What do christian men look for in a woman

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When the boss really wants to come down on us, he or she treats us with disrespect. We men identify so strongly with our jobs that a tough day can leave us feeling angry. How about showing the Golden Rule toward us? You want us to confide in you, yet you tell us something your friend told you about her husband.

She shouldn't have told you in the first place. We want you to be loyal to us. We want you to build us up. We want you to respect us. If you treat us with kindness and understanding, we will learn from your example. When we men compare ourselves to Jesus and see how short we come up, it makes us feel very discouraged.


We know, too, that men are not as perceptive as women, so if you could gently lead us, that will help. A godly woman will not settle for anything less! She wants a man that could be a spiritual leader for her, a man that she can respect 1 Peter If you are seeking your validity or worth in a woman, you will not find a godly woman, because you will be looking for qualities that the world esteems rather than the qualities that God esteems.

If you are not praying for a godly woman, do not expect God to bring you one.


Seek the Lord in prayer and ask him to bring you a godly woman. It is OK to do that. Also, pray for wisdom and discernment. God is more than willing to give that to you as well if you will ask him for it James —8. Also, start praying for your future wife. What do christian men look for in a woman for her protection and her own growth in godliness. You will read passages like Proverbs 31 and Titus 2, and you will see and learn about what God considers to be a godly woman.

A vision for what type of woman God is leading you to will begin to form in your mind as you listen to the Word of God.

Do not just attend a church. Join a church. And by joining a church, I mean a church where the Word is taught as the inerrant and infallible Word of God, where the Word create a free online dating taught and preached, where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is cherished, and where people are on mission to bring the Gospel to the world.

Also, this should be obvious, but church is where the godly women are! If you want to see a football game, you go to the football stadium.

If you want to find a godly girl, go to a church. A godly woman wants a vision that is bigger than her. She wants to join a man on mission that is doing something with his life. Respecting women involves a passionate commitment to rejecting anything that would sexually objectify her. Respect Women Actionably. Further, you should demonstrate great manners around women, promote the things that are important to them, and stand against anything that harms them.

It involves being wise and limiting any type of physical touch and doing things that are as simple as opening the door for her or giving up your seat for her. A friend of mine made great use of sticky notes to leave his wife reminders of his love and appreciation for her.

6 Reasons Men Should Watch Where They Look

Simple and kind actions demonstrate great respect. Respect a Woman Verbally. How can every Christian man heed the call to not be harsh with his wife or any woman? Here are a few ways: compliment her appropriately, speak kindly, never use profanity or sexually-suggestive humor, and never speak of your own marriage problems or sexual issues with a woman who is not your wife.

Further, a Christian man should speak out against injustice toward women and speak up when a woman is being harassed. Here are some ways you can respect a woman relationally. Include your wife in your work relationships with women.


Protect where you go and what you do with a woman who is not your wife. It is wise when dealing with women to speak often of your wife and family, and talk to your wife about the women you deal with on an everyday basis. Coming back to our principle, if you see yourself as a son, brother, or father of women, a healthy respect can emerge. Respect a Woman Emotionally. The writer of Proverbs tells us to guard our hearts Prov.


What you think and feel is only one small step from acting out. These are some ways you can practically respect a woman emotionally. Never talk negatively about your wife. Listen to women, show compassion to women in need, demonstrate humility to women, and never demean a woman in any way. If a sinful, lustful thought develops, immediately confess it and replace it with Scripture.

7 Ways Christian Men Can Respect Women

Remember, you can never trust your feelings to guide you into doing the right thing.

What do christian men look for in a woman [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)