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Theoretically you could buy a perfect copy right down to the serial and color. Re: How to tell what model Jackson you have Ok,i have jackson fusion h-s-s,dot inlays with "professional" logo on the head and serial number of 6 diging started with 9 year?.. The history of these instruments are not known to Jackson since the were not shipped thru their facility and therefore cannot be tracked by Jackson's service staff in the United States. There are exceptions to this rule. Jackson serial number dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Ontario, CA ". They are still in use today. Other Note: Charvel bolt ons were discontinued and replaced with Jackson bolt ons in This coincided with the introduction of the Japanese Charvel's. In the spring ofthe four digit Jackson neck plate was reserved for custom instruments only. All production bolt on instruments were given the six-digit USA series neck plate.

The acquisition, effective as of October 25,will include all existing inventory of products and trademarks relating to Jackson and Charvel. We are musicians, we single ladies guitars, and we know how to get them to the guitarists of the jackson serial number dating.

FMIC will then sell and distribute the products through a new inside telesales and field sales department under the direction of Jeff Cary, Vice President of Specialty Sales, and will utilize its existing network of global distributors and direct sales offices. Randy Rhoads Neck-thru body. Other Custom Neck-thru's. Jackson Archtop. Jackson USA Neck-thru. Early Charvel Bolt On note 1.

Jackson Custom Shop Bolt On note 2. There were a few Japanese-made models that did not have a neckplate a Kelly model and I think the import JJ model. The serial numbers of import models indicate which year they were made by the first number: A 6-digit number starting with 0 meansstarting with 1 means2 meansetc all the way up towhich will start with a 5. Sometime inJackson went to what are known as the "96" serials, where every bolt-on serial made in Japan started with "96".

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The serial number also had 7 numbers at this point. There are some serials that start with "97" and "98" as well, but they all have 7 digits. Again, these also said Professional on the head, so they were made prior to Models made in India are easily identified by their serial numbers: they will almost always start with 0 or 1 AND have 8, 9, or 10 numbers total.

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Read that again to make sure you understand it. Another easy method of spotting an Indian-made model is if it has dot inlays - the 12th fret dots will be spaced widely like a Mighty Mite Strat neck or Gibson Explorer or V, whereas Japanese-made models will be closer together like a Fender Strat neck. The first number of a neckthrough serial indicates the year it was made - 0 means1 means2 meansetc all the way up to the present as far as I know.

I've not owned a neckthrough Pro model made afterso I can't say. If anyone here has one made afterplease chime in. Initially the Soloist was Jackson's one-hum wonder model bolt on and neckthrough. Since it didn't have a "rhythm" neck pickup, only a "Treble" bridgeit was better suited to playing Solos remember, this was a time long before the great forward-thinking musical visionaries were exploding onto the major music scene, so there were still a lot of "old fashioned" ideas like that about guitar design.

Regardless of jackson serial number dating type of bridge trem or tunamaticit's an SL1. Prior toall USA-made Jacksons were Custom Shop models, and the Soloist as well as all other models was available as the Custom model with an ebony board and MOP inlays and head and neck binding, and the Student model with a rosewood board and dot inlays and no binding. You could get graphics and such on a Student model, as well as binding on the head and neck, and any other option that was available however, if you wanted an ebony board with fins, dating site to meet doctors became a "Custom".

Not sure if ebony board with dots was considered a Custom or a Student.

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This is true to an extent - same body shape Strattish with flattened edges - but the screw counting freaks will point out that the Soloist and Dinky bodies are slightly different in size. There are a few Dinky Strats floating around. Other than that, they are always Dinky Reverse - Japanese-made, H-H mounted directly to the body no pickup ringsvery often found in a Granite Fleckstone finish Fleckstone was a Krylon spraypaint you could buy that gave everything a textured granite finish.

Fretboard almost always has offset dots, and was available with maple or rosewood boards. The headstock is reversed, which is where the "Reverse" comes from. The model names are generally found on the trussrod cover, but since those are held on with screws, it's easy for someone to put a Dinky XL on a Dinky Reverse neck, so you can't really go by that unless you know it's the original trussrod cover read: you bought it new that way and it never left your possession.

The XL and some of the Revs were the only ones of those models that had fins, the others had dots. DX anything - There were jackson serial number dating DX model Dinkys, which I'll have to research jackson serial number dating to get the info for them, but jackson serial number dating were primarily Japanese and Indian-made, depending on exact model and year, rosewood boards with either dots or plastic fins or piranhas, standard or reverse headstock or 3x3 head, some had binding, some didn't, some were H-H, some were H-S-S, and one model was S-S-S.

Trems and tuneomatics. Tons of other ones. Probably the one Jackson model that has had the most alternate versions. I'd greatly appreciate input from those who know the most about the Charvel models. Rhoads - The beginning of Jackson guitars was Randy's white with black pinstripes, v-tremmed, block inlaid V.

Things have changed dramatically over the years, and as a result, there are dozens of different RR models throughout Jackson's 25 years. Does anyone know about guitars that were released with the logo printed backwards? I have not been able to look online and even Find one like this guitar. The pick up's are HSS and say Jackson on them. It also has a Transparent pick guard on it. The guitar is red.


I was wondering if anyone know's how much this guitar might go for if sold. I've been looking for a few years and not being able to jackson serial number dating out a price. I found one close but it did not read Professional on the head stock. Thank you. I recently inherited jackson serial number dating Jackson flying V with Floyd rose locking neck with two double Duncan design humbuckers and a bolt on neck. Serial number is can anyone help me please with the history and bake of this beautiful guitar.

Its a white with black pinstsripe rhoads gold hardware t. Noone has any info. I don't know where and when my guitars were made and their real price in dollars.

Can you tell me this information please? First one serial number "CWJ " Second one "". My brother just recently got a guitar from his friend who passed away. Unfortunatly, we can't locate any info. Any help would be great! Contact Contents Privacy Policy Forum. This site is published by Hitsquad Pty Ltd. Skip to Navigation. Comment viewing options Date - newest first Date - oldest first. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. What year?


And what Jackson professional is it? Jackson guitar model and year? Anything on this NHJ. What Ive gathered so far is maybe Japan.


Thanks in advance. I have just acquired another Jackson soloist SL1 my 4th! I am puzzled by the serial number stamped on the neck in the usual place.

Can anyone explain the unusual SN, and maybe provide a date? Jackson guitar. My Jackson guitar have serial number: CWJ What is this? Help please! Info on where my guitar was made. Rotten Ron. Japanese serial Is a year, Approximately what is it worth? Thank you. Made in India.

No other info on the guitar. What is it? Know idea what Jackson I own.

Jackson serial number dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)