Types of flirting styles

The first and most obvious is to instigate a sexual attraction. With just a small investment of time, you can reap a lifetime of rewards. Once you understand the underlying mechanisms of flirting, it will seem easy and fun. If a person is attracted to you, they will be more likely to smile, laugh, compliment, touch themselves, and openly gesture with their hands. Physical: Can you think of a time when you were laughing at something a really attractive guy said and just like that your hand came to rest on his knee? Types of flirting styles [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

These flirters asked fewer questions. Polite Flirters are polite, cautious, and non-sexual in their style.

Why Your Flirting Style Matters

They will communicate interest by changing distance — they will literally move closer to you if interested. Playful Flirters may not even be intending to find a mate. They tend to flirt to boost their own self-esteem. Female Playful Flirters will act coy and use a wide variety of strategies to pursue their courtship goals. Regardless of flirting style, the researchers wanted to know what behaviors were more common when a person was highly attracted to their partners.

Not exactly rocket science — women who smiled and laughed more were more attracted to the other person. I really look for an emotional connection with someone I'm interested in Strongly Disagree.

I am good at using body language to flirt Strongly Disagree. Despite how our society types of flirting styles changing, it is still up to a man to take control in initiating relationships Strongly Disagree.

There Are Four Flirting Styles, Each With Its Own Tells

The primary reason I flirt is because types of flirting styles makes me feel good about myself Strongly Disagree. It is important not to say something overly sexual when showing interest Strongly Disagree. I love a well-placed compliment from the opposite sex Strongly Disagree. I have no types of flirting styles letting others know I am interested in them Strongly Disagree. A woman assertively pursuing a man is fine with me Strongly Disagree. I flirt with people I have absolutely no interest in Strongly Disagree.

When dating, people should always be polite and use proper manners Strongly Disagree. People who use this as their predominant style of flirting often miss the fact that other people are flirting with them. The good news is, people who have a more polite flirting style tend to enjoy longer, more meaningful romantic relationships. Physical Flirt: This flirting style is primarily about using body language to suggest interest on a physical level or to arouse the physical desire of your target.

In Dr. The downside is they often annoy others with their flirtatious body language, sometimes even coming across as someone who is a little too full of themselves. The focus of their flirting style is to develop an emotional bond with you in hopes that physical chemistry will take care of itself later on. Flirting with this style tends to yield meaningful relationships that are more likely to be emotionally satisfying.

Types of Flirting

A man using traditional flirting methods will open doors, take the initiative, and generally play the part of the polite but insistent pursuer. By taking a more passive role in dating, women end up missing the chance to connect with most men, since so few modern men adopt this types of flirting styles.

But in case you almost exclusively land in one of these categories, I thought you might be interested in an opportunity to easily expand your flirting skills.


Regardless of your flirting style, I believe I can help you to feel more relaxed and more confident about flirting. In a studyJeffrey Hall and Chong Xing from the University of Kansas determined that there are five primary styles of flirtation. A playful flirt enjoys the act of flirting with others and sees it as a game. Even when they are in a committed relationship, types of flirting styles may flirt with strangers just for fun, or as means to a non-sexual end.

To this group, flirtation is natural, casual, and very fun. Rather, they will remain formal and polite — even distant — no matter their level of interest.


They are unlikely to tease or initiate physical contact. You approach them and break the ice with a direct compliment not a pick-up line! This is sincere flirting. It is the quickest route to establish emotional ties, which may flourish into a relationship. You simply enjoy being your charming self, and getting a self-esteem boost when it makes you feel desirable.

Types of flirting styles [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)