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Simba launches tryfor8. Bio-Bridges regenerate and reconnect corridors between healthy rainforest, linking isolated and endangered animals and plant species, allowing them to again breed and thrive. Sunday, July 28, One of the other bloggers said she had oily skin and Vicky spoke about the best product to use for this. Bio-Bridges are restored wildlife corridors within damaged landscapes that help endangered species reconnect, enabling them and local communities to thrive. Help reggie find love [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

He is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature red list of endangered species.


The Tinder placement runs in conjunction with an in-store and online campaign titled Help Reggie Find Love. The effort allows customers to support the programme.

Sunday, July 28, World Branding Forum.


help reggie find love News All Industry. The Body Shop sources ingredients from all around the world. Protecting the biodiversity of the world helps ensure a long-term, healthy and thriving environment for these ingredients, as well help reggie find love protecting the planet from the effects of climate change.

These species are threatened by hunting for food and medicine and illegally logged with nearby habitats still suffering from the effects of Agent Orange used during the Vietnam war.

Through an in-store and on-line campaign, 'Help Reggie Find Love', features Reggie, a Red-Shanked Douc from Vietnamone of the species being given a chance to live safely and repopulate, customers will directly support the project. Every customer transaction will restore and protect one square metre of habitat in the forest.

This playful campaign to find Reggie love will help bring this serious issue to life in an engaging and entertaining way. The protected areas of forest will enable wildlife to travel safely across deforested or degraded lands, linking habitats and encouraging them to connect with each other and breed.


In this first project, The Body Shop is working with World Land Trust and its partner, Vietnam -based Viet Nature Conservation Centre, to protect the area and its wildlife through regular patrolling and utilising camera-traps. Viet Nature also works closely with the local community to encourage sustainable forest resource use and farming and with schools to encourage involvement. These areas of forest in Vietnam are biological treasure troves that are being destroyed through poaching and illegal logging.

Bio-Bridges are an innovative way to create protected corridors of biodiversity that allow the wider forest to flourish and its inhabitants to breed and thrive.

Jungle Bells: The Body Shop Builds Bio-Bridges to Restore Rainforests

These are some of the lovely spa products which I highly recommend. They smell amazing and will leave you feel so relaxed. As part of Bodyshop commitment to protect and enrich the world, They are building Bio-Bridges. Bio-Bridges are restored wildlife corridors within damaged landscapes that help endangered species reconnect, enabling them and local communities to thrive.

Over the coming months, participating Body Shop stores will make a contribution of 1p for every purchase one customer transaction made in store or on the website.

Help Reggie Find Love - The Body Shop

Each contribution can enable Body Shop to help restore 1 square metre of threatened rainforest in Khe Nuoc Trong, Vietnam.

So what is a Bio-Bridge?

Help Reggie Find Love!

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Help reggie find love [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)