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Moreover, they will give their opinion whether or not it is pleasing to you, and are direct almost to a fault. That actually makes sense, right? To stand a chance with a Dutchman, my advice is to take a flight to London. The Shallow Man has met many an expat lady that has been on dates with Dutch men that have not led to happy endings. So you meet someone? Dating dutch men tips [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

A casual affair Dressing up for a date is normal in a lot of countries, but not in the Netherlands. Here things are far more casual, just like their day-to-day attire. A miniskirt, high heels, or a three-piece suit are just not as practical when you have to cycle to your date in the rain. Now, all we want to know is: have you been on a Dutch date yet and did it involve splitting a bill? Email address:. Home Guide to Dutchness Guest Blogging!

To them, there is no window for lateness.


So, divert your watch ahead of time if you are guilty of walking at a snail pace because if you are late, you will get in an instant tif as you have lost the plot! They are not dating dutch men tips about public display of affection so get ready to make out in public. At the start, I was very uncomfortable but now roles have reversed.

Go figure! If you have a date with a Dutch man, expect him to be very well mannered. They treat ladies with respect and are very polite.

That said, if you are looking for a chivalrous man, look further from The Netherlands. They are pretty trustworthy and value committment Not to be confused with marriage.


Also, if you expect them to pay your bills please sought another nationality. Dutch men prefer independent girls. Splitting dating dutch men tips is common and if you offer to pay the better. They have no shame whatsoever if a lady pays the entire bills. What I have experienced for sure is when I offer to pay the entire bill repeatedly, they have no shame in saying no!

They can be painfully shy in approaching ladies so that means that most times the women do the approaching. Better luck when they have consumed alcohol. Sometimes mix matching weird colors.

Brown shoes, green socks, pink tie, black jacket, blue jeans. The whole rainbow colors. They rarely dress to impress. They believe in feminism and are widely dominated by women.

The Netherlands and Dating: 6 things about dating the Dutch

Do not under any circumstances expect him to pay your part of the bill. Your date will immediately assess you as being high maintenance, while he drinks his glass of tap water. Dressing up. If you, as an expat woman, turn up for your date, as is normal in most countries, in a nice outfit, stylishly cut shoes, makeup and dating dutch men tips hair, your Dutch date will have a minor heart attack.

He is likely to ask you what that stuff is on your face, and if you are planning to attend a wedding after the date. The shallow man advises that on the day of the date, that you put your TV on Nederland een, between 7 and 9 and watch Vandaag de Dag. Look at how poorly dressed the presenters of this show are and simply copy them.


That is what passes for high fashion here. Your date will love you and not fear for the money in his wallet. Would like to thank all of the ladies that were kind enough to share your tales of dating woe with me. Subscribe to the Shallow Man on YouTube.

Dating dutch men tips [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)