How do u find friends on kik

Not Helpful 5 Helpful 1. Be aware of who you give your Kik to - the people you share your username or Kik Code with will be able to send messages to you on Kik. April 3, Josh Robert Nay. There are many ways of finding people to chat with on the Kik messenger app but if you do not really know how to do this trying to find someone can be really frustrating. How do u find friends on kik [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

One of the most popular websites of this kind is Kik community. The most important thing to take into account if you are thinking of using one of these web sites is that you will need to register by creating your own account and share in some personal information and, of course your user name.

In other words, you will not be able to use any of those websites or find anybody to chat with on them unless you sign up yourself.

This means that other people may end up chatting with you so you may find that you get lots of chat requests from random people. Of course, if you are reading this article this might be exactly what you are looking for.

How do I add friends on Kik?

So this is definitely one of the best ways of finding people and being found by people, which amounts to pretty much the same thing. The only problem is that you need to sign up to a third-party service, which you may or may not be comfortable with. There is another very simple way of finding people. This is such a simple way of finding people that most of you probably not even thought about it.


It is often the case when something is very simple and really obvious it becomes hard to notice. Have you ever tried just to enter any random use their name on the Kik messenger app and see who you get? So, a good way to start is by just entering part of any user name that you may already know including, why not, your own and see what comes up. If you just randomly enter something on the search bar on Kik messenger, you will for sure find lots of new random people to talk to.

This method is very hit and miss because you never know if the users you find are still active or, indeed, available right that moment. Having said that, even if you find people who are not available at that time they may very well become available how do u find friends on kik some later point.

So, you have really nothing to lose by trying to find people that way.

Want to find new friends on Kik Messenger? There are a few ways to do it

Do you like chatting with random people and the Kik messenger app? Do you have any funny stories about doing this? Kik's 'Block' feature allows you to block all contact with another user, without revealing to the other user that they've been blocked. Blocking someone on your smartphone or iPod means that messages from the blocked user will be how do u find friends on kik from your Kik app. The blocked user's name will no longer appear in your list of contacts in Kik. If you choose to open the chat in your 'New Chats' list, any content messages like pictures, GIFs, etc.

Stay fresh on the newest features, tips, and bots in the Kik blog. Never miss a thing. Kik Community Standards Can people see my email address and phone number? How do I report spam on Kik? If you join a public or private group on Kik your username can be seen by anyone within that group Use our 'Block' and 'New Chats' features to manage messages from contacts and new people.


You can read more about the privacy features that are built-in to the Kik app below. You can meet girls, guys or whatever, flirt, chat, search and more. Kik friends is another simple site that allows you to search for users by gender, or by who is online. Then you can refine your search by age, interest, or image, and go from there. You can post your own Kik username and profile picture on the site, along with your age, sex and preferences, so that other users can find you, or you can search their extensive database of Kik users to find your next chat partner.

How to find kik usernames (online users)

Each features thousands of users, so there will definitely be someone online to chat with! There are other ways to make new friends on Kik. One way is to subscribe to sites like Whisperand post classified ads there looking for new Kik friends. You can also post ads looking for friends on sites such as Craigslist. Want more help with finding people to chat with?

Check out our tutorial on finding the best chat rooms.

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