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Flirt Divert - 14th August A girl that ran off with a guy's wallet is the subject of Flirt Divert today. Flirt Divert - 16th February Never call a girl 'fat'. Well done. Flirt Divert - 13th August Flirt Divert - featuring pig impressions ryan the lion and a girl after chips Flirt divert number [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

As i had envisaged this uses the-some-might-say dodgy personal number range Name required. Email will not be published required. Notify flirt divert number of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. By Ewan on December flirt divert number, in NewsServices. Telcogames moves into US; launches service with Verizon.

Anna McLachlan December 21, at pm. It's Flirt Divert. Blatant misuse of the Flirt Divert number as a little girl calls 'Santa' with her Christmas list. But what is she asking for? Flirt Divert is on board the morning ship and there's a lovely drunk woman who can't remember who she is calling!

More freaks that you've met over the New Year period on Flirt Divert. Good news if you fancy Brucie. Did you lose a sock during a date at the weekend? Chances are your date is on Flirt Divert today!

Oh and there's the obligatory psycho caller. Flirt Divert.


Flirt Divert - 19th July International Flirt Divert - Useful when you're pulling abroad and don't want to rekindle that holiday romance! Flirt Divert - 7th November Roll out the freaks Flirt Divert - flirt divert number December One caller tries pulling in a different language. Flirt Divert - 9th October A message has been left on a windscreen and the driver has made a call to the number.

Flirt Divert - 16th February Never call a girl 'fat'. As this guy has learnt. Flirt Divert - 12th October Is your surname Hovis 'cos you're a load of bread Some smooth callers on Flirt Divert today.


Flirt Divert - 17th February Trevor is on today with his sandwich rhyme. Flirt Divert - 2nd June There's thirty tonnes of silage waiting for one listener. I'm not asking about whether its a good feature its not really or whether you are a fan of Radio 1 or Scott Mills in particular I'm not of the latter and only sometimes listen to eh former at all - I was just asking a legal issue and gave some background.

Davini Fri Flirt divert number 04, am I think we decided on here a while ago that consent is required for moving images but not stills, I don't know about voice only.

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I can't find it on the search. It's quite a cruel feature, not funny really. A bit smug, 'look at this person I'm more attractive than'. Well done. And I agree with the comments about it being unfunny and not very nice, hence my ponderings on its illegality. I assume the BBC has its lawyers flirt divert number these things tho! Fri Jan 04, am I didn't realise the improper gathering of material taping phones without a warrant, searching houses without a warrant, interviewing suspects without advising them of their rights etc was illegal I just thought it made that evidence inadmissible.

Izzardesque I flirt divert number I was just inferring that if there are all these restrictions about doing it in an official capacity, there MUST be restrictions on using it on a radio show.

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Fri Jan 04, am soup, if it is a legal method of gathering the evidence, why would it not be admissible? Sebastian flyte Fri Jan 04, am I would think that if someone tried hard enough they could sue.


Imagine if it was Roger Tilling, the voice of University Challenge who's image is his voice, he would have easy grounds to sue for his voice being used without consent or whatever as it is his job. I think so anyway. StarshipTrooper Fri Jan 04, am So true!

Flirt divert number [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)