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The classical interpretation states that this verse was actually revealed when two polytheist men from Quraish asked for their sisters to be back, Oum Kelthoum and Bint Aqabah, after they had converted to Islam and migrated to Medina in order to join the Muslim community [8]. This means that the couple does not have to worry about deep theological differences. Namespaces Article Talk. As the interview began, the host asked the Muslim guest whether he was married. This short article from a Muslim website, representing many others, says about religiously mixed marriages: It is not permissible for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man. Muslim girl dating a christian guy [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

In the Muslim-Christian context, the couple may have similar concepts of God, but cannot submit their marriage to Jesus as described in the Bible. Consider also what Islam teaches about women, marriage, and family. Even if he is not practicing now, he may one day. He may become more devout as life circumstances change, such as having children. This is because to Muslims, Islam is the final religion and his religion supersedes your relationship with God.

Muslim men are allowed, and even encouraged, to marry Christian women. Taking a Christian wife spreads Islam by preventing the woman from marrying a Christian man and having Christian children. Raising children in a cross-cultural marriage has its challenges. The Bible instructs Christian parents to raise children in the training and instruction of the Lord ProverbsEphesians For a woman married to a Muslim man, muslim girl dating a christian guy scripture becomes impossible according to both Christian and Islamic doctrines.

Interfaith marriage inhibits Biblical partnership in parenting, while in Islam, children born to a Muslim father are automatically born Muslim. Finally, if he expresses a spiritual interest, connect him with a man who can discern his interest and guide him towards Jesus.

Continuing the relationship to change or convert him is unfair to him. I married dating for mature singles Christian man, but I married into a Muslim family.

Our values and beliefs cut to the core of who we are.

Tania's Story - Christian Muslim Relations

Cultural differences run deep, even within our pluralistic society. For example, Muslims and Christians both value marriage and family. Even if your romantic interest rejects such actions, are you willing to bear children e. In Christianity, the only requirement is that each one must be a believer and follower of Christ and receive the Holy Spirit.

But this article is all about values and theology. More important, it is about our relationship with Jesus Christ-or absence of this relationship, sadly.

The difference between Islam and Christianity on religiously mixed marriages is simple.

Tunisia lifts ban on Muslim women marrying non-Muslims

Islam allows Muslim men to marry Christian women, period. It does not allow a Christian man to marry a Muslim woman. So Islam's alleged "openness" and tolerance" and "non-discrimination" is a one-way street. Men are in control. It may be true that individual Muslim men may not control things, and they may even be saintly.

However, if they follow their Quran, then they have permission to exert a lot of patriarchal authority, as noted earlier, for example, in Surawhich permits men to hit their wives. The children would be raised Muslims, if the Muslim man-the head of household-follows Islam. Thus, the family would not be harmonious. Christianity, in contrast, says that a married Christian couple should be equally yoked together spiritually, in Christ.

This means that the couple does not have to worry about deep theological differences. They muslim girl dating a christian guy off in unity. The man does not have to worry about her being an infidel. The man does not have to exert patriarchal control, just to keep a semblance of unity.

The children are raised Christians, little followers of Christ. The family is therefore harmonious. In Christ, there is family harmony. In the religion of Islam, there are family differences and potential strife in religiously mixed marriages. See the Conclusion to a long article for more on the Quranic confusion on the identity of Jesus. This webpage offers support to a Christian woman who may be having trouble in her marriage to a Muslim man, and the page clarifies other issues.

This article describes the life of the Dhimmis muslim girl dating a christian guy Zimmis in the article in an Islamic state. Dhimmis are Jews and Christians who live under Islam as second-class citizens.


Life was not a bed of roses for non-Muslims, and this may carry forward to today and non-Muslim wives. Box Austin, TX The truth about Muslim-Christian marriages James M. Arlandson A Muslim man is allowed to marry a Christian woman, but a Christian man is not permitted to marry a Muslim woman. This short article from a Muslim website, representing many others, says about religiously mixed marriages: It is not permissible for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man.

Muslim-Christian couples rejoice over decision to allow Muslim women to marry non-Muslims

What does the New Testament say on the matter? The Quran For the historical and literary topical context of this next sura chapterplease click here. The Quran in Sura says:. The New Testament The New Testament starts the soon-to-be married couple on an equal footing in the selection of a mate.

FATWA: On Christian Men Marrying Muslim Women (Updated)

Conclusion My criticism is not leveled against Muslims but against Islam as a religious system and against its early violent history, when Muhammad himself was founding the original community, and against its later violent history.

The truth about these things must get out. Supplemental Material See the Conclusion to a long article for more on the Quranic confusion on the identity of Jesus. On the other hand, there are some advantages in interfaith relationships. There are studies that show that interfaith couples are better at communicating with one another than same-faith muslim girl dating a christian guy. In particular, they are better at communicating effectively and coming to an agreement about important issues.

Perhaps this is because interfaith couples recognise from the start that they will have to negotiate their religious differences, and so they quickly learn how to carry this skill into other aspects of the relationship.


But doctrine should not be confused with faith, or even with religious affiliation. Many believers disagree with the official views of their respective religious leadership. Even those who share the same religious affiliation do chat rooms necessarily share the same opinions on important issues.

So the assumption that two people must share the same religion to really understand each other is flawed. In our case, it has been the opposite.

Despite our different religions, we share a common understanding of God, and what belief means in our day-to-day lives. We are very lucky in that both of our families love and accept us.

What happens when you fall in love across the religious divide?

We know this is rare. We speak with couples all the time about their struggles, and the pushback they get from family and friends. In the end, those who make it work choose each other over all else. What about the kids? Our philosophy on this comes from something the Buddha said. To this point, we want to give our three muslim girl dating a christian guy sons depth.

We aim to give them the tools any believer needs to practice their faith, so we pray together, sing songs, meditate, read and reflect on sacred texts. We do this together at home and in churches and other places of worship, near and far. But depth is not the only goal we have for our children. We want to help them become religiously literate citizens, giving them breadth as well.

So, we read the Bible and the Ramayana. We sing gospels and chant mantras. We talk about the Buddha and tell folk religion origin stories.

Muslim girl dating a christian guy [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)