Finding a man that adores you

He laughs at his own foibles. I find that most of the men who I date who initially want me, want me more when I am a challenge. It takes a tremendous amount of confidence to create a following — in both yourself and in other people. These men were manipulative Aholes. There is nothing more attractive than embracing who you really are and showing that to others. Finding a man that adores you [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I have compromised alot and put alot of work into this relationship, as he has. But I needed to break my bad boy dating rut I was in and this guy was really sweet and unlike anyone I have ever dated. This topic sparked my interest…do I look for someonelse that wants me more, enough to marry me. Of the hundreds or thousands of men in the dating pool, how are you consistently ending up with the muck at the bottom? But 50 losers in a row is too much to be a statistical anomoly. You may want finding a man that adores you reevaluate how you choose which men to date.

You make an excellent point. Although it often seems like we need a catalyzing event catching him cheating, etc. Best of luck to you. Countless articles, including a few that Evan has linked to from OkCupid! To top it off, if Nancy is an African-American or a Euro-American, her chances of finding dates are even slimmer again according to OkCupid!

If you are a white male, you have the advantage of finding a man that adores you in the male racial group that is contacted the most —across all age groups. One has to consider that I am dealing with a pool of men who have been in bad marriages, secondly, men are very drawn to me physically and they overreact.

At least that has been my experience. So they come on strong and that reads as either needy, weird, cocky, etc. I tend to be very reserved, which they read as a challenge. I try to date at least three men at a time which is why the number is so high. I have only been in a relationship with one and he turned out to be pathological.

4 Signs that a Man LOVES you and Adores You (number 2 may surprise you)

So there you go. Makes me very pessimistic about finding the one. Let go of that need for a while and enjoy yourself. Spend some time that way without pressure and expectations on yourself, and maybe you will feel recharged after a while. Ahh… I dunno. Big red flag. So which is more important to you. Having him in your life, or being married? Perhaps the criteria being used are not the best? But, e-mail with them?

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All Rights Reserved. Although men are differing, there are a number of consistent traits among emotionally healthy individuals. He is confident : He is secure, proud but not arrogant.


He has high self-esteem. He follows his inner voice and his passions. You can feel his passion when you are in the room with him or hear him speak on topic that is important to him. He affirms equality of self and others. He is authentic : He expresses his true-self with others.

He is not a sycophant or chameleon who changes his behaviors and words to win approval. He has his own style, presentation, and mannerisms that are consistent across the areas of his life. He may have unique style of dressing, unusual views of the world or support a unique cause or ideal. His has inner authenticity in which he carries into each relationship of his life. He has the ability to laugh at himself : He enjoys smiling with the people in his life. He laughs at his own foibles. Finding a man that adores you finds ways to make life a success, laughs at himself and always remains humble.

When he slips up, personally or professionally, he acknowledges his mistake, makes apologies when necessary and learns find friends in australia his blunder. He lets the situation go, moves on and does not repeat the same mistake twice. He offers the gift to love : He expresses love to his children, family and friends.

He speaks highly of his family and those in his life. He is kind to people, animals and the earth. He treats people with respect.

He does not participate in gossip or insulting comments. He is comfortable giving hugs to men and women he cares for including friends and business acquaintances. He finding a man that adores you seeks growth : He has a past, including unsuccessful relationships from previous stages of his journey.


His growth is continuous. He is committed to learning from his past experiences and discovering where he can improve in future relationships. He may be extraordinary today as he is.

9 Ways to Attract Someone Who Adores You

However, he wants more out of life and himself. If you DO have to wonder about his priorities, consider that a red flag.

5 Signs He Adores You

The second sign that a man loves you is that he protects you. Men are designed, from the ground up, out of the box, when they roll out of the factory, to protect the women they love. Not to protect the woman they like, but the woman they love. He would give his life, to his woman. If he does love you, he will automatically pull you behind him and stand in front of you so he can catch the bullet if needed. He will still be really afraid and scared, but it will not matter.

His love is so strong that he just wants you to be safe.

When a Man Loves & Adores You, but tries to HIDE it!

And protecting you is an automatic reaction when he loves you. Does he take care of you? Does he cook for you?

Finding a man that adores you [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)