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Sure, good genes have no doubt helped Brinkley keep her stunning physique over the decades. Children: Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara. He is 72, as if any of us could comprehend that. They will be missed. No plastic surgery can compete the youthful looks that these seasoned beauties are bringing. Hot older women celebrities [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) JUGHEAD AND BETTY DATING IN REAL LIFE

The sexy star is also pretty laid back when it comes to hot older women celebrities. Generally, Stone follows a low-sugar diet of lean proteins, fruits, and whole grains, in addition to avoiding caffeine and too much alcohol—but she's not afraid to splurge every once in awhile. And a cheeseburger, though very rarely!

This ageless a-lister keeps her model form fabulous by working out five days a week for minutes of kickboxing, yoga, weight training, or running, combined with good ol' clean, healthy living. Iman tells Real Beauty"I eat whatever I desire but in moderation. I never have alcohol, carbonated drinks, or red meat, though I do allow myself to cheat every so often, depending on the indulgence. I believe that exercise is not only for vanity but also for its health benefits.

It's hard to believe Christie Brinkley is 58—she looks that amazing!

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How does she do it? The busy blonde beauty is a master at multitasking! When she does have time for exercise, the supermodel starts her routine with a Total Gym session for 15 minutes, then follows it up with yoga, kayaking, paddleboarding, rafting, surfing, or running.


No private trainers. No obsessive anything," says the screen legend. If that's what it takes to look so incredible at 61, sign us up! I figured with my gorgeous daughters alexarayjoel and sailorbrinkleycook by my side whose going to be looking at me! Oh and My kids hot older women celebrities I walk on water, so let's not mention the apple box free plymouth just under the surface.

For a preview check out people. Photo by Fabrizio Ferri. Me, not so much. I went to see nutritional doctor Simone Laubscher, who told me to get rid of all the synthetic supplements I was taking. I lost weighthad more energy, and I felt healthier than I had in years. Rebecca Romijn. The Most Trustworthy Celebrities in the World.

The Hottest Men Over Scott Klingaman added Sophie Marceau.

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Cameron Richardson. Looking for more lists?

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Age: Profession: Figure Skater, Actor, Presenter. Height: 5'4". Profession: Actor, Voice acting. Height: 1.

Hot older women celebrities [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)