Dreaming of meeting someone

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. In this scenario, you may dream that an unknown stranger arrives to help you and protect you. You may dream about marrying your crush, or you could dream that you go on an adventure with your crush. Conversely, a child is likely going to have dreaming scenarios that involve the whole family inside the dream. Dreaming of meeting someone [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

You should analyze your relationship more thoroughly. The feelings from the beginning of your relationship have disappeared. If you are dreaming that you are having sex with someone, these dreams are usually called wet dreams.


For example, it is very possible to dream dreaming of meeting someone you are having sex with your boss or a colleague because you spend a whole day with them.

It is also possible to dream of having sex with a person you really like. This dream may be the reflection of your passion and your desire to be with this person. Dreaming About Your Boss. If you are dreaming about your boss, this dream may be a reflection of your self-confidence and your authoritative side.

Also, a dream about boss can indicate that you are too obsessed with your job. In some cases a boss in your dreams may have a negative meaning. If you are afraid of a boss in your dream, it means that you are actually afraid of authority.

You have a feeling that a certain person is controlling creflo dollar sermon dating life and dictating you what to do. If you are having sex with your boss in a dream, this dream is a reflection of your desire to have control and authority.

If you are dreaming about dreaming of meeting someone from your past, it means that this person had an impact on your life, whether it is positive or negative. It is possible to dream about these persons even 10 or 20 years later.

Dream Symbol: meeting someone

If you dream about a person from your past, you should think about this dream. Try to remember what this person in your dream is trying to tell you. You might understand better some things that have happened in your life, but you can also learn something that may be important for your future. Dreaming About Your Ex. When you break up with your partner, memories always stay inside of you, even if you may not be aware of it. In some cases these dreams may indicate that you would like to be with that person again.

Also, through your dream your mind is able to process your hurt dreaming of meeting someone your loss from the past. Of course, you are more likely to dream about a person with whom you were 3 years than a person who was your partner only two weeks. There is a belief that you have prolonged the life of this person through your dream.


A dream about a death of a loved person may also symbolize your fear to lose this person. Also, you may be worried about your own future, so you are meet singles your sadness through your dream. Sometimes, in these spiritual realms, we dreaming of meeting someone across our astral doubles that are dream-selves of our soul mates.

These astral doubles tend to skip ahead and meet us ahead of time, before uniting with us in the real world. Sometimes, they do that by infiltrating our dreams. You can even communicate with them in your dream world. If they are specifically there to convey any messages, they will leave hints and clues for you.

When you meet your soul mate in the real world, your subconscious will automatically activate. You immediately feel a strong sense of familiarity.


Dreams are often a way to help mature women using mind process hurt and losses that we have experienced in the past.

If you were the one who dumped someone you never loved, you are less likely to think about them or have dreaming of meeting someone dream about them in the future. The emotional attachment you have to your ex will often determine how likely you are to dream of them.

It is very common to dream about lost loved ones or family members, especially if you never had a chance to say proper goodbyes to that person. Unresolved hurt and pain from the loss can result in your dreaming of that person. Anyone who has ever had a positive impact on your life is still going to be alive in your mind. Sometimes people from our past may appear in a dream as a symbol of something they represented.

It is important to look at the situation involving your dream to determine how it applies to you. Sometimes people in our past are just reflections of our memories, and it is just your brain taking a trip down memory lane, reminding you of people who have had an impact on your life.

It is bad dreaming of meeting someone if they torment you in your waking life, why do they have to visit your dreams?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone – Interpretation and Meaning

Someone who is being bullied in school might have a dream where their bullies are harassing them, or someone who went through an abusive relationship might have that abusive spouse or partner show up in the dream. If there are people in your life that have a negative impact, it can cause you to dedicate a lot of your thoughts towards these negative people. They could represent your insecurities that you need to deal with.

For example, if you have a bully us army singles used to torment you, forgive that person in your conscious mind.

The act of coming to peace with that person who caused conflict can free you of the emotional impact that is tied towards that person.

Often forgiveness is not for the individual who wronged us, but for our benefit of letting go animosity that we hold on towards others. If someone in the past bullied you, realize that people bully because they are insecure themselves. This individual was acting out their insecurities, by trying to hurt you.

Sexual dreams about people you know are one of the most common dreams. If you have a sexual dream about someone who is close dreaming of meeting someone you, it might be your subconscious mind living out your dark desires that you have. Young teenagers are the most likely to have sexual dreams as they develop and go through puberty.

One of the great psychologists Sigmund Freud believed that all dreams were sexual and were a result of sexual repression from the dreamer. This theory has been largely disproved in modern society because our culture and society has changed since Freud was alive. When it comes to interpreting dreams, there is no hard science behind interpretations. Interpretations come down to how you feel about the dream. If you think your dream dreaming of meeting someone something, then you should dig deeper into your mind and start asking yourself what aspects of your life that are reflected into the dream are.

Some dreams are the result of our wish fulfillment, while others are the product of our brains processing pain that we have experienced throughout our life. The dreamer is the only person who can understand what their dream means. A good dream interpreter can help you search for the right answers inside of you, but at the end of the day, you have the final say on the meaning of your dream. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.

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Seeing Someone In Your Dreams Before You Even Meet Them

He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only.

Meet Me In The Dream - Lucid Exploration With A Friend - Guided Process By Lilian B. Eden

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He chased me all 4 years until a girl from our class decided to be his girlfriend. He was confused he likes her but loved me.

He broke up with her two times for me but I was that stupid to make him look like a fool everytime. I was a really bad person to him. They began a very beautiful relationship on the outside because everyone knew she was the devil incoronated and he was the most angelic guy ever. All of those 4 years, even when they were in a reLationship not only me but a few of my classmates that were aware about our situation felt his look over myself while nobody was watching.

This is one dreaming of meeting someone reason why random people appear in your dream. You may have seen them on television or in line behind you at Starbucks. You never consciously noticed them or thought about them, but their image dreaming of meeting someone imprinted into your memory. Because of this, you dreamed about them and your mind just tried to make sense of the memories later on. If the neurologists are wrong, your dreams have a subconscious meaning of some sort.

If they do, then perhaps your mind is trying to fill some subconscious need, desire or fear.

Dreaming Of Someone Before You Meet Them

If the person is positive in your dream, you may want to have someone happy and supportive in your real life. If they are chasing you, you may fear that an unknown force or person is working against you. If you dream about an dreaming of meeting someone person being your lover, it may represent a desire to have a new romance or increased passion in dreaming of meeting someone life.

It is very easy to believe that the person you see in your dreams is real. It is actually possible that they could be real because you may have seen them at random in your real life. At the same time, they are not someone with a deeper meaning. They give the meaning to the dream, but they themselves mean very little. If you dream of falling in love with an unknown person, it is highly unlikely that you will ever meet them in real life. Instead, they are just someone your subconscious chose to use to represent a feeling, situation, person or something else.

Sometimes, the people who show up in your dream just represent one of your personality traits or an aspect that you want in your life.

Dreaming of meeting someone [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)