Aquarius woman dating virgo man

We only made love on ce kissed a lot and though it was awkward and I was pretty terrified, cos I was so unsure of his feelings, still, he reached me in a way I think no man ever has and again, that's saying something I know that when we see each other agin which we will, cos we live 5 minutes away from each other , the attraction will be exactly the same. And it is awesome to meet a man wanting the same good traits, honest, loyal, faithful and genuine decent heart. We talked for the length of the night and hid from my companions and stalkers. We split because he always criticized everything and my mood swings never made it better. I think after 23 years I know that Virgo and Aquarius are like water and vinegar-they don't mix well together. Aquarius woman dating virgo man [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The first step is to use their strengths to elevate their relationship. There is always a level of compromise and respect required in all partnerships, and these two already have an advantage by being naturally inclined to consider the needs of others. As far as his perfectionism? This could be a win-win for both, since Aquarius loves thinking outside the box. In terms of conflict, there is also a lot to learn. With her tendency to bottle things up, and his habit of avoiding confrontation, temperatures are usually at the boiling point when they finally decide to address their issues.

An Aquarius woman will show rage, and she can be extremely sarcastic and hurtful with her words and actions. When she is angry, a Virgo man must not take her outbursts personally, and he must not let his emotional side cloud his ability to forgive.

If both are committed to make it last, the future is bright for a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman. By focusing on the positive, learning from their faults and working towards love against all odds, these two will have enough strength to sustain a healthy relationship that has the perfect balance of excitement and stability.

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I have to be honest and say it has been very hard with this Virgo man after all these long years. Many Virgo men that I have met over the years have reminded me of my husband in more ways than one.

Sexually attractive, very humorous, caring and passionate but also clueless about what's important and dim at the same time. He constantly criticizes other people but when he is criticized he really goes nuts. I have read all these posts and everything the Aquarian women have said is so true! Virgo men are very controlling, ego maniacal, lying, opinionated but also very passionate lovers. It's true what they are all saying about the sex He is the only man that has ever given me a G-spot orgasm and even though I have tried [unsuccessful y] over the years, never has anyone come remotely close to pleasing me in bed like he has always done.

Now, Im almost 40 yrs old and find myself involved with a younger man romantically and I don't know what to do. I've had a very tough time with my Virgo husband since day one and I do love him in a lot of ways but his bad habits are really beginning to irritate me too much and I'm seriously thinking about moving on and letting go!

If you are an Aquarian woman and think you want to be with a Virgo man please consider another sign all together. I think after 23 years I know that Virgo and Aquarius are like water and vinegar-they don't mix well together. Im a 20 yr old Aquarius woman dating virgo man woman and let me just say I had a Virgo man hmm interesting two yrs of my life.

This man was the only man that I never got to figure out!! We had been together for two yrs not really together because he was in a whole diff state but I would travel back and forth constantly. The more I went to visit the less and less I saw him and once It was time for me aquarius woman dating virgo man leave he would call me that last day arguing with me telling me I had changed when I would call him plenty of times to see him and he was "too busy" he would speak to me the whole time I was in the airport telling me how sad finding love and happiness was and wished I never came into his life etc.

I would try to end things with him but he would come back to me with these long and beautiful sms or emails etc. He was the only man that I ever broke down to and I mean really broke down to. He would constantly criti ze me because I had a really good life daddies spoiled little brat was what he would call me he would be mad when I would be out shopping with my girls or because I was driving a Mercedes at the age of 16 it was a constant problem all the time He never spoke about his life I felt like he was ashamed of the way he lived because he felt like my parents were so wealthy, I never met his parents.

I never really even knew him now that I think about it. We had fell for each other so quick in a matter of two wks after that it slowly went downhill. I completely lost myself in that unhealthy relationship when the time came where I was back to ME where I didn't care anymore, I wasn't nice to him anymore I told him I didn't want to 100 free armenian dating sites to him three months had passed we met eyes again I was completely over it, but his eyes cried to me he explained his love for me, and how he didn't understand why he was the way he is but that he couldn't hurt me because I seemed so innocent and in his eyes he had never afrikaans phrases me go and he will never meet another girl like me, how sorry he was bla bla bla.

