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Celebrities Doing Things! While he may be taken in real life, we can still admire from afar. Why He's a Catch : Those. Orlando Bloom age Single guy celebrities [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Jake Gyllenhaal age Single guy celebrities Gray Gubler age Scott Eastwood age Tom Hiddleston age Henry Cavill age Reports say the Gossip Girl actor was "inconsolable" after hearing that his co-star and girlfriend of two years, Jessica Szohr, cheated on him Why He's single guy celebrities Catch : Aside from the fact that women are practically hardwired to want to single guy celebrities an injured fawn back to health, this fashionisto is a two for one deal: He's a BF and the sexiest shopping buddy you'll ever have.

Potential Drawbacks : He will totally judge you for wearing the same outfit twice, so only chicks with impressive closets need apply. His Status : Chronically single. While the gossip rags have tried to online video speed dating him to everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Cameron Diaz, Butler recently confirmed on the Ellen DeGeneres show that he's most definitely flying solo.

Why He's a Catch : Because he's interested in more than just a pretty face: He says he's a "real sucker" for sweetness and a good heart. We're sure a nice rack is just as important, but still, awww. Most adored for his hopeless romantic yet extremely funny character Jim Halpert in "The Office," John Krasinski made us all wish we were Pam Beesly or even better, his real life love Emily Blunt.

If you have ever seen John in an interview, he just seems like the sweetest guy and also someone you could easily hold a conversation with. While he may be taken in real life, we can still admire from afar. Adding the only Irish to this list is sweet Niall Horan. Ditching his boy band ways much like his bandmate Harry Styles, Niall let his bleach blond locks go back to his natural brown.


With his light eyes and dark hair, I am amazed he didn't go to this combo sooner cause it works for him. He also showed he is much more than a backup vocalist with his new solo album.

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With his sweet ways and his Irish brogue, Niall is perfect. I have to add an athlete on the list, and if I am going to do that, I need to add Tim Tebow. This guy is nothing but class. He supports so many charities, is kind to all his fans, and doesn't look bad in uniform if I do say so myself.


While the guy has been scrutinized by the media for his Christian faith, he still remains as sweet as can be. He also has many talents. While he got his start as free dating nottingham football player, he is now playing baseball for a triple A team as well as being a sports caster for the SEC. Can we please bring tewbowing back?

The newest face of "Spiderman," Tom Holland is by far the fan favorite to have played your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Fatherhood has revealed me. It has given me great perspective and a true purpose in single guy celebrities. I'm also single guy celebrities calm. As an actor, I make choices of films that I can be proud of well into the future and will make my family proud," Depp has said.

Gotta love that! Those are just a few of the qualities Irish hottie Colin Farrell looks for in a woman and by the way, did we mention he's on the lookout for one? The oh-so-handsome year-old told Hello! A sense of adventure and humor is important too, but I truly find kindness and consideration for others to be the most attractive thing in anyone.

Okay, how could we not put People's Sexiest Man Alive on our list? Rumors have been swirling Bradley Cooper may be back together with on-again off-again girlfriend Zoe Saldanabut until either party officially confirms, we'd say he's still single and ready to mingle!

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And how would you know if the smokin' hot A-lister is actually into you? Age: Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill is a British actor.

InCavill became the face and official spokesperson of the Dunhill fragrance collection for men campaign. Birthplace: Saint Saviour, Jersey.

Single guy celebrities [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)