How to tell a woman she looks good

You look tired 2. Keep it short, sweet, and to-the-point. Yes No. The key with compliments is to make them thoughtful, specific, and related to things other than looks. How to tell a woman she looks good [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Besides, fear will only work against you. Tell her that she looks pretty. There are a number of ways to do this after you have had some initial conversation. What is critical is that you do not blurt out your compliment in the middle of the conversation. Instead, wait for a lull in the conversation.

You might also try to be original and plan your own lines. It is very pretty the way that it frames your face. Build on your initial compliment.

The 11 Best Compliments for a Girl

If the girl responds well to your compliment, consider continuing with a bit more flattery. Draw attention to the little things that you find beautiful about her.

Perhaps it is her eyes, her eyebrows or something else. Avoid sexually charged compliments. Not only does this objectify her, but it also crosses the line of good sense and decency.

Method 2. Be mindful of setting. A passing compliment to a female friend, work colleague, or peer on her dress or appearance might be fine in a professional setting.

However, you again need to be mindful of the context and also your mutual level of comfort. It is best to be close friends with the girl before you compliment her how to tell a woman she looks good looks, in order to avoid possible misunderstand or complication.

Be sure that your friend is comfortable with you. Keep it casual and gentle. Avoid misunderstanding by all means possible. Tone and body language are key. Make sure that your tone is casual and gentle when paying the compliment. Consider complimenting her in an indirect way — a way that says she is pretty without necessarily directly referencing her appearance. Pay her the compliment. Let the compliment come out naturally in the course of conversation. Method 3. Keep those compliments coming.

If you are already in a relationship with the target girl, then you should be sure to keep the stream of compliments flowing.


You might smile when you see her, because you think of all the amazing moments you had together. You kansas city singles groups over 50 smile whenever you see her because her presence makes you happy. Whatever the true reason for this compliment is, she will interpret all the above mentioned aspects in your words.

Every girl and especially the really beautiful ones have issues with how they look. A woman always thinks that she is too fat, or that her boobs are too small and her nose is too big. He thinks I am perfect…. By telling her that she is perfect the way she is, you take away all her insecurities with a couple of words. A guy who tells her that how to tell a woman she looks good is perfect must be perfect for her.

Tell her that you respect and appreciate her for the fact that she is more intelligent than the average girl. Now she knows the reason why you date her and not one of the brain-dead party chicks who drink away their pain and their brain cells every weekend.

Knowing that you want her and not those blond bimbos will make her trust you even more. It also shows her that you appreciate her for the conversations you have and it shows her that you love the time you spend with her. How would you feel if you had a beautiful girlfriend you can talk about everything with? What are the best compliments for a girl? Instead of telling every girl you approach that she is beautiful, you should try to come up with some more creative and uncommon compliments.

In my experience telling a woman that she is gorgeous has a lot more power than simply saying that she is beautiful. Knowing about the best compliments for a girl and putting them into practice when you approach women is great, but it was all for nothing if you tell her on your first date that she reminds you of your mother. Instead of saying ridiculous stuff like that you should tell her that she is different than other women and that she makes you smile whenever you look at her.

Appreciating her physical features is good but appreciating her intelligence is even better. Once you have told her that she is perfect the way she is and that you have the feeling that you can talk about everything with her, she will melt in your hands.

Male bosses now will not be left alone with a female employee. Men are being emasculated in America and are even becoming afraid to even approach women.

Women in our culture had better get very used to always making the first move. Alright… i am a female and i have a girlfriend i write her poetry every week and this site really helped that you sooooooooo much. I guess my compliments are also good for poetry.

There are many great ideas in your article. I also have some things to share how to tell a woman she looks good everyone about what I used to do.

I tell the truth about the issues that the girl said, or what happened to the girl. I pay attention to the girl and always think about the positive things, even she only has normal things but she can do something good that deserves to receive her compliments fom me. For example, young girl and look like a little girl had learn to drive car. Or, the girl is going to work while attending a high school. Or compliment she is very friendly in communication and she is really good girl.

There are many things to compliment a girl if we are honest, think positive and focus on make funny things. I also wrote a post about the topic. Excellent and decent post.

A man's guide to delivering a compliment

I found this much informative. Thank you for this post. The trick is to focus on less obvious areas for praise in order to truly impress her. Letting your date, girlfriend, or wife know you find her funny is usually best communicated by simply laughing at her jokes, or responding with the cry-laugh emoji to her funny texts.

Everyone likes to feel as though they bring valuable information to the table. Whether your love interest is book smart or street smart, let them know that you value their opinions and input, and are eager to learn from them. Everyone brings something to the table in craigslist older women of knowledge, so think carefully about what your partner is teaching you, and compliment on that specifically so that it's more genuine.

A more tailored way of delivering this compliment is by relating it to taste, noting that you appreciate what they watch, read, or listen to. Telling a woman she's beautiful will usually be well-received, but it can be such a generic compliment that it occasionally comes across as a bit disingenuous.

10 BEST Compliments - Conversation Starting Compliments For Both Men & Women

Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Sunday 28 July A man's guide to delivering a compliment Want to insult a woman? Then offer her a compliment. Saying she looks curvy or like her mother or father is an absolute no-no. Around 43 per cent of those surveyed said this was the best compliment. A further four in 10 are happiest when someone comments on their gorgeous smile. More one in 10 misunderstood praise about their make-up, assuming they were wearing too much.

Incredibly, only half of women actually take compliments well, the survey showed. Only four in 10 prefer to have them from a partner than anyone else. How about that?

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