It was already to late all I could tell him was " what do you want from me? You broke my heart what else is there to sdo between us two " I had been picked up like a little flower and slowly with all his criticism, rudeness, and cruelty he picked at my petals by the time we stood in front of each other that last time all those pretty little petals had been all gone all that was left in his hand was a strong little stem and she was no longer foolish.

I don't regret him. If I could take it all back I would still do it again he was a lesson that I learned. I couldn't understand how someone could treat someone so nice, so kind, so cruel. Im an Aquarius women dating a Virgo male. We have only been dating for about 3 months.

Do you want to aquarius woman dating virgo man how I make it work???? Be emotionally detached from him. It will drive him nuts! I'm not ready to be in a "relationship" anytime soon and neither is he. But the fact that I don't hound his phone, text him all the time, get clingy when we are at bars with mutual friends, is what I think he likes best about me. He flirts shamelessly with other girls and I in turn do the same with other men.

Sweaty, lusty, passionate, gentle and rough all at the same time. We have a great mental connection. I admire what he does for a living and he admires what I do. We respect each other above all else. I have an addiction to Virgo men, for some reason they always find me.

When we argue especially if he knows I am hurt he will be on me like a rash. When the dust settles do does he back to being a prick. But the prick I love. He says he can not commit as his eye may wonder. He depends on me for so much in his life and takes it all for granted.

Because of this fact I smile because he will miss me when I am gone. If he commits I'll stay but being 26 and he 23 I aquarius woman dating virgo man don't have time for games I.

I give him his freedom to do what he likes "What's done in the dark will come to light" Ill keep you updated on what happened lol Fergie. The worse relationship I ever had There are much better, sexier, men out there. I dated a Virgo man 8 years ago for a year. We were friends then he chased me so I gave him a chance. Then its so clise like all above. He criticized me a lot, he had no direction, he felt lower than me and finally he cheated with other girl.

So I asked him, did he want it on or off he chose off. Then life goes on. I got married to an amazing Scorpio man and have a son. But then out of nowhere he showed up after I never heard any about him. He said he s much better now and he did all that for me. I got drifted a while, but then found out that he just wanna tested me out.

He's going to get married but when I added him in my facebook, I noticed he still platonically flirts with other girl. So I better really aquarius woman dating virgo man it aquarius woman dating virgo man once and for all. I think Virgo man and Aquarius woman can make it for passionate fling and stimulating friendship.

But for long lasting relationship Aquarius woman won't find depth with him. Virgo causalities can hurt Aquarian's value of honesty. And the soft side of Aquarius will spoil Virgo's tendency of his ego and perfection. Im a Virgo male 33 and I met a fantastic Aquarian female She is cute and sexy but its but not just that, its her personality and inner spirit that is like a powerful magnet to me We connect in this odd level instantly its like we can read each others faces and we are both very expressive.

Well im gona cross my fingers that I can have her or a woman just like her. Oh boy, what a perfect site this is! I have googled many a question into the Google box, about my Virgo, hoping to get the magical equation, the mystical answer to fix all our ills!

I knew my V since about 10, felt an attraction as I grew up, never knew him at all though. I kept in touch after I moved away from the farm he lived two farms down, 10 years older. Always when I returned to visit his dad and him, his twin married at 25 or so to an Aries-whoa they have it hard! Well, I wanted to return to the country to live for years, and had been looking for somewhere to rent as a weekend getaway, and since his dad died earlier in the year, I decided to ask to rent a room.

He thought the idea would be good. Not very verbal, very to the point, Scorpio rising, and me Cap rising. Well, I made the first move, and he didn't see it coming, but liked the idea, but got scared because I wanted to move to the relationship phase.

He kept turning it on, and shutting it off every other weekend, and I would drive back to the city crying, only to return to try to get him to act better, which he would. Slowly, over the year, I moved in stuff, and then moved out stuff. All my stuff is gone now. I think he is done, although if I initiate sex, of aquarius woman dating virgo man the passion, affection and cuddling is there even stronger.

