Man finds ark of the covenant

The translators in Matthew, Mark and Luke decided to translate EPI as "over", because it would have not made sense to say that a sign was put EPI on his head, but in John they translated EPI to mean "on" because it would make sense to put a sign on the cross. In the 's General Gordon recognized that the site matched the biblical description of Calvary, the site of the crucifixion of Christ. John Calvin, Book of Days , Volume 1, p. Man finds ark of the covenant [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

He is confident they remain where he found them. He does not believe they have been secreted away. So I believe that God has adequately demonstrated, at least to me, that He is not going to allow this to be moved. This is it, the heart and soul of it. The crucifixion site was found on the side of the Golgotha hill, or Place of the Skull just outside the old north wall of Jerusalem, not far from the Garden Tomb.

It was discovered under many feet of soil with actual holes in the rock where crosses were placed, and niches in the rock wall behind where three signs were placed.

Ron Wyatt- The Ark of the Covenant

The large circular stone used to cover the garden tomb was also located there, and it was all surrounded by the foundation of a first century building. The central, main cross hole has an earthquake crack beside it. Photographic evidence was obtained, and then the site was covered back over with 12 feet of dirt and a garden established.

Wyatt says it was landscaped to avoid controversy.

The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

The entrance to the system of caves and tunnels, found by the Wyatt team in the cliff wall was also sealed over. In conclusion, Wyatt was asked to describe his spiritual growth since his discoveries. What is the difference in his gospel understanding before the discoveries and since? I was experiencing those things, and of course I had a hunger and a thirst.

I had a big curiosity. To be perfectly honest that may have outweighed the other consideration and then the difference between what I felt then and now is I believed what the Bible said.


Wyatt added that it has been his role to do more than just dig up interesting artifacts. He accepted the added responsibility to explain the religious significance of the items he found. The Wyatt Archeological Research group maintains a small museum in Tennessee where the evidence and work of Ron Wyatt can be examined and studied. The death of Mr. Wyatt is not expected to stop the effort of telling the world about the findings, according to a spokesman. WorldNetDaily has examined extensive evidence regarding the various claims and discoveries made by Wyatt for several weeks.

Several critics have been found who have voiced their opinion that the work of Wyatt Archaeological Research is fraudulent, but evidence to support those charges cannot be found. WorldNetDaily is not qualified to determine the value of the evidence.

Wyatt was given a deathbed opportunity to either reaffirm or recant his claims. He chose to reaffirm all that he has claimed without hesitation. RSS feed for comments on this post. The live broadcast from Cameroon Africa is in French as well as English linking listeners and callers from around the globe. We live in highly technical world where Pray Live is meeting the needs of busy people in our ever changing, ever challenging environment.

There are those who call from cell phones during the day and night when they need to hear comforting words. People need other people and when they connect with others by simply dialing a phone number for prayer, there is no end to the magnitude of blessings. Wyatt was a charlatan. He has no proof of what he says. Even his other discoveries were discovered years before he even attempt on a discovery.

Also, Wyatt was a Seven Day Adventist. That makes him suspect. The Ark of the Covenant is probably in Ireland simply because God moved Jerusalem out of the middle east. The New Jerusalem is the United States. Jesus Christ only died for Israel, not the entire world. This morning, I received a man finds ark of the covenant from Mr.

Dennis Schelles which was Mr. I need to explain something to you. Ron, my father in law passed away in 99 and a man by the name of Richard Rives took control of dads work. Since then things have gone down hill and sad to say out of our control. We are so sorry about the condition of dads museum. We would take it from Man finds ark of the covenant. R if we could. Please do not let that negate from dads truth and his discoveries.

I hope to hear from you again soon. Well, good on Ron, I hope he is with The Father in heaven with Christ in Eternal Good…God bless and continue to bless the result of his work here and may it bring exponentially magnified fruits here on earth and towards heaven. Christ Crucifixion site and the Ark of the Covenant found burred under a trash pile in Jerusalem.

My husband was reading a fiction book when he asked me what was the ark of the covenant?


I told him I would read to him what the bible says, when I got finished I wanted to research more and that is when I found out about Ron Wyatt. Just like Abraham,Joseph,Moses and some other noble men in the bible…I hope your findings will help Christians all over the world to get stronger in their faith til Jesus comes….

God bless your whole family…. I believe in Jesus! That will get me into heaven. I think Ron believed too. These included:. Wyatt was not considered credible by professional archaeologists and biblical scholars.

The Garden Tomb Association of Jerusalem state in a letter they issue to visitors on request:. The Council of the Garden Tomb Association London totally refute the claim of Wyatt to have discovered the original Ark of the Covenant or any other biblical artifacts within the boundaries of the area known as the Garden Tomb Jerusalem. Though Wyatt was allowed to dig within this privately owned garden on a number of occasions the last occasion being the summer of staff members of the Association observed his progress and entered his excavated shaft.

As far as we are aware free 50 chat rooms was ever discovered to support his man finds ark of the covenant nor have we seen any evidence of biblical artifacts or temple treasures. In order to excavate one must have at least a BA in archaeology which he does man finds ark of the covenant possess despite his claims to the contrary. Wyatt's official organization, Wyatt Archaeological Research WARclaims that the IAA have always been aware of the excavations and issued "verbal permits" for most of them and official permits to all WAR excavations since Evangelicals have also been critical of Wyatt's claims: Answers in Genesis called Wyatt's claims "fraudulent", [20] and David Merling, a Seventh-day Adventist professor of archaeology addressed the issues of Wyatt's Noah's Ark and anchor stones with the following:.

While the Durupinar site is about the right length for Noah's ark, [it is] Reasons to Believe. We know God was using him because he was faithful to the Lord and was chosen to do this work. We should believe him when he said he found the ark.

Jesus’ Blood Found on the Ark of the Covenant

His credibility says we should. But that is not true. God was still using Ron, because inhe found the Sodom and Gomorrah sites.

If you are a wicked fraud, all you need is one tunnel to the cave and you can tell your hateful lies. But Ron felt that some of the temple furniture was to come out and thus a more direct and wider tunnel was needed. He worked on this second tunnel with volunteers from to A huge sacrifice and hard work. After finishing the tunnel Ron understood that none of the furniture would be coming out as God man finds ark of the covenant the furniture as if it is a permanent set-up.

To say that God used this good Christian man, performing miracles along the way to help Ron, and using this one person on the other discoveries, and to then say that Ron LIED about finding the ark is totally inconsistent.

Man finds ark of the covenant [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)