My ex is dating a convicted felon

No, not seriously. Depends how deep they were in the game. Prison changes people and I'd rather not risk it. For instance, if the new paramour is a registered sex offender, introduced your ex to controlled substances, has an extensive criminal history some of which involves crimes against a child, or your child does not want to be around this person because they make them uncomfortable there will need to be elaboration on this or anything of that nature then you would want to consult with an attorney and seek a modification. My ex is dating a convicted felon [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The laws are setup so people end up back in prison and provide money to the prison system. However I do know felons that are doing very well in life right now. So there are obviously programs being put into place to bypass many of the things you listed. Thanks x 6.

Why would any woman date a EX-CON?: Things That Felons Can't Do When They Get Out of Jail

Yee'aint never had no prison bae dack OP? Because I feel like that and the idea that my ex is dating a convicted felon can "save" them are the biggest driving factors. Not having the ability to do these things would certainly make one life HARD no doubt about it. Having said that these aren't even the biggest reasons I would never date a felon.

The biggest reason I would never date a felon is because it would almost certainly mean dealing with a person who have a disregard for the "rule of law". It most likely mean dealing with a person who have no regards for other people.

It would mean dealing with someone who likely is willing to hurt or even kill someone. And while a lot of dumb girls out there might consider such a person a "strong" individual obviously I know better. Obviously this is the type of person "sane" folks want to stay far away from. Aug 30, Mar 14, Thug D isn't worth it ladies! For the many women who won't date ex-cons or men who are still in prison, there are many women who will.


These fools never had a shortage when it came to women who will look their way twice. It's some that have truly learned their lesson and move on to do good things but I feel they are the minority.

It seems like a lot of them just don't learn. Last edited: Mar 14, One simple answer MOST if not all were created to further penalize and immobilize mostly black, poor men. IF the penal system was truly rehabilitative, those "laws" would not be in place. Jail is supposed to make a person think about and regret and repent of their wayward behavior. Instead it's a death sentence for even the lowest level of crimes.

White men commit "white collar" crimes and these "laws" do not apply to them. A black man can sell an ounce of weed and his whole life is over. That is unacceptable on my ex is dating a convicted felon, many levels. I know there are harden criminals who are repeat offenders But to say if you make one mistake your life is over And it perpetuates that the offender will offend again once he's "free" because what else can he do to earn a living?

Dating An Ex-Con: 3 Questions To Ask First

In most cases, the judge will not keep the new paramour away from your child because they are not viewed as a danger to your child.

The key is going to be exactly why you are concerned with the new paramour.

Would you date an ex convict/felon?

If your case is one in which the new paramour absolutely should not be around your child then you will want a stay away order. I have chosen on my own, before the judge put the order in anyways that I wouldn't bring my daughter around him anyways until the divorce was final, not because I don't trust my boyfriend, but because I don't want to confuse my daughter right now, she's going through enough as it is.

Any tips or advice about this subject? You may be in for a fight on this one. But in my opinion you're doing the right thing by not bringing your daughter around until the divorce is final.

Advice For Women In Relationships With Convicted Felons

Dont give your ex any ammo to use against you in court. I am about to start going through the same thing as my ex just found out that my daughters are calling someone other than himself, daddy.


He hasnt been in their lives since my oldest was 18 months, she is now 8. Because your guys crime had nothing to do with children or domestic violence, a judge may not give him what he's asking for. Good Luck! That situation is exactly what I am worried about. My ex has no idea that my boyfriend my ex is dating a convicted felon in prison, but I have a feeling I will be right there with you when scam free dating site does find out!

Good Luck!! I am praying for you!!! Oh man I know what you are feeling. I already have the divorce but when he finds out my man is in prison, if he hasn't already figured it out, he will be so out of control. I can see it in my ex's eyes that he is curious as to who this new love in my life is. Just 2 weeks ago he came over to drop off my son after a 2 hour visit. He looked into my room and I have a few pictures of me and my man on the mirror so I think he might be putting 2 and 2 together.

So I just wish us all the luck and that we get through this with our sanity intact. Me too! I hope someone that has gone through this situation enlightens us with what the outcome was. Good luck to all! My ex is dating a convicted felon soon to be ex-husband has put a court issued restraining order against my boyfriend from having any contact with my daughter, but I think if my boyfriend and I eventually got married.

my boyfriend is now a convicted felon

He was honest. He apologised and admitted he was struggling to find a way to tell me about his prison sentence. Over the past seven months he has met many of my immediate family and some of my friends. Most have accepted him. I have lost a couple friends because of my decision to carry on seeing him. These so called friends have never even spoken to me about Wes and have never even met him. They are fools!

My ex is dating a convicted felon [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)