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In this case a cheap line sold at Target liberty a print that is based in part on a Liberty of London print, Ianthe. If I have a scarf from Liberty, I want it to look like a Liberty print. I knew the scarf was a good one, but that little tag sealed the deal. Dating liberty of london scarves [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I have fond memories of excursions to the department store to pick out fabrics for my summer wardrobe.


I was always taken along to be sure I liked the final choices and to learn how to choose colors and appropriate fabrics and patterns that would work together. This was a womens final pleasurable part of my education!

Everything they were trying to teach me really sunk it and stuck! We always went out to dating liberty of london scarves afterward. I loved watching the women who went downtown to shop dressed up and wearing hats and gloves. It was a real dress up event for them! My mother told me that dressing up to go downtown shopping and out to lunch was a performance. Everyone you knew would see you and you should look as nice as possible.

They carefully planned what they were going to wear each week! For them it really was a performance and they took it very seriously! They rehearsed for their performances as if they were fine actresses, often trying on the outfits they were planning to wear in advance to be sure all the parts went together perfectly.

They were very elegant! Some more things I remember from going shopping with them as a little girl to pick out fabrics. I have always loved the floral prints. It was dating liberty of london scarves the most expensive, both then and now, but it is well worth it! I fondly remember many of my favorite prints and the clothes they made out of them. I really loved some of my dresses. They taught me to be an excellent seamstress, and designer, and Liberty was a big part of that.

They taught me to dress well, and Liberty was part of that, too! They taught me to appreciate flowers and use them in every part of my life. Liberty was part of that as well. They taught me to shop for quality and not accept less. I remember, as a teenager, being in a prestigious department store with my mother looking through a rack of wool challis skirts and blouses, fabric from Liberty of London.

And no, the backward logo is not an accident — I took a shot of the reverse to illustrate that a high quality Liberty print is just as clear from the back as it is from the front.

Imran 90 x 90 Silk Twill Scarf

While the photos above are mostly of scarves, Vintage Fashion Guild — one of the best resources for dating vintage clothing on the web — has a database of tags. As you can see, Liberty logos are all over the map. If anybody knows of any resources for dating Liberty scarves, please let us know in the comments. It is dating liberty of london scarves that someone someone passionate about Liberty has taken the time to add Liberty label information to a blog.

I am a great collector of Liberty of London, scarves in particular.

7 Ways to Wear Your Scarf Liberty London

If you are ever tempted to sell please please contact me. I have come across made in England liberty of London scarves and was wondering if you would be interested. I usually sell on ebay but I see you collect them. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Dating Liberty Of London Scarves

In the late s, Liberty prints became very popular with fashion designers, and so Liberty expanded the fabrics available to designers. The last section of the book is about modern Liberty prints and the inspirations and stories behind them. This is the stuff textile lovers dream of. To fully appreciate this book, you have to love textiles, and Liberty in particular.

It is not so much about fashion, and there is a small section on Liberty furniture and ceramics. Filed under Currently Reading. Tagged as Liberty of LondonTextiles. Among my purchases was this Tana lawn novelty print of London and the surrounding countryside. My plan was to make a skirt, and I already had the pattern pieces out when it occurred to me that what I really needed was a light, cool, cotton blouse. I went through my collection of patterns and came up with Simplicity which is from the early s.

The colors are much truer in this photo, as the top one was taken in low light with my cell phone camera. The colors are nice and clear, with shades of blue on a white background. It just dating liberty of london scarves less fussy without it. I really love designs where the sleeve is cut with the bodice or, as in this case, with the yoke.

From the time I decided to make this top to the minute I finished the hem was about three hours.

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That is a very fast project for me, especially since I used French seams and faux French seams throughout. I did save a lot of time by doing all the finishing on the machine. Even though I love vintage novelty prints and actually collect them, I only have one example in my own closet.

I wore it for the first time this weekend, and it performed beautifully. It stayed crisp and cool and was perfect for a hot summer dating liberty of london scarves. My silly self-portrait makes me look as if I have a halo, but my friends and family can assure you that is a bit misleading!

Filed under Novelty PrintsSewing. Tagged as Liberty of LondonSewingsimplicity. One of the dating liberty of london scarves items for chic French girls in the mid s was a Cacharel shirt.

InAudrey Hepburn made the film, Two for the Roadin which her wardrobe was pulled from current ready-to-wear collections rather than her usual Givenchy designed wardrobe.

Included were five Cacharel shirts, which she loved so much that she went out and bought some for herself. Side note: This is a must-see movie, if only for the clothes. By the Cacharel shirt was old hat and Bousquet started looking for a new twist. He found it in an old-fashioned fabric — the Liberty Tana Lawn.


Under the design direction of his young sister-in-law, Corinne Sarrut, Cacharel began making the shirts from Liberty cottons. Soon Sarrut was designing a full range of garments using Liberty fabrics. Combined with a soft and romantic ad campaign photographed by Sarah Moon who created images similar to the ones she created for Biba, Cacharel moved into the s with a look that fit in perfectly with the nostalgia trend.

I rarely find anything with the Cacharel label, so it was a pleasure to pull this shirt out of the Goodwill bins last week. That alone does not prove the fabric is not from Liberty.

The label you see that is in mine was used at least in the s, and into dating liberty of london scarves 80s.


The feel of the fabric is soft and cool, like known Liberty fabrics in dating liberty of london scarves fabric stash. But whether or not the fabric is from Liberty, I also needed to determine the age. The biggest clue is in the shape of the collar.

We tend to think of longer points on collars being from the s, but I found a photo of Jean Bousquet and a model wearing one of the new Liberty shirts. The collar shape is the same as the one on my shirt. That was pretty confusing, because these have not been in use in local dating site in US all that long.

A quick search led me to a VFG thread on the subjectand from there I was led to a site that says the labels were in use in that from since According to the discussion, one of the first countries to use the symbols was France, but that the dating liberty of london scarves of them was not common until the s.

Is it conceivable that they were used in ? Yes, but that would be a very early use of the symbols. This is one of those times that having just the right book came in handy.

Cacharel: Le Liberty by Jeromine Savignon and published by Assouline, tells the story and provided the photo of Jean Bousquet and the model.

Dating liberty of london scarves [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)