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If you find your friend on Facebook but don't see the "Add Friend" button, this person has chosen privacy setting that keep them from receiving friends requests from just anyone. Browse the friend suggestions provided to you by Facebook. When he searches my nam Information in this article applies to Facebook as it worked in April For example, friends of their friends can only look up some users. Cannot find friend on facebook [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

If you can't find his name, he may have changed his name, deleted his account or he may have blocked you. If you find your friend listed in the search results, you haven't been blocked. If you click his name and see an "Add Friend" button on his Timeline page, you've been unfriended.

Being blocked by someone does not delete Facebook messages.


If you suspect you have been blocked and you have shared Facebook messages with that person, you should still be able to find those messages in your message history, provided you haven't deleted them yourself. If the person's picture is now a generic silhouette and if you are unable to send a new message to that person, the person has either blocked you or has deleted his Facebook account.

Facebook has a public directory designed for people without a Facebook account. See Resources for the link.

If you log out of Facebook, you can use this directory without the search results being affected by a block. You can search alphabetically, but it's faster if you just type the person's name.

There is no option to limit searches by city so you may have to scroll through a lot of names, especially if the name is a common one. If you're unable to find the person, it could be because he chose not to make his profile available for public search. After Using long times you can get more knowledge about Facebook.

Check your Accounts Settings may be you put "noone instead of everyone" by mistake. When you will change then peoples can easily find cannot find friend on facebook facebook. Could be there are duplicated names!! Or you selected the wrong location of your city!!!! Keep posting unique photos and thoughts and keep sending friend requests.

People will soon find you.


The search can be very specific in FB. Did you add any special characters to your name, either before or after? Did you update your profile information, such as the city you live in as well? Sometimes, there cannot find friend on facebook small things that can prevent people from finding you that can be fixed. There must be a problem with your settings. See your private settings and check wether you are viisible to everyone or not. Why can't anyone find me on Facebook? How do I find and add friends on Facebook?

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Four Ways to Find Somebody on Facebook…even the Boogie Man

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Cannot find friend on facebook [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)