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Fly Foam De Flirt - The Sims 2

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Rap Music?!

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Clearly they are not. Hip Hop is a derivative of Rap, but there are several other forms of Rap and most of those are sadly the ones that get radio play and are consequently the not so good form of the genre. If you cannot distiguish the difference, I'd tell you to pay a visit to Youtube and listen to Busta Rhymes, Tribe Called Quest, Eminem and Biggie Smalls and then listen to Soulja Boy and tell me you don't notice the difference.

Hip Hop is usually less volatile, does use anything from Jazz riffs fly foam de flirt metal riffs for samples, whereas rap such as Soulja Boy is just the same line being repeated over and over for the most part. Hip Hop is also more poetic. For instance this line, "God is the seamstress that tailor fitted my pain. In short, not everyone has the ability to spill a poem, to a beat, and make it beautiful, off the fly foam de flirt of their heads.

But everyone can come up with a catchy phrase and a back beat. No disrespect to our fellow gamer Soulja.

Fly Foam De Flirt-The Sims 2 Music Video

He's a nice guy I hear, but he's Tu Pac, he is not. And that ladies and gents is your musical lesson for the day. LajaBless wrote:. There was a metal station in TS2. I listened to it often.

Fly foam de flirt [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)