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The two were married for 34 years. Where are they now? Meet them below. Dating around cast [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Think The Bachelor mixed with speed dating. The dates are edited to look like one long dinner — so you won't be seeing five individual dates on each episode — which serves as another poignant reminder that dating is hard, and making fresh conversation is no easy task.

After binge-watching this six-episode love fest, you are going to want to catch up with the contestants and find out who if any of the couples are still together. Luckily, we got dating around cast covered.


First, the guys. Luckily for Luke's date, he is not a serial killer. Luke is a real estate broker in NYC, who is just looking for love. You can follow him on Instagram here. Robert still appears to be single, with his Instagram dedicated to gym selfies and travel photos.


We wanted to offer up a diversity of the characters — different backgrounds, different ethnicities, gay, straight, a whole range of different people. That allowed us to show the distinct differences between how people date, but also the universalities, too.

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Rossiter : I have a dating-show background. I did a decade on The Bachelor and all of its dating around cast shows. I decided to leave three years ago, and I decided to never do another dating show. Basically every creator of a dating show had come to me to see if I was interested in their shows.

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Seniors, not older people who are 40 like me, seniorswho are often overlooked. They deserve romantic love! Could you tell me about the process of casting the show?

Rossiter : Audiences, whether they realize it or not, are ready for a new type of unscripted television.

Dating Around: Where are the couples from the Netflix series now?

What we want now are ordinary people in ordinary circumstances. One of the things that helped us to find people is that Netflix had carved out a brand already that was non-exploitative — a little smarter, a little cooler, a little more sophisticated. We had casting people go out on the streets of New York, we had posted fliers, and people were more interested in the notion of doing a Netflix show.

The other thing is that we asked our casting directors not just go to bars and nightclubs. We have this data preselected in our head. He should be this tall, he should have this color skin, he should be more or less within this weight range, his job should allow me to think that he makes between this and this, he should live in this borough of New York City.

So I asked our daters to just trust meeting a stranger. Are you allergic dating around cast eggs? How much money to do you make? What were the biggest challenges in making this show? What surprised you while you were putting it together? Even the directors were people who came from more scripted and cinematic background. In an interview with Bustle earlier this week, Gurki did say that even though she didn't choose to continue dating any of her suitors, she does still keep in touch with most of them, dating around cast.

And while Mila from Episode 6 doesn't go into specifics, she does say she's "found someone special. But it's clear that even if the people they met on the show weren't destined to be their lifelong soulmates, most of the Dating Around stars seemed to appreciate the experience the show gave them.

They all dissected the first impressions they dating around cast they give off, and whether watching their actions back matched up with how they thought they were coming off. Leonard reflected on how dating at an older age compares to his younger years, and Lex questioned whether dating apps are causing singles to think of each other not as people, but as icons on a phone. In addition to those deeper questions, the cast also shared reactions they had to each other's episodes.

Dating around cast [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)