Then he shuts down. At least I got my drake you better find your love in, he now knows what a Virgo is, I think it makes him feel better about who he is, and at least he knows that I will meet him half way. I don't know if I will be there for him if he is ever ready. I don't think he wants it. The last time we "broke up" he went on a phone dating service and set up a profile.

I found the piece of paper, he said he hasn't done anything, but he made the move away from me by doing it! I have been frustrated, heartbroken and mystified by his ambiguous completely free std dating site, but I feel so good in his arms, and in his presence.

I know life with him would be boring, but I know myself that I can make my own interests keep me busy, and I would have liked to get used to his grumpiness over time. I wasn't patient enough. The only reason I stuck it out was because an Aquarius girlfriend who is a horoscope queen told me it was a no no with a Virgo. I used the researching to help our relationship, and he even found it all fascinating when I related some of it to him, but perhaps my girlfriend was right, it just can't work, esp.

I like that he was always a good man, with good ideals and ethics I would do it all again too. In love with a Virgo guy, am Aquarius girl. Been a crazy relationship ride, meeting officially at online video speed dating years old drunk in the back of a car but he dropped me home in the cab when he lived in a total different direction, then met again at 18 was friends with my then boyfriend, yet I had a dislike for him for some reason, then became friends at 19 after he randomly called me to talk, hooked up at 21, we're born same year so same age.

But I have to say he ha s never lied to me on what he does and who he does it with. I can be scared, I have been scared about my feelings for him cuz I did think we were just best friends and I know he is more scared even thou he can hide his feelings as good as I can. I leave it in the hands of the universe. When your in love your in love, and even through the hurt and confusion. Everyone's story is written for oneself. I'm an Aquarius woman, and Virgo men are like my kryptonite. I would never wanna be in a relationship with one.

They're too picky. But that's how I always get sucked in. I like the challenge of making someone that hard to impress want me. Needless to say I keep my relations with Virgos purely sexual, and it all works out fine.

I am a Aquarius girl who's really is in like with a Virgo boy, I never experience a relationship with them. I don't know what it is that attract me to him so much. I know why I like him but he always on my mind and I don't want to be just his friend.

I am not trying to rush in a relationship, I just want to know if we could go somewhere but like they say Virgo's don't express their feeling so I don't know what to do which is an issue for me.

Another issue that I have is that I think that he has a physical attraction to me because he trying to take my v card and when we do talk for hours we end up having a conversation about us having sex again. We have tried attempts but I was doing it for him to make him happy and a closer way of making him mines.

Reading about Virgo man or boys, I can see some stuff that can relate to the person I am talking to right now. Aquarius woman dating virgo man both are in college so I don't aquarius woman dating virgo man if he just trying to explore first before he ready to settle down.

Also, he tells me he like me and I am everything he looking for in girl but he's not doing a good job of showing it. Do any one have any suggestions that could help me with this situation because its really stressing me out. I'm an Aquarius girl who has been trying to get over a Virgo guy for the past several weeks after almost a 1 year relationship.

It has never, ever been so hard for me to aquarius woman dating virgo man over a guy, but this Virgo really made is so difficult! Reading these posts have shed so much light onto what was going on and what went wrong. There were many, many red flags way too controlling, aquarius woman dating virgo man, picky, critical and possessive and instances where I second-guessed myself but because the sex was so mind-blowing and he was so sweet and intellectually stimulating at times, that I just ignored the warnings.

I really think that he strung me along after about 6 months, aquarius woman dating virgo man, after "loosing" his job more like getting fired, which seemed to be a regular pattern for him and I actually thought that I had a real connection with him and truly wanted to spend my life with him. What a huge mistake! All the while I was intrigued and was trying to figure him out, as most Aquarius girls like to investigate. Now that at I look back, I would not do it again.

However, aquarius woman dating virgo man to say that I learned so much after being with this Virgo guy, especially about heartbreak. I definitely agree that it's better for a "friends with benefits" situation, because Virgo guys are not worth the time and effort for Aquarius girls, we have way too much to offer someone who will actually have a deep connection with us, can look at the big picture, know what is truly important in life and love unselfishly.

I'm a 21 year old Aquarius woman, and I seem to have a thing for Virgo men. My first 'love' in 8th grade was a Virgo. I lost my virginity to a 27 year are leonard and penny dating in real life Virgo when I was Yes, big age gap, I know.

