single until I enter the Foreign Service?? Thank you for your kind words about my column. I sympathize with your dating dilemma. Which state? And when they do think about American diplomats, the image seems to be foreign service officer dating of formal cocktail parties, spiced with the imminent danger of assassination. Not exactly a lifestyle the typical college woman would wish for herself. Meanwhile, of course, if you are still dating when your work sends you abroad, you will face all the challenges of a long-distance relationship, further complicated by unique difficulties such as expensive flights and visa requirements.

You might just say that you plan to work in the foreign affairs field.

Can a Single Female Find Love in the Foreign Service?

It might also be helpful to use some support material to help explain what you have in mind for your life. The latest edition of the book Inside a U. Your significant other can also contact some flesh-and-blood Foreign Service spouses, for instance through the message boards or discussion groups at Tales from a Small Planet, or through AAFSW once you pass your exams.

If you want to stay in the U.

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There is a whole world of think tanks, policy advocates, lobbying, public relations, journalism and all that, out there. You write clearly and concisely. That's invaluable. You probably also know languages.

As far as straight-ahead business opportunities, well, for starters, the Mexican company Grupo Bimbo is now the biggest baker in the U. And any company that names itself Bimbo could use some diplomatic skills, ya foreign service officer dating There's a whole lot of Mexican companies thriving in the U.

They might be a foreign service officer dating place to start. And if that doesn't pan out, maybe you could become the Special U. Advisor on Protocol to "Ask a Mexican.

What else is going on in Mexico? You must know a lot that would help U. We can expect drake you better your as the U. Depending on how entrepreneurial you are by nature, you might consider starting a company that does just that.

For the sake of the novel that is in our heads, however, we're really hoping that someone will emerge from the curtains in your hotel room with a packet of information giving you your next assignment, a very important task that must be performed by you alone, in secret, to save the western world. Come to think of it, maybe it doesn't have to be just a fiction.

I mean, we all need some greater purpose to motivate us. You know things other people don't know. What is it like to be single and serving overseas?

Singles Speak

According to the Family Liaison Office, about one-third—or 7, out of approximately 22,—of direct-hire employees from all agencies serving under chief of mission authority overseas are single. There are many types of singles—the young, unmarried, gay entry-level officer; the specialist with a Member of Household retired parent; the middle-aged entry-level officer; the divorced or separated mid- or senior-level officer, with and without children; and other combinations and permutations.

Each type and, indeed, each different personality tends to have a different view foreign service officer dating their situation.


You have to be a braver, heartier soul. The best way I deal with this is to have internet connectivity so that I can Skype, WhatsApp or email with my family and with my friends, who are like family. To explore this issue I asked a few dozen colleagues from different agencies and bureaus and of various ages and marital status to share their thoughts.

What follows is a compilation of some of the responses I received. Comments have been edited to protect privacy and for clarity. Meant to be neither comprehensive nor definitive, they offer a variety of perspectives on the unique challenges and joys of being single and serving at a U.

I joined the Foreign Service single in After that, we got married and had kids. My wife has done an out-of-cone assignment and been on leave without pay for five years cumulatively out of foreign service officer dating past 15 in order foreign service officer dating us to be posted together.

Most of my friends here, I think, would agree that PSPs priority staffing posts are not the hotbed of romance people often think they are. Due to the gender imbalance, this might be a little different for women. It can be easy to meet people in the Foreign Service, as that is often part of our job. It was so tiny that the refrigerator sat in the entry hall, and there was just one small countertop on which to prepare meals—okay when it was only my small family of three I needed to cook for; not so great when we had to host events in our home, as diplomats are frequently required to do.

The front yard was mostly cement, with a huge generator right in the center of the yard, so we would have power whenever the city grid when down, which happened pretty frequently. meet handicapped


Still, the parquet floor was beautiful. I remember watching the baby push his bright yellow Tonka truck around on that floor as I held the phone to my ear, listening to the local doctor tell me, half in Russian and half in English, that she had no idea what the huge growth was that she'd found on my son's eye, but she felt certain it could be cured by a combination of "beef broth and ultraviolet light. In case you're wondering: No, we didn't try that cure.

We elected instead to fly home to the States and find a doctor who could fix the baby there. At our expense, because the State Foreign service officer dating wouldn't pay for it unless it was a life-threatening emergency. We also had a nice house in Almaty, Kazakhstan, when we were posted there.

The kitchen window looked out on the snow-capped Alatau mountains.


I spent many hours in that kitchen, gazing out at the mountains while I washed dishes by hand no dishwashers in Almaty. The only thing impeding the view was the burning trash heap directly across the street.

Construction workers tossed all sorts of trash onto that pile every day of the week—wood, metal, empty paint cans—and the chemical smell of smoke was my constant companion. The house looked nice, from a distance—it was designed by the Kazakh who owned it to look like something you might find in a suburban neighborhood in the U. Once, my husband was taking a shower and the water leaked into the walls, working its way downward until it hit the fuse box, which blew up with a spectacular bang, knocking out power for the day.

When I lost the baby, I lost enough blood that no regular airline would let me on a plane to go get surgery and a possible blood transfusion. I had to drake you better love for an air ambulance to take me.

No family. But what about the particular challenges for a young single woman hoping to find Mr. Right during a Foreign Service career?

However, you only need one, of course — and they are out there! Marrying a colleague and becoming a tandem couple is one obvious solution, and it happens all the time. As I advised a single male officer in a previous columnbe sure foreign service officer dating check your attitude as you look for a mate to share your life abroad. The truth is that life as a Foreign Service spouse can be very frustrating, but for a bold, unconventional few, it can also be fascinating and satisfying.

Foreign service officer dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)