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Aug 29, 67 Patreon logo. Jun 2, 1, Mrdots dating my daughter [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

You have to finish chapter 1 before you can start the next chapter. Is it just one and 2 so far Reply. An update will be released on May 26th. They are: 1. This could get interesting.


I know Reply. Same here, if you find solution, please share it! Did you find solution? Same here, please help Reply. I dont want to start again just to go to the police after the hospital Reply. Please tell me when when did ch 3 come Reply. Esta version sirve para android?

Eagerly wait for the next version.

Dating My Daughter - Restaurant - FP 47 & Lp 25 - Day 9 #4

When is it out? Love to see Reply. Thanks Reply. WHere are the android links? Not available. How many days total for chapter 1? So if I want to start fresh in ch2 how do I not get negative points Reply.


How do i get daughter to take fighting class so i dont lose on day 13 Reply. Go to the Police with her…. Is it chapter 3 already? Not sure i dont think so…. Ohhhh wwhats this your chapter1 loaded not found plz hlp me what to do instead i installed it twice help me plzzzzzzz Reply.

Music does not work Reply. Okay, Chapter 3 is here.

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What happened to Chapter 2??? Supersecretassassin said:. Reactions: Longo McFap.


Aug 1, 80 May 16, Jul 8, 44 Szaiko said:. A little offtopic Fanmade graphics: Spoiler. NemisXue Active Member. Aug 25, So anyone got a working link for Chapter 1 for Mac all the links are bad. Jun 2, 68 I can't wait! I like Melody and DMD! I still feel like every month is a win.

I hope the Spoiler shock at finding them together passes quickly to, "I like you both and you both best dating portland shown interest in me so let's get this threesome going! Jun 2, 1, Pantisocrat said:. I'm not sure I understand you. Melody fans who are also DMD fans would surely prefer he improve both games.

JeffSteel has said Elena will be a 'huge' part of the update or words to that effect. Since she's not in any of the previews I think there's hope yet.

And the last update wasn't that short, end of the day, mrdots dating my daughter. TrollTimes Member. Aug 29, 67 I have an important question for you guys Elena, Jennifer, Koko Even Olivia's got pretty average sized ones. He put a pretty wide variety in the game.

This is an adult game, so people womens singles final to make the games stars be the most beautiful when making them.

As such, that means big boobs for the girl because society currently says big boobs are better. For men that means having a dick the size of a horse Personally I like realistic sizes, which some might define small, but I'm happy as long as there are a many sizes. It's like Hollywood, the average on the attractiveness scale is tilted to the beautiful, but generally not everyone on a show is a bombshell.

It's important to pander a little but if you cross the line and pander to much then people will not take it seriously mrdots dating my daughter leave. While a show can continue with that narrowed market who likes being pandered to, if you want to be a commercial success you need as many butts in the seats paying attention to your program.

Overall I think this game author has done a good job. There are many sizes to please many people, and if you don't like small breasts you can focus on the content with the daughter or coworker. Hi there folks will there be a link to download the new update for the game on here. I'm loving this game. He doesn't post here anymore since he caters only to people 0ver-paying cash. He's still releasing 1 update every weeks it seems now he's gonna be releasing an update every 5 weeks instead of 4 to pad out development time.

Considering on one of the early days the game splits into 3 mrdots dating my daughter branches, it's gonna be years before it's ever done since it mrdots dating my daughter he plans to milk 11 grand a month for as long as possible. I don't hate the Patreon model this much, but it is something you have to keep an eye on. I have a few people I support, but will never support people who use it as a paywall. Still the most exploitative patreon model out there.


I stumbled upon this game and I'm still loving it. Interested to see what other fetishes it's going to cover. Dating a dancer guy i would say that a good plot and dialogues distinguish a good adult game from a bad one.

And while the author seems to put in a lot of effort to write as much text as possible, it all just reads like one big "bla-bla-bla" bubble. You know when your girlfriend talks to her BFF about shoe shopping? THAT boring. All the time. The few sex-related scenes however are just pictures and those 3-frame animations, with no or very poor descriptions of the action.

I also don't get the whole character design and writing. Her interaction with the father would rather suggest that she's around years tops, knowing nothing at all about sex and being naive about everything else to mrdots dating my daughter point of cringe-worthiness. Yet her best friend is slutty like a porn star - but for some reason has a much more up to date face, and a body that looks like she just entered puberty last week. All her other friends seem to fit this description as well.

Not being judgemental here, but it all just doesn't add up. And because the game is running on a fixed script instead of sandboxingyou have no way to make up for wrong choices. There is probably more to rant about the game, but all you need to know is that it's a waste of time to play it. Well a "fetish" means that something non-sexual replaces the center of sexual interest, like foot fetish or mrdots dating my daughter suits.

Pretty sure he was asking about the free version which is at version 0.

Mrdots dating my daughter [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)