Dating a tomboy

Yet, you still try, hoping some guy will open his eyes and see how incredible tomboys really are. It sounds so painful. Have something to add? Dates turn into competitions. If you have some past experience, you know that maintaining a typical girlfriend is more expensive than buying an iPhone. Dating a tomboy [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

If your date expects you to fake giggle at all his bad jokes, he should just date someone else. Heels are hell. Dating a tomboy in a dress is impossible. You actually want to be treated like a girl. You still want to be treated like a woman. You want a gentleman and someone who calls you beautiful, just because. Most guys are intimidated by you.

You probably already share quite a few interests and when you start talking about sports, cars, technology and his other favorite topics like a pro, he feels a little intimidated.


But why should you dating a tomboy what you look like just to get a guy? You hate pretending to be a girly girl. Every tomboy has tried it at least once.

Screw the five star restaurant. Less drama. Less cribbing. Same page. More time. Not clingy. She likes to hang out with the boys' groups and use words like Bro, F-bombs and beat a boy up just for fun. You would be lying if you say that the thought of dating her never crossed your mind. Well, you should do it now because it would be the best thing you would ever do in your relationship career.

5 Things You Should Know About Dating a Tomboy

You wanna know why?? Read the following 11 reasons and realize it yourself. You always felt like your ex-girlfriend never really understood you? She understands the feelings and thought-process of a boy, and hence, your relationship can flourish smoothly. If you try to open up about your past or your weird habits to a typical girlfriend, the chances are high that would be the last day you ever talk to her.

With a tomboy, you can be like bestiesshare everything from dark fantasy to weird habits and most importantly, your dark past. Boys chase after dating a tomboy when they are single, but when they get one, they start appreciation their single period.

The reason is that a relationship comes with so much of drama and pretention that a boy has to do just to keep her intact in his life. With a tomboy, you can be straightforwardjust like you are talking to another male friend. This did get me thinking. The tomboy that I am, I definitely have a dating a tomboy complicated life because my face is naked.

This means that all my previous relationships must have been a walk in the park dating a tomboy they could touch my face at any timeā€¦ Well, ladies and gentlemen, here are 50 other reasons why dating girls like us is sheer bliss! Still on sports, we understand what a tackle is, why a red card in soccer is outrageous, and why the Super Bowl is the essence of life.

For those of us who are sporty, we do enjoy giving you a run for your money in the field, irrespective of the sport. It takes us 54 seconds to get ready if we need to step out of the women seeking men free classifieds this includes showering! More often than not we can outdrink you, swing you over our shoulders and carry your drunk self home.

10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Tomboy

Because we get along with your male crew. Video Games? We own dating a tomboy stuff! A little secret though, yes, we do let you win sometimes.

We will never freak out if you want to go ahead and hang out with your friends. We understand that we both have our own thing going. This conversation never takes place. The scenario above when dating a tomboy. By the way, your ex girlfriend called and left a message for you.


Her brother died. Some of us are really good with tools. Door knob broken while you are away? No problem. We will fix it in the blink of an eye. Flat tire? Piece of cake!

Dating a tomboy [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)