Smosh anthony is dating a fan

The video then cuts to Anthony and Fantasia to a restaurant , where Anthony's girl looks at a passing man and woman, and then Anthony proceeds to do the same, only to be told that the hand fan is only 14 by the waiter. Retrieved November 7, February 22, They became friends, and quickly discovered their knack for comedy. Smosh anthony is dating a fan [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

He also says that she loves burritos, before cutting again to the park, where Anthony blows out an 1 week anniversary candle on a burrito, before proceeding to feed her the item of food. Ian then asks Anthony on how they do ' you know what'.


The video then skips to Anthony on his bed in nothing but boxers, before going to have you know what with fan, only for her to cut Anthony spraying blood everywhere. Then, smosh anthony is dating a fan in reality, Ian asks if they have even thought of having a future together. The video then cuts to Anthony and Fantasia to a restaurantwhere Anthony's girl looks at a passing man and woman, and then Anthony proceeds to do the same, only to be told that the hand fan is only 14 by the waiter.

Ian then exclaims Anthony would be trapped forever if he ever got Fantasia pregnant. It then, yet again, cuts to a rather fat Anthony, with Fantasia with their 4 kids, where he says he doesn't care if the kids see them fighting, at least they know the truth, before Anthony goes on to pull Fantasia's cord out, making her 'die'.


Anthony then says that Ian is right, before going over to Fantasia and telling that their relationship isn't working out, before picking her up and smashing her against the ground, causing her to smash to pieces.

Anthony then starts crying, and holds his head in his hands, until the doorbell rings again.


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When Smosh star Mari Takahashi started out, YouTube comments were so cruel they made her cry

They like to describe their content as 'pushing the limits of PG'. Listen: The rise of online teen magazines. The comedy duo were best friends growing up in the suburbs of Sacramento, California, when their journey to domination of the tween market began.

Out of boredom, the teenagers filmed themselves singing and dancing to the Power Rangers theme song.


The team uploaded the video to Myspace well, it was and, buoyed by the response, made more clips. When they uploaded their sophisticated take on the Mortal Kombat theme song —complete with hokey fight scenes and almost perfect lip synching—fame inched closer.


The clip was reposted to YouTube and it went viral. Since then, Smosh have amassed 16 YouTube channels where they promote their own stable of YouTubers, an app, an album, merchandise, video games and professional studios.

Smosh anthony is dating a fan [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)