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For plant 20, I have an apparent bottle. When I searched through numerous newspaper articles from a site with a data base of several hundred million papers I discovered the absolute earliest advertisement I could find for the Disney tumblers was from Lesson Number One: What the heck does "Empirical" mean? These catalogs can also be useful at times for the dating of bottles. Owens illinois bottle dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

For a complete history of the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Questions pertaining to the products of the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. The previous owens illinois bottle dating s on the company posted on this website have also received significantly more user downloads than any other makers marking article. Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Part 1 - History. This is an in-depth overview of the history of this important 20th and still currently operating company, including the myriad of plants the company used and still use.

Lockhart, Bill and Russ Hoenig. Logos and Codes. Thanks Russ! This is an important and substantive update that goes further in explaining the array of markings used by the company on its products over the past 90 years.

All of the pages of this O-I bottle catalog are hyperlinked below in the order they appear in the catalog an exception noted for File Click on each link to view an enlarged and of relatively high quality a bit over 2 MB's per file scan of owens illinois bottle dating of catalog pages. The file numbered hot links below also has a brief description of the general subject matter of that grouping of catalog pages. File 1 : Introductory Information 27 catalog pages - This includes company history, glass making science, processes and machines, factory locations and lots of other company information.

File 2 : Introductory Information and beginning of bottle styles 24 catalog pages - Additional introductory information including a mold number index and "classified index" of police officers go online dating in roblox styles.

File 5 : Continuation of the "Pharmaceutical and Proprietary Division" products 20 catalog pages - Owens illinois bottle dating "rounds" of various sizes, handled jugs, peroxides, serums, bluing and washing fluids, tablets and other wide mouth rounds.

Introduction to the liquor and wine bottles section. NOTE: The liquor section of this file was scanned backwards with one of the pages on liquor bottle finishes at the end of File 10 above. Beginning of the "Prescription Ware Division" products. That narrows down the date from to if the 7 is indeed a year code. By comparing it to the glass, Exhibit E is more weathered. It is frostier and more scratched and appears to have been in the water longer than Exhibit D. This leads me to believe that the 7 stands for However, that is simply my best guess and not a certainty.

I know this was a long post, but I hoped you have all learned as much as I have. My sources are listed below, feel free to check them out yourself for more information on the subject.

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I have a 4 inch tall brown jar with a 2 inch diameter and A 1. A single dot 6 just to the right. I think it is made in and it was a glue jar or an ink jar.

Am I close?


I have an amber colored flask shaped glass bottle. On the bottom it has 72, an N with an oval around it, D, and ends with the number 53 at bottom center. I can't find which number is the year of manufacture. It's certainly much too old to be from So, it must be or What do you think? I found a glass jar with an "I" in an oval, factory code 10 and year code That doesn't make sense. A factory code 10 indicates that it was made in the 30s, but a 71 date code says it was made in What am I missing?

If the glass is from then the I may have faded away over time, especially if you found it in the ocean. In Exhibit C, you owens illinois bottle dating just barely make out the I in the photo, so it might be the first part of the symbol to fade. Also, Pepsi and Cola were known for not exactly following the Owens-Illinois companies rules and standards when it came to dating and stamping their glass bottles. For example, instead of a date code on the bottom of the bottle, Pepsi and Cola often printed their date on the side of the bottle, so they could have left the I out of the symbol.

I hope you find this information helpful. And I am sure you will, especially if you enjoy reading the more empirical discourses as I do. Lesson Number One: What the heck does "Empirical" mean?

Attached Thumbnails. Derived from or guided by experience or experiment.


Depending upon experience or observation alone. Provable or verifiable by experience or experiment. Some do but not the majority. Because no one thought about it? Because there was no need for it? Because it was not required? By the way Bill Lockhart is not only an advanced researcher, he is also a bonafide "Archaeologist.

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Note the absence of a dot after the 5 which tells us it is a bottle. But all of the list I have seen indicate that the Portland, Oregon Owens-Illinois glass plant did not begin operation until I do not mention this to challenge anyone, nor to shed the least bit of doubt on Bill Lockhart's extensive research, but rather as another example of a long list of as yet unanswered questions. The only thing I can think of is that the 21 is a transfer number from a glass plant that closed prior toand that it was somehow overlooked by the individuals who compiled the various Owens-Illinois list.

I will be sure to ask Bill Lockhart about this the next time I e-mail him. After the diamond was omitted. The factory number was on the left and the date number was on the right. If one adds the date number tothe total was the date of manufacture. I believe it was as early as but I have yet to owens illinois bottle dating a bottle base with that date on it for confirmation.

I was beginning to think plant 24 was the only odd ball. You just gotta wonder where free adult dating sights chart makers got their info in the first place and how there could be even one mistake not to mention several. So a new question arises, which is Were there or were there not any plants with the numbers 19, 24, 27, 29? According to the bottles there were.

But according to the charts there were not. I realize its no big deal one way or another, except if I were making a chart I'd like it to be accurate and not full of question marks. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Forum Owens illinois bottle dating. Cobalt soda? AFTER Clicquot Club embossed clear Looking for a digging partner in Bottle Dump Confimed on s New Forum Posts. Today, AM. Yesterday, PM.

Owens illinois bottle dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)