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As they head out together, Peter enjoys his chair at the Drunken Clam. It's a gem of a tv episode and I have no desire to watch FG tread even remotely similar territory. I know there's at least 2 more gags I laughed at but I'm really struggling here. Archived from the original on April 21, Start a Wiki. Family guy jesus speed dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Christmas Family Guy has never been any good and this is the worst one yet. What do you think they put in the Bug Juice? No they don't. Come on I got bored and decided to have a quick search to see if anyone even got that loud and angry about Family Guy's portrayal of Jesus. Searching for "Family Guy" on it's own brought nothing up like it ordinarily would if any better known sites were covering this, so it seems like those who were pissed off about it weren't exactly in any loud majority this time.

How incredibly offensive and ridiculous. Glad I haven't been tuning in at all this season. This just proves one of the many, many reasons why American Family guy jesus speed dating is far superior and more deserving of viewers - the writers are intelligent enough to touch on religion without being tasteless about it.

While I'm undoubtedly within the "American Dad is better than Family Guy" crowd, I'm sure the people who care would just as easily be offended by American Dad depicting Jesus as a wife-stealing, gun toting action womens singles who shows signs of being most popular dating websites 2019 jealous type in "Rapture's Delight".

Not to mention they'd probably take issue with him teaming up with someone who wasn't worthy of being raptured in the first place, same goes for taking a romantic partner also not worthy of being raptured. I thought this episode was hilarious and not only the religious jokes either. I also loved Peter viewing As for the plot itself, it had a lot of great material.

Jesus on speed-dating was a pure hit except for the recycled "It's my blood" jokeGod telling the mentally disabled kid he "at least will be 74", Quagmire randomly going "I love sex!!!

That said, a few things bothered me. How come if Peter cares so much about Lois cheating on him, he just mentions it casually at first like it's nothing but suddenly cares later just because it's Jesus? And what was with the out-of-place "I'm not family guy jesus speed dating real"? It didn't itch me or anything, but it kind of ruined what already was a hilarious moment.

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Thankfully, the Love Actually reference following it was worth it. Very underrated episode and so far one of my favorites of this season.


I'll wait for them to do an episode about Muhammad. Now that'll be edgy and offensive "Your tears say more than real evidence ever could. There's a great review of Raptures Delight on the web that really delves into the variety of reasons why the episode is genius, one of which is cause it manages to be genuinely clever about it's Christianity jokes instead of cruelly mocking the religion in a cheap, relentless manner. It more just says, hey, this is pretty weird stuff right?

And it's really Roger who gets the most cutting remarks, but since he's proven wrong about his disbelief anyway the joke ends up being on him. But I like the way the reviewer puts it As for this episode, I will never watch it. American Dad used Jesus and Francine falling in love as the basis for one of their best episodes, and family guy jesus speed dating a result not only gave us one of the most badass "out of left-field" acts of TV ever, it still managed to tell arguably the most realistic and emotionally resonant marital rift story Stan and Francine ever had, with REAL stakes.

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To accomplish that in what could have merely been a gimmick episode is nothing short of stunning, It's a gem of a tv episode and I have no desire to watch FG tread even remotely similar territory.

Personally, I thought the plot was pretty poor, but the humour made up for that. That said, the idea of "getting Jesus laid" was just a bit of a naff premise, and when it became about Lois cheating on Peter in the third act I thought the wheels started to come off. I think this premise would have worked well as a B-plot alongside something else, but instead it was given an entire episode and the premise just didn't have the mileage to properly pull that off. That said, the jokes carried it, and there were some really good ones in there.

I liked Peter's conversation in the Hawaiian Shirts Store at the beginning of the episode, the "Would you like to see our specials, sir? I thought that Stewie running along the corridor with his presents and wrapping paper shouting "Don't look! Don't look" was quite cute. Worst Cutaway: I think this was a tie between Peter's erotic calendar and the Jeff Garlin easy chair.

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One More Thing: I had a look at the deleted scenes from this episode on the DVD- there were four of them, and all four should have been included and were better than the jokes they were replaced by.

This show is its own worst enemy sometimes. Last edited by PointofStew; at AM. Remember Me? View Poll Results: Rate Voters You may not vote on this poll. Results 1 family guy jesus speed dating 29 of Gotta agree this was pretty lame. Mediocre episode. Retrieved December 8, TV by the Numbers. Retrieved December 9, Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved January 4, Archived from the original on April 21, Media Research Center. Family Guy episodes. Road to Star Wars episodes. Category Book. Categories : American television episodes Christianity in popular culture controversies Cartoon controversies Family Guy season 13 episodes Portrayals of Jesus on television Christmas television episodes.

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Simple migrant farm laborer Roasted Guy Family Guy Season 13 3 Peter decides to seek new friendship with a simple migrant farm laborer. Categories :. Family Guy Season Peter is unhappy that he can't scratch his balls to his satisfaction with his keys since they've been taken. As Peter worries about where they can stay, Homer invites the Griffins to stay at the Simpson home. Seamus and the Sea Captain compare their eye damage.


Peter takes a new shopping cart from a kid when he gets caught in his original one. Peter figures that finding a turkey is going to be a nightmare, like a married woman running into any guy she went to high school with.

The Year-Old Family guy jesus speed dating. Stewie likes going to malls where you have a choice of a white Santa or a black Santa. Lois decides to take the stairs until she discovers two homeless guys eating each other. Quagmire finds an advertisement for Meg that refers to her as a "big" star.

Family guy jesus speed dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)