We knew each other from work. He was clear about that right off the bat, though. I still really liked him though. He'd go out and hang out with all these girls and I wasn't allowed to get jealous. But then one of his close friends started really liking me aquarius woman dating virgo man took me on a date. He said 'deal' and unfriended me on every social networking website we were friends on, and gave me the silent treatment at work. Talk about an immature reaction.

He knew what he was doing. I am now in the beginning stages of a relationship with another Virgo man. So far, things have been great. The sex is awesome and he really cares about me.

Also accounts for his odd texting habits, he doesn't usually text me at work, which is like the majority of his life. He considers us a long-distance relationship. I don't :p I have faith in him, I feel like as long as I have patience, he'll make us a relationship. He's mature and responsible, unlike the previous Virgo in my life. I feel like I've dealt with so many emotional issues regarding Virgos that I kind of know what I'm doing with him.

I guess we'll see. I'm staying positive and confident. I feel compelled to mention that I'm sure Aquarius woman dating virgo man won't marry him or anything. He's not my soulmate. So I'm just here for the ride, and to make things the best they can be. I am an Aquarius woman who was married to an Virgo man.

Reading thru the above, I am proof that it can work. Sex was great thru those years and even though we didn't agree on some things we found a balance between us. We raised 3 beautiful children. It all fell apart with drugs. True Aquarian style I walked away with my children. I have now fallen for another Virgo. After being with one for that period of time I have taken on some of their qualities. This is now an advantage for me.

I read thru what an Aquarian is suppose to be like and only half of me identifies with it.


You do have to teach a Virgo man to show his love, but it is truly mind blowing when you reach him. All I can say is assess you situation and if this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with Ok so I've been dating this Virgo guy for maybe almost a month now. We got out on dinner dates and soon we're going the zoo and to the circus lol. We haven't had sex or anything like that yetI'm kind of taking it slow with this one.

I've never really had an experience with a Virgo man before but he's putting all my other ex's and past relationships to shame. He makes me feel appreciated even though we aren't an item! He calls me while he's at work and tells me how much he misses me and has me call him when I wake up, get to work AND get off of work.

Might sound a bit much but I love a man who chases me lol it's like a big rush. Oh and he is extremely affectionate holding hands and lots of kisses. I absolutely adore his aquarius woman dating virgo man and his ability to communicate. As an Aquarius, I love an intellectual person. But on the other side of things, reading these posts have really made me a bit scared to continue with him lol.

Best free dating site 2013 we both want a relationship and want to build a family in the near future. The only thing that turns me off about him is his dry sense of humor lol. Just today he told me that he wants to know my sizes in everything so that if he sees something he would buy it for me!!

I've never had anything like this before I feel like I'm falling for this guy even though we "supposedly" wouldn't make a good match, aquarius woman dating virgo man. Seems like the whole size thing is the next step? All of this has me wondering! I am an Aquarius woman who has been talking to a Virgo meet someone synonym for a few weeks.

He is very smart but not nerdy, can hold his own in a conversation with me, which is hot. It aquarius woman dating virgo man me to think he would be ice cold towards me though. Maybe some of the control issues aren't true. I know I am totally the opposite of what everything says about Aquarians running from commitment and structure.

I will give it a chance and then let you know how it's going I am a teenage Aquarius girl who is, as of recently, dating a Virgo boy. I had been chasing this boy for months and finally about a week ago, we started dating. He always seemed interested aquarius woman dating virgo man me, but too scared or something to ask me out until the other night we spent together making out and it was aquarius woman dating virgo man of a physical time spent together and then we started dating.

Now it's hard to make conversation and plan things with him That is somewhat of a disappointing thought because like I said, I put so much effort into landing this relationship and I really want it to work.

It's just that recently when we've spent time together, he's not as out there as he was the first night we hung out. I wonder if it's because he's nervous or if he's not interested anymore but too scared to say so.

I nearly didn't start dating my perfect Virgo man because of my ex Virgo who I was aquarius woman dating virgo man a six year relationship with. They are very different people though We sometimes joke about the fact he's a Virgo. This is because the second time he asked me out, at a party, I asked him his star sign, when he said 'Virgo' I walked away saying "It'll never work. I'm Started dating my first Virgo at 15, baby at 16, married at 17!

We had a strong physical attraction from the beginning 'til the end. We were madly in love, but when he was disloyal to me, that was it. He tried so hard to win me back writing songs, he is a great musician, sending flowers and chocolates. I couldn't go back. I have two lovely boys from the experience and lots of happy and sad memories. We split when I was 21 and divorced by My first aquarius woman dating virgo man after was with a Virgo but that only lasted a month.

Dated a Capricorn for 10 months he broke my heart. But now fond myself dating another Virgo. We have taken it slow because we both have kids. He is 11yrs older. The sexual attraction is again very strong.

It started 8 months ago and I love him. We give each other plenty of space and I'm in no rush to move in together. We have a mutual respect for one I am a Aquarius woman and I am talking with a Virgo man and he is nice and thoughtful, but not sure of his direction.

He is a truck driver, therefore you never know what is going on. I am a 30yr old Aquarius and was dating a Virgo man for almost 6yrs. Aquarius woman dating virgo man let me just say it has been the worst but yet so weird the longest relationship I've ever had!

Yes the only good thing we have is sex! But that's where it ends. They are the charmers!! But in all honesty they are complete failures and once the gig is up and you find that he's nothing but a LOSER you will be very mad at yourself for even meeting this trash!

He will always ta lk down on me about everything I say or do. Will always find something negative to say. Basically Aquarius sisters run far quick fast the other way!!

I'm really upset that I didn't leave his sorry butt much sooner. The signs were all there from the very beginning!! What a waste of time. But will always make it seem like you're the one with the problem. They will not try and fix or hear about any issues in the relationship because remember, they are NEVER wrong!! Umm case in point look at my metro detroit chat room 6 freakin years!!

This is how cocky they are!! I'm now 30yrs old and have to start all over again which really saddens me. I'm good! I don't need him for nothing more than just SEX!! Which dammit I will sure miss! I was living a lie!!

I was miserable sad sad sad!! They will take our light ladies our special unique gift that NO other female sign has! Great lovers YES but that's about it!! Thank god I am free of this man, this evil misery!! Happy hunting my sisters!! Just met a sexy Aquarius a couple of weeks ago. We ended up falling in love in 1 night scary She told me that it is hard to have feelings for any guy and does not understand how she can have so much feelings just from 1 night.

I have to admit I don't get attached easy either and do feel emotion for her as well. It's going to be interesting I am an Aquarius female, dated my ex for 4 years on and off. The physical and mental connection was on point and we were very much in love.

I loved him the and I love him guy celebrities Hands down the best I've ever had. Ladies go for it,there will be a lot of down but the ups will overshadow those downs. Be careful though because they are very flirtatious and may cheat. To my Aqua girl from a Virgo male: I do miss you every day and it feels like you have been gone for years, You broke my heart when you doubted my love for you, You told me that you don't trust me and that I lied to you and cheated on you.

I got tired from your nagging and insecurities, all you had to do was to believe in me but you took the easy way out I never had children yet you expected me to be a dad to your child, I tried so hard to keep you happy, I gave you all my money and even borowed money when times got tough, what I did for you was never enough, You told me you slept with another man a few days after we broke up, you told your friends I was beating you up and you caused me to loose a few friends.

Aquarius female compatibility with Virgo man

I bought you a car that you sold because you thought you where spitefull, still paying for that you know, two months later you declare your love to me againtelling me that you had to do it for me to move on with my life and hate you, the next thing is you ask me for money again? And why did you take my dog? All I can say is that Aqua girls are evil and always playing it so that they can get simpathy from others and as soon as they see aquarius woman dating virgo man you, you take of like a bird I love my Virgo man!!!

He's great!!! He spoils me like crazy!!! He takes awesome care of me. He's honest and loyal and he makes the effort to please me in every way.

He always makes me laugh.


Treats me like a lady and is very dating app framework. He was sooooo shy in the beginning, but that's what attracted me to him, his manly good looks that goes with his cute shyness.

I don't always believe in astrology, but its interesting aquarius woman dating virgo man read what they've got to say about our signs, and not everything is true. People who love each other will make the effort to make it work despite their signs. I dated a Virgo man for 6 months. The first 3 months were amazing. There was an instant attraction, we got hot and heavy right away.

But then I started noticing little things I felt as though he was lying to me all the time. Although when we were spending time together it would be so great and so perfect I would quickly dismiss my weary feelings and enjoy our time together. After 3 months he asked me to move in with him. I hesitated and said that we should wait at least until we've dated for 6 aquarius woman dating virgo man to make sure we weren't rushing into anything. This is when things took a turn for the worse.

He was very over protective of his phone and his computer, he had lots of baggage from his previous relationship. He became very withdrawn. He never talked much of his personal life, getting any kind of information or history about him was near impo ssible. I tried so hard to understand him and compromise where I could.

Things didn't add up for me,looking back on it now they never did.

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman

We were supposed to move in together after 4th of July weekend He took me to California to meet his Uncle and childhood friend. I thought this to be a huge honor. Meet part of the family and the grade school best friend. Then I found a receipt in his wallet How could he take me to Cali, a week before we are to move in and take someone else out for a date?????? I didn't bother confronting him about it I had enough suspicion and gut feelings to know that this was not a casual meet with a friend.

It was a date!! Plain and simple. I was so angry, I wanted to make him cry! So I sent a nude pic to a random guy friend. I started behaiving very suspiciously, hiding my phone, put it on viberate SO I purposfully left my phone out, while I showered, giving him the perfect oppertunity to snoop.

Which of course he did. Mind you we aquarius woman dating virgo man 2 days into our 4 day vacation in Cali. He never mentions snooping through my phone, and I never mention the receipt. We both knew what was up. The rest of our vacation was like a play I was just waiting for him to explode on me, aquarius woman dating virgo man.

Their communication should mostly be good and their topics similar. They will share interest in many things and usually be excited about similar details. However, they belong to the most different elements of all — to Earth and Air. As an Earth sign, Virgo can be very slow, too thorough and rarely inspired enough for Aquarius to even feel the need to share their ideas with them.

On the other hand, Aquarius can seem unrealistic or even crazy to their Virgo partner. The best way for Virgo and Aquarius to function and be satisfied with their relationship, is to take each other seriously enough. Their communication might be tricky and the lack of compassion Aquarius suffers from will sometimes hurt Virgo, but they still have a great opportunity to combine their minds and form a universal intelligence capable of creating anything at all. The emotional rollercoaster Aquarius gladly offers is something Virgo will probably despise.

In case they do fall in love, they will have to deal with a constant fight for freedom and routine. Aquarius will in most cases avoid doctors at all costs and the fact that they exalt Neptune will mostly turn them to all sorts of alternative medicine, rather than anything typical that Virgo might hold on to.

The entire emotional world of their relationship could come down to Virgo worrying for their irresponsible Aquarius partner, and the lack of gratitude they might get in return. This is a complicated emotional relationship because the worrying of Virgo degrades the personality of Aquarius and the best of intentions could have damaging consequences.

The biggest problem in the relationship of Virgo and Aquarius aquarius woman dating virgo man in the fact they both heavily rely on their rational mind.

This leaves no room for the joy of seduction, love and satisfaction, and usually they both need a partner with more warmth, life or emotion to them so they could both be happier. Virgo and Aquarius will both value intelligence and a clear mind most of all. The work of any artist with a great mind could connect them and they could easily be marriage not dating mydramalist in similar shows, galleries and plays.

Their taste in many things can be almost the same, because the same giving up meeting someone to detail Virgo cherishes so much, makes some people great in their art and this is what fascinates Aquarius. However, Virgo is too cautious and predictable and most of the time they will have trouble fitting in that Aquarius' too exciting, unpredictable world.

Virgo can represent everything that Aquarius runs from — practical, worried about health and earthly things, down to Earth, cleaning obsessed maniac. Imagine how incredibly irresponsible, aquarius woman dating virgo man and unrealistic Aquarius looks to them. Their strongest meeting point is in their rationality and communication, and this can be used to overcome many problems that their differences result in